Faith Hill and Tim McGraw’s Messy $135 Million Divorce Ensues: A Loveless Marriage Ends! (PHOTO)

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw's Messy $135 Million Divorce Ensues: A Loveless Marriage Ends! (PHOTO)

The new cover of Star magazine reveals that Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are entering into a $135 million divorce after Tim was caught cheating with a 24-year-old masseuse. Apparently, they experienced a rather nasty fight in their Vegas hotel room, which was the last straw for Faith, who’s now eager, ready, and willing to end her “loveless marriage.”

Rumors have been floating around Faith and Tim for a while now and, while we’re not going to believe the divorce is actually underway until we see a statement from their reps, perhaps there’s some truth to Tim’s scandalous ways. If he is the kind of guy that these magazines are reporting about, well, then maybe Faith Hill needs to finally get out of this toxic relationship.

However, while Tim’s rumored to be a ladies’ man (do he and Taylor Swift have a hot-sexy agreement?), some have speculated that Faith’s struggled with being faithful as well. This past October we commented upon a story released by the National Enquirer, which suggested that Faith was romping around with fellow country star Kenny Chesney. I have a hard time believing that Tim would be cheating with Taylor Swift (the masseuse seems much more likely!) and, for whatever reason, Faith doesn’t seem like the type of lady to cheat — no matter how unhappy she is in a marriage. She seems like the type of lady ready to take action, kick Tim to the curb, and get on with her life, just as the mag suggests.

What do you think about the potential Tim McGraw/Faith Hill divorce? Do you believe that these rumors are rooted in any truth? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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3 responses to “Faith Hill and Tim McGraw’s Messy $135 Million Divorce Ensues: A Loveless Marriage Ends! (PHOTO)”

  1. allie says:

    She’s still so pretty

  2. mia says:

    Why won’t the tabloids leave them alone? It’s all so stupid. I believe that Curb is releasing some of this nonsense. After all, Tim DID leave them and they’re still trying to make money off of him.
    The tabloids should move on to another couple already and leave Tim and Faith alone.

  3. […] duet, the fighting offstage is epic. According to the Dec. 30th print edition of Star Magazine Faith is often heard screaming at Tim from behind closed doors and the topic of money really has her […]