Elementary RECAP 12/5/13: Season 2 Episode 10 “Tremors”

Elementary RECAP 12/5/13: Season 2 Episode 10 "Tremors"

Elementary, one of our favorite detective drama/comedies, continues tonight with an all new episode entitled “Tremors.” On the previously aired episode (RECAP HERE), Holmes and Watson uncovered the identity of a serial killer whose case had gone cold and, as usual, found themselves butting heads with local authorities. On tonight’s episode, Sherlock will be forced to testify in an official police inquiry after an investigation goes horribly awry, which will jeapordize his and Watson’s future with the NYPD. Oh, no!

About Elementary: ELEMENTARY stars Jonny Lee Miller as detective Sherlock Holmes and Lucy Liu as Dr. Joan Watson in a modern-day drama about a crime-solving duo that cracks the NYPD’s most impossible cases. Following his fall from grace in London and a stint in rehab, eccentric Sherlock escaped to Manhattan where his wealthy father forced him to live with his worst nightmare – a sober companion, Dr. Watson. A successful surgeon until she lost a patient and her license three years earlier, Watson viewed her new job as another opportunity to help people, as well as paying a penance. However, the restless Sherlock was nothing like her previous clients. 

Are you looking forward to Elementary season 2 episode 10 “Tremors”? Be sure to come back here later tonight at 10 PM EST for our live recap of this episode, which is sure to be an awesome one. In the meantime, hit up the comments below and let us know what you think has been the best part of this wonderful season!

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Gregson tells the precinct that the Mayor is hinging his new election on crime busting. A man comes in and says he’s the knight and is looking for the Lord. He say she had to kill the queen because it was his duty. He opens a jacket and there’s a gun there. Sherlock steps out and asks him about the scarf on his wrist. He coughs and drinks water. Then he’s drinking water on the witness stand. The attorney tells him he’s talking about another case and he insists they are related. He takes another drink.

He asks the man if the scarf on his wrist is a favor from his lady. Sherlock says if he gives it to him, he’ll return it to the lady as is required by the knight’s code. When he gets close he distracts the man and the cops grab him. Watson asks about the knight’s code and he tells her it’s mostly oral tradition. She asks about the queen and who she might be and Gregson tells her that Sherlock is brave and brilliant and if they are patient, he will lead them to the truth.

The judge interrupts Sherlock’s testimony and says he doesn’t quite buy that. He says he’s known Gregson for years and guesses he didn’t say that. Sherlock says it was close to that and the judge says to stick to the facts. Sherlock says it’s an administrative hearing and that means he’s not a “real judge.” The judge says it’s true he represents the NYPD and he’s there because Sherlock screwed up and he’s there to determine how big he screwed up and whether he and Watson can continue consulting. He asks Sherlock if that’s accurate enough for him. (ooh burn!)

The woman addressing Sherlock says there was a breach of protocol and Sherlock says “alleged.” She asks if this is a pattern and asks if he routinely breaks the law during an investigation. She asks if he’s broken the law and he says everyone does. He says with her anal retentive ways she’s likely jaywalked to get to a meeting on time. She says she’s not talking about that kind of law breaking. Sherlock scoffs and says splitting hairs. The judge tells him that there is an NYPD officer lying in the hospital that is there because of him and tells him to answer the questions.

Sherlock says he hasn’t broken laws in the manner she’s suggesting. Ms Walker says she has police statements saying they think he picks locks to get into suspect apartments. She says they think he’s also taught Watson to enter places. He says they never use any evidence found. He says that the places they go into are open. She says open doors in New York? He says he was surprised as well. Sherlock says sometimes that they hear cries for help and enter to render aid but found it was just a TV turned up too loud. She tells the judge she wants to register her skepticism.

He tells her they need to go back to the case and we see Gregson talking to the knight. Watson tells Sherlock they are wasting time talking to a schizophrenic in the middle of a spell. Sherlock finds receipts in his pocket and then Watson says she has his name – Silas Cole. A friend of hers from a psych ward recognized him. They go to his apartment and find disturbing painting of Silas standing over a decapitated woman they think must be the queen.

There are many paintings of the woman in the apartment and Sherlock says he thinks they split up about six months ago because of the lack of recent photos. Watson sees a necklace and thinks the girlfriend may have given it back. Marcus sees magazine with address labels for Rada. Walker says it sounds like Marcus contributed to the case and Sherlock clarifies that Marcus is a far cut above most officers and that he respects him.

