Ellen Degeneres Hates Children and Refuses To Let Them Inside Her Home? (PHOTOS)

Ellen Degeneres Hates Children and Refuses To Let Them Inside Her Home - Report

Ellen Degeneres has always been vocal about not wanting to have children of her own with partner Portia de Rossi. However, did anyone expect the no-children rule to extent to guests in her household?

According to Star Magazine, Ellen supposedly “keeps her Beverly Hills mansion like a museum and doesn’t want kids making a mess.” Star’s source adds, “Ellen banned pal Jason Bateman from bringing his six-year-old daughter, Francesca, over.”

Ok, while I can definitely believe that Ellen would prefer not to have a bunch of children over, it’s hard to believe that she would actually go out of her way to ban children, especially children of her friends. Ellen has been spotted at birthday parties and other gatherings where children are abundant, and she’s always been nothing but sweet to kids on her show.

Is it all for show? Well, celebrities have been known to fake more than that for their public image, but Ellen’s reputation with her staff and elsewhere has been pretty much pristine for the past decade. I think Star is taking a kernel of truth, and then blowing it up into a ridiculous tall tale.

Do you guys think that Ellen Degeneres is banning kids from coming over to her house? Even if she doesn’t want kids, does she seem like the kind of person that would ban her friends’ kids from coming over? It’s very extreme to do something like that, and I can hardly imagine even the worst celebrity doing that, much less someone so universally beloved. It really just seems like Star’s run out of realistic stories to come out with, not that it was ever their strong point.

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Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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