Elin Nordegren Furious At Tiger Woods Over Naked Fishing With Lindsey Vonn

Elin Nordegren Furious At Tiger Woods Over Naked Fishing With Lindsey Vonn

Elin Nordegren is said to be super furious at her ex-husband Tiger Woods, but it’s not what you might think. He happened to be half-naked on a fishing outing with his new girlfriend Lindsey Vonn, but that’s not why she was so angry. Apparently during this half-naked fun time, he also had their two young children with them.

It’s not that Elin gives a crap as to who he’s spending his time with, but she does take issue as to what goes on in front of her children. A source revealed, “Elin’s furious. She feels Tiger is using their kids to repair his damaged image by appearing with them and Lindsey in a place where he knows photographs will be taken.”

The snitch goes on to say, “She wants to get an injunction to prohibit Tiger from exposing the kids to any publicity, especially when he’s with one of his girlfriends.”

The source added, “Elin said, ‘It’s bad enough that Tiger splashes his new relationship with Lindsey all over Facebook, but we had an agreement – no publicity with the kids and his girlfriends. Not only has he broken that agreement — they’ve hardly got any clothes on!’”

Oh snap, she’s about to take his cheating butt to court! Stay tuned for that drama to unfold!

Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

  • thebutcher

    she is nothing but a gold digging bitter bitch

    • Honey

      who do you know Elin is gold digging, do you know her. You sound like a jealous butcher.

      • thebutcher

        There have been MANY reports that she shacked up with a billionaire who is 20+ years older. She’s the definition of gold digger. There is no way she would be with someone that much older unless its just for money

        • Hoangkim Pham

          Spot on!!!

  • carmenlight

    Elin should bring Tiger to Court for violating one of the divorce condition. Tiger and Lindsey are using the children for publicity gains. Shame on them!!!

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