Walker asks if Rada’s door was open when they got there and he insists it was. Marcus finds Rada’s body and says it looks like she’s been dead a couple of hours. Watson sees boot prints that match Silas’. Sherlock says he doesn’t think that Silas killed Rada. Sherlock tells Walker she had been shot in the chest obliterating her heart and that a knight wouldn’t have done that. He says the heart was once considered the vessel of the soul and destroying someone’s heart guarantees eternal damnation.

Sherlock tells Walker that Silas had diminished capacity and may have thought he killed her. Watson comes in and Walker says she needs to go. Watson says she has a critical message for Gregson whose phone is off. Watson brings Gregson to the hospital because Marcus is struggling. He suffered a blood clot during surgery and may never regain use of his arm. The doctor tells them he’s in recovery and Watson and Gregson stare at a sleeping Marcus through the glass.

Sherlock talks to Joan and asks why Marcus’ surgery was delayed five days. She says it’s standard for abdominal wounds and the wait didn’t cause the clot. She tells Sherlock he needs to come visit Marcus. Gregson comes up and tells Sherlock he needs to be nicer to the court because it’s smarter and will get him back to work sooner.

Walker finds a note at her table with a quote on it. She asks Sherlock if he left it there and he reads the quote. He says it was attributed to the guy’s photo on her day planner. He says it’s an early version of the serenity prayer and asks if she keeps it to help her stay on track. She asks if it’s a threat and he says he would never reveal something like that. He whispers to her that he understands as an obsessive person that it’s often difficult to operate in the world.

Walker asks if Sherlock has heard about Marcus’ injury and the fact that it may cost him his career. The judge tells her to back off and she asks about the Silas case. He says that Gregson didn’t agree with him that Silas didn’t do it and he says he and Watson investigated other avenues. He says he found out that Rada was under treatment for cancer. They went to see the oncologist who told them that she was doing well and would likely have gone into remission. He says it’s too bad her ex didn’t let her live.

The doctor says that he didn’t know how serious her ex was until he showed up there ranting about 10 days before she died and that he should have had him committed. He said she had told him about her ex Silas and that he was schizophrenic. Sherlock asked how Rada paid for the expensive experimental treatment and the doc says she cashed in her life insurance for a viatical settlement. Sherlock tells the room that it’s a predatory arrangement that allows someone to sign away their life insurance benefits for a monthly stipend. Sherlock says Rada had used Helping Hands Viaticals – owned by James Dillon.

Sherlock meets with Dillon and says the longer Rada lives, the less profit they make. Dillon says he wouldn’t hurt anyone and if they have more questions he needs to get a lawyer. Sherlock tells them they are doing a disgusting business and says with the current economy they seem to have a lot of degreed employees. He asks if the employers know he’s a convicted felon.

Walker asks how he found out and Sherlock says he researched him. Walker says Dillon found out by illegally accessing his phone. Sherlock asks if she doesn’t believe he could be lying and she admits he could be. Sherlock says he knows he has parole meetings. Dillon agrees to talk to them outside. He says he was in a bar drinking the night Rada died and Sherlock says that’s a violation of his parole. He says to check his alibi but to please not tell his parole officer. Sherlock says that he cleared him and didn’t tell his parole officer. Sherlock says this meant they needed a new suspect.

Watson comes to ask Sherlock why he missed dinner. Sherlock says Silas said he was summoned to her Rada’s apartment and he wants to know why. Watson says he was called there an hour after she was shot. Sherlock says she had a high potassium level and Watson explains the longer you’d been dead the more potassium you have. Watson speculates that waiting to call Silas would allow more potassium to build up to cover up an already high potassium level. Watson suggests checking ocular fluid. Sherlock says they tested it and it confirmed potassium chloride overdose. He says this exonerated Silas who couldn’t have carried out a methodical murder.

Walker comments that he’s smiling and he says it pleased him to exonerate the innocent. She asks why and Sherlock says it matters that they saved a mentally ill citizen from being unjustly imprisoned. He says if that doesn’t matter, then law enforcement should be taken down and rebuilt. He reminds her that he and Watson do all this work for free and routinely help people. She says what do you want and he says a thank you would be nice. Walker says she’ll be sure and tell Marcus that when he wakes up in the hospital…

Sherlock cooks dinner for he and Watson. She tells him Marcus is stable but they are keeping him sedated. She asks why he’s making Yorkshire pudding and he says it calms him. He throws them out and says it’s revolting food but comforts him. Watson tells him he has to testify and lie under oath about TV and open doors. She asks doesn’t he feel bad about Marcus and he says that rule books don’t matter and the world is gray and they do good with what they do.

Walker asks Watson if they are often at crime scenes before the police and she says it happens sometimes. Walker asks how they found out about Dillon’s cell phone and she says they checked his background. Walker asks if she will stick to the same story Sherlock does and she says yes. Walker says no further questions. Sherlock says he has some questions since he’s acting pro se.

He asks Watson how they found out who killed Rada. Watson explains that the knowledge of potassium chloride and the waiting time suggested someone with a medical background. She says they went to the morgue to look for a clue. Watson says they checked her internal organs that had been shot up and then dissected by the medical examiner. Sherlock tells her to skip to the good part.

She says the liver is okay and the heart was the main damage. She says since she was killed by poison, destroying the heart was likely intentional. Watson explains that she could see cardial myopathy. Sherlock asked what damaged her heart and Watson says it can be a side effect of chemotherapy. Dr Hobbs was using an experimental drug and Watson clarifies that he would have lost millions of dollars if it was found out that his drug had damaged her heart.

Sherlock called in Hobbs and grabs his arm and notices he’s in pain from the shotgun recoil. They also reveal that they found Hobbs blood in the small grooves on shotgun shells that he had shoved in Silas’ pocket when he convinced him he killed Rada. Watson tells the assembled that Hobbs is going to jail for a long time for the murder.

Walker asks a follow up question – what happened next. She asks Watson what happened when they left the NYD that day. Sherlock was trying to talk Marcus into learning fencing. Dillon walks up on them and says he lost his job because they overheard Sherlock saying he was a felon. Dillon says he’s going back to jail because of Sherlock and that he ruined his life. He pulls a gun and fires and Marcus jumped in front of the bullet. Walker says no further questions after Joan describes this.

Sherlock sits in the courtroom. Watson comes in and asks Gregson how he thinks the judge is leaning and he says they won’t know until tomorrow. Watson says she’s going to see Marcus and will see him at home. She comes into Marcus’ room and asks how he’s doing. She says he heard that he has movement back in his arm. He shows her that he can barely lift a little sponge and has tremors. Watson says physical therapy can do wonder for nerve damage. Marcus says the NYPD requires detectives to carry guns and asks her what happens if he can’t.

Sherlock beats a dummy with his pummel stick and asks her what are Marcus’ chances of recovery. She tells him time will tell. She tells him he needs to go visit Marcus. He says he doesn’t want to invade his privacy and Watson tells him not to lie to her. She says she knows he feels guilty because him breaking the rules inadvertently got Marcus shot but she says it’s not directly his fault.

The judge says the hearing has left him with no doubt about the value of Sherlock and Watson’s work is valuable. He says that sometimes officers get hurt in law enforcement. He says that also some officers think they are above the rules. He says his recommendation is that Sherlock and Watson be banned from consulting with the NYPD. Watson walks out with Gregson. Sherlock sits alone up front when Walker comes over. He tells her she did good work but shouldn’t gloat. She tells him she’s going to a meeting and asks if he wants to come along.

Marcus watches the football game when the Police Commissioner comes in. He says he came to make sure they are taking good care of him. He tells Marcus the judge recommended he unload Sherlock as a consultant. He says it’s up to him and he’s struggling with the decision. He says he knows Sherlock is a loose cannon and he’s sad that a detective got caught in the cross-fire. Marcus asks if he’s asking him what he should do and he says how could he not since he’s the one who caught a bullet for him.

Sherlock comes to the hospital and finds Marcus struggling to grab the little sponge. Marcus says he heard the hearing didn’t go well and Sherlock says – not well at all. He says the commissioner didn’t terminate him so he and Watson get to stay on with additional oversight. Marcus congratulates him and asks what changed his mind. Sherlock says there is much he needs to say to him – he says thanks and that he likely saved his life. Next he apologizes and says if he had done the right thing with Dillon or been more discreet it likely could have been avoided or turned out another way. Sherlock says he hates what happened to him and whatever role he played in it and that’s why he’s been avoiding him.

Sherlock tells him the best clinic for that type of nerve damage is in Gstaad. He tells Marcus the clinic will take him there or their doctor can come there and treat him. He offers him the card. Marcus says he doesn’t want a favor from him and would rather not see him around there. He stands and walks away leaving Sherlock sitting alone in the waiting area.