Faith Hill Devastated and Facing Divorce – Tim McGraw Ditches His Wedding Ring (PHOTO PROOF)

Faith Hill Devastated - Tim McGraw Ditches His Wedding Ring (PHOTO)

There have been rumors for weeks now that there was trouble brewing in the Faith Hill and Tim McGraw household.  Faith has been devastated over Tim’s recent behavior and now to top it all off Tim was caught on camera not wearing his wedding band.  Yep, Tim was in Sin City appearing at the iHeartRadio Music Festival and he decided not to wear his ring.  Tim had to know that with rumors that his marriage to Faith was in trouble the paps would hone in on his ringless hand.  “Tim stared straight at the cameras and didn’t bother to hide the fact that his wedding band was off.”   Was it a message to Faith that he does not care anymore or was it an act of defiance?

Tim is said to be fed up with Faith’s jealousy and controlling ways.  He wants to be free and he does not want someone watching his every move.

And how did Faith react when she saw the ringless photos?  Well, a National Enquirer source close to Faith says, “Faith is heartbroken that her family is falling apart, and she was just blown away that Tim would take his ring off.”

First Faith was upset, but then she got mad and she went a little nuts.  Faith called Tim, blasted him and gave him an ultimatum, put the ring back on or prepare for war!  Tim took his ring off to give Faith a message –  back off and calm down a bit, but he was shocked at her reaction.  ‘Tim was not expecting the ultimatum and he was extremely upset.  He hadn’t thought it through and after Faith told him she would ruin him, he realized he wasn’t ready to call it quits just yet.”

So when Tim went on stage that night he put the ring back on.  But Faith realizes her marriage is in trouble and she has reached out to her husband’s friend Kenny Chesney for help.  Faith suspects that Tim is going through a mid-life crisis and she is not sure what to do.  She is smart enough to know that forcing Tim to put his ring on does not fix the underlying problems.

Kenny has promised to help Faith but her and Tim are fighting like cats and dogs.   Faith wants to save her marriage but at the same time she resents Tim’s behavior.  Faith took a break from her career at the pinnacle of her success to raise their three daughter and she feels she deserves to be treated better.

What do you think CDLers can Faith and Tim’s marriage survive or are they headed for the divorce courts?