Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Divorce Moves Forward: Tim Checks Out of Marriage Emotionally

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Divorce Moves Forward: Tim Checks Out of Marriage Emotionally

We have been telling you of the trouble brewing between Tim McGraw and Faith Hill for weeks now and it looks like rather than fixing things the couple is instead headed for a serious split. While they have always presented a united front and carry themselves like country music royalty the truth is there have been a lot of problems between them for years now. Tim recently did a duet with 23-year old Taylor Swift and it left a really bad taste in Faith’s mouth. She truly believes that Tim and Taylor acted on the sizzling chemistry that is between them and that has caused major problems.

Tim insists nothing happened and is sick of dealing with a wife that tries to control his every move. Things are so bad that Tim has made a statement by taking his wedding ring off. According to the Oct. 7th print edition of Star magazine Tim performed last week at the I Heart radio music festival minus his ring and it caused a commotion. Once the rumors began swirling because of his missing ring, the fact that Tim did nothing to usher in any damage control says quite a lot. If he’s not saying that the media has it wrong it’s because we are right, they are in trouble.

Sources close to the couple say that Tim is refusing to celebrate his 17th wedding anniversary in a few weeks with Faith and he isn’t sure if he will ever put his ring back on. Do you think that a divorce announcement is imminent for Tim and Faith? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  4. lovelasts360 says:

    Here’s the thing, if they split then who are we supposed to Look To for any hope of a long lasting love and marriage with a happy family?! Is there something wrong with wanting that fairytale love.

  5. Leann Marshall says:

    I never like faith hill. All. The songs were someone else. And tim is to skinny. He don’t. Look good.