Farrah Abraham New Reality Show Deal: Hot Mