Elementary RECAP 11/21/13: Season 2 Episode 9 “On The Line”

Elementary RECAP 11/21/13: Season 2 Episode 9 “On The Line”

ELEMENTARY continues tonight on CBS with a new episode called, “On The Line.”  On tonight’s show Holmes and Watson found themselves butting heads with the NYPD.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On last week’s episode when a beautiful young woman is murdered, Holmes and Watson investigate her ties to a billionaire CEO. Meanwhile, Mycroft makes a case for Sherlock to moved back to London.

On tonight’s show Holmes and Watson uncover the identity of a serial killer whose case has gone cold and find themselves butting heads with the NYPD.  Can Holmes & Watson catch a serial killer w/o the help of the NYPD?

Guest starring tonight: Troy Garity (Lucas Bundsch); Chris Bauer (Detective Gerry Coventry); Eric Sheffer Stevens (Tim Spalding); Charlotte Maier (Cynthia Tilden); Kate Cullen Roberts (Kathy Spalding); Dillan Arrick (Jenna Lombard); Dee Pelletier (Polygraph Examiner); Kacie Sheik (Receptionist); Ryan McCarthy (Sheriff’s Officer #1); Lucas Dixon (Sheriff’s Officer #2); Howard W. Overshown (Detective) and Marcus Callender (Young Cop).

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBS’s Elementary at 10:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of Elementary.  Also check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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A woman stares out at the river. She drops a bag over the side. She has a hand weight tied to a wire which is tied to the trigger of a handgun. She drops it and the gun shoots her then falls into the river and sinks.

Next day at the crime scene, Gregson tells him the crime has already been solved. Gregson says the victim called to report who was about to shoot her before she died. Her name was Samantha and she called 911 and said she was being followed by a man she knew – Lucas.

Samantha believed he murdered her sister years ago and was after her now. Gregson says they didn’t link him to the crime but sometimes victim’s families obsess. Gregson says Samantha made his life hell by filing civil suits and harassing him.

Sherlock tells Gregson Samantha killed herself. He explained how improbable it would be for the man to kneel against the bridge to shoot her. He sees scratches on the bridge and says she used a wire to pull the trigger and a rag on her hand to protect from powder burns.

Gregson gets a call and says Lucas wants a polygraph and Sherlock says innocent people often do. Sherlock and Joan head to the station as Gregson calls in divers to search the river for the weapon.

Sherlock and Joan watch Lucas get his polygraph. He says his gun was stolen while he was at work. He says he didn’t murder Samantha. Another cop sticks his head in and tells Marcus that they can shut it down because they found the gun. Sherlock rushes into the room and asks Lucas if he killed her sister Ali. Sherlock holds out his hand and Lucas shakes it.

Sherlock says he should have let Samantha’s staged suicide/murder frame Lucas because he thinks Lucas is a serial killer… Sherlock shows Gregson a file and says that although Lucas didn’t shoot Samantha, he does think he killed her sister six years ago. Sherlock explains how he manipulated his breath and heart rate during the polygraph to hide lies about his whereabouts the night before and about Ali’s murder.

Sherlock says he had deodorant on his hands. This is used to trick the sensors by blocking sweat. Joan asks why he would have prepped to cheat a polygraph unless he was guilty of something. They call in the detective that worked Ali’s case and he says that Lucas didn’t do it because he went through a lot of scrutiny and they never found anything.

The detective says that Ali left her sister a voice mail after when she supposedly interacted with Lucas who was working as a mover. They have a surveillance shot of her leaving the message for her sister and she was alone and didn’t seem to be under duress. Sherlock asks if he observed the polygraph back in the day and he says he did. He’s annoyed and leaves and Sherlock tells Jerry he botched the investigation back in the day. He and Sherlock argue and Gregson has to shut it down.

Gregson tells Joan and Sherlock they can work the case but to leave Jerry alone. They watch video footage of Ali making the call to her sister. Joan gets snippy and tells Sherlock he was too hard on the detective. She says he shouldn’t have shamed him in a room full of other cops.

Joan watches the video footage over and over and doesn’t like that Ali was wearing Uggs in July. She says it looks like she’s favoring her left leg like she sprained it. Sherlock says he thinks she had a bomb strapped to her leg. He says the report showed some interesting materials found in Lucas’ house including the guts of an alarm clock. He says Lucas probably knocked her out and when she woke up, what looks like a bomb was strapped to her leg.

There’s a knock at the door and it’s your friendly neighborhood serial killer at the door. Lucas is at their house! He tells them that Jerry came to see him to ask about Ali’s murder investigation and he says he could tell the questions were really theirs’ so he thought he would come by and answer them in person. They ask if the detective provided their address and then invite him in. He says it’s a nice place they have and Sherlock says the walls are paper thin so it would never cover up their bloodcurdling screams…

Lucas sits and Sherlock offers him ice for his tongue. Joan says they know he was manipulating the lie detector test that afternoon. He insists he was working and was making calls from his studio. Sherlock says he would rather talk about how he abducted Ali in an empty refrigerator all by herself. He reminds them that Ali called her sister the next day all alone.

Sherlock says he knows about the bomb that Ali didn’t know was a fake. He tells Lucas that his was not a perfect crime and asks is he there to scare them or is he just being a good predator. Lucas says he doesn’t know what they’re talking about. He gives them a creepy look and says that Samantha’s fixation on him after her sister died ruined her life. He says he hopes they don’t make the same mistake…

Sherlock gives Jerry a list of other murder suspects and offers him the chance to give them his home address too. Jerry insists Lucas is not a suspect and is harmless so there was no harm. Joan tells Jerry that Lucas is a serial killer and they have linked him to several other unsolved murders. They show him photos of women who were taken from buildings where he worked as a mover. They chew out Jerry because now they can’t observe Lucas because he let them know they were investigating him…

Jerry says there are a ton of movers working in the city but Gregson says it’s a solid link. Joan and Marcus head out to talk to one victim’s husband and Sherlock to another. The husband looks at the photo and says he doesn’t recognize them. He says he’s been using an online support group to help him deal with his grief. Hmm… Wonder if Lucas lurks there too. He asks if the other victims’ bodies were found and they tell him yes. His wife’s body is still missing.

Gregson finds Jerry in a bar and tells him he’s out of line. Jerry says he’s embarrassing himself by using Sherlock and says it’s not good for morale. Gregson says Sherlock closes cases faster and better than anyone. Jerry says he wants him off his case. Gregson says he’s a good detective and could have been great but instead he bitches and moans. Jerry tells him half the precinct thinks he’s crazy. He tells Gregson to pull Sherlock or he’ll call the union.

Sherlock comes home and didn’t have good results. Joan had no joy either. Sherlock says he likely has a lair since he keeps the women for a long time but doesn’t think they can track him now that Jerry has alerted Lucas. Sherlock wants to know why she didn’t want to work with him. She shows him a cartoon she got off the bulletin board that’s the two of them peeing on a police badge.

She says that Lucas wouldn’t have been at their house if he hadn’t wound Jerry up by embarrassing him. She says Jerry is a colleague – that all the cops are – and that he needs to be nicer. She says he needs to extend his zone of courtesy. Joan tells him he needs the respect of the people they work with. Sherlock tells her that he’s investigated hundreds of cases. He says Ali’s killer was acting under a monstrous compulsion and that he has to stop the predator because he undid Samantha’s sacrifice by revealing her death was a suicide.

Joan gets a call from the missing woman’s husband. He says he was talking to people in his online support group and says one of the women knows Lucas. The woman’s daughter that was killed dated Lucas in high school. She said that no one thought he was a suspect then.

Joan and Sherlock chat with the woman. She tells them she stayed late after school – she was a teacher – and there were signs of a struggle. She says her daughter was held 11 days before she was found. She tells them he could have taken her to his family’s home on Oneida Lake. She says she can arrange for the local sheriff to take them to the lake. They go to meet her but she’s late.

Sherlock calls the woman and Lucas answers! He tells them to get over to the woman’s house ASAP. Sherlock calls 911 and reports the call. They arrive and the cops are there. Cynthia didn’t talk to them and she never had a daughter much less one who died. Lucas set them up. But why? I think he’s lurking in the chat rooms where the families of murder victims talk so he can get his jollies. What a creep…

Lucas comes into his studio and finds glass cracked. He sees Sherlock waiting in the recording area for him. He asks if he broke his window and Sherlock says it wasn’t him and he’ll take a polygraph. Sherlock says he underestimated him – he says he thought he was just a serial killer but now he knows he’s a catfish too. He says most catfishers are after romance but instead tracks his victim’s families and toys with them online for sport. He says he enjoys the ripple effect. He claims he doesn’t know what Sherlock is talking about.

Sherlock shows him the profile of Cynthia and says he created it to torment the missing woman’s husband. He says Lucas set them up to humiliate them for sport. Lucas says he’s strange and Sherlock says he’s angry. He asks what alter ego he adopted to stalk Samantha and how he felt when she was driven to suicide. Lucas insists he was sorry to hear about her death and says it was tragic but might be a blessing in disguise. He says the truth was worse than Samantha ever imagined had happened to her sister. Sherlock punches him in the face.

Back at the station, Gregson tells him that Lucas is getting a restraining order against him and Joan and Sherlock says that’s an effective way to hobble his investigation. Sherlock says Lucas was gloating and Gregson says he baited him and he fell for it. He says that any fruit from his investigation is tainted and the DA can’t put him on the stand. Gregson tells him he’s off the case for good.

Joan finds Sherlock pouting and asks how his hand is. She checks his hand that was soaking in ice. She tells him he broke his finger and he acts surprised. He says he knows she’s thinking that he should have known better. Joan agrees that it was a miscalculation but that he showed great restraint by not beating Lucas to death. He says that he may have ruined any chance of solving the case.

Sherlock gets a text from the fake number with an address and a message that says the cops are already there. Marcus asks who invited them and they tell him it was Lucas. He shows Marcus the text. Marcus says if Lucas did snatch the missing girl they have to leave because they’re not allowed near the case. Sherlock looks at the victim’s purse and agrees to leave and marches out.

Sherlock says he took the girls’ hairbrush which will have loads of her DNA. He tells Joan that Samantha had the right idea and that he’s going to frame Lucas!

Joan demands that Sherlock stop his plan to frame Lucas. He says he has to because the restraining order makes investigation impossible. He tells her he’s as adept at committing crimes as he is at solving them. He tells her there will be an anonymous call saying he saw Lucas putting her in his car and her hairs in the backseat will prove it out. Joan tells him that if they do that then the victim will starve to death because he keeps them locked up.

Sherlock grows thoughtful and says he knows where they keep them. Gregson and Sherlock come into the sound studio. He says Sherlock isn’t supposed to be near him and Gregson says the warrant took care of it. Sherlock has plans for the studio when he remodeled it. He noticed that the square footage changed. They pull a fake wall apart and find a locked door. Sherlock tells Gregson he should take him out because she shouldn’t have to see him again.

The cops haul out the girl and she tells them they need to help the other girl that’s been there longer. Gregson is outside when Tim, the husband Joan talked to, shows up and is shock that his wife is still alive. Gregson takes him to his wife. He says she’s in mild shock and was sedated but that she’s okay. He goes to his wife and she hugs him crying.

Gregson comes into the precinct and says he’s heard that some people think that he’s given Sherlock too much sway and that some people have warned him that he needs to right the ship. He tells them that they have a mission to keep the city safe and that most of them do a good job working together. He tells them that if they have any issues with how he uses the tools at his disposal from the coffee machine to Holmes and Watson, they can hit the door.

At home, Sherlock tells Joan he has heard her about him being more polite and being aware of other people’s sensitivities. Joan says it’s easier than he thinks. He tells her that she needs to understand that he’s not a nice man. He says there is not a warmer kinder Sherlock waiting to step into the light. He says he can be cruel and acerbic. He say he’s not proud or ashamed of it – he says it just “is.”

He says he won’t change and she says he has. He says toward her because he considers her to be exceptional so he makes an exceptional effort to accommodate her. He says that as long as she chooses to be in his life, there will be fall out from his behavior and that must be part of their understanding. She says no one can live with that forever and he says “to thine ownself…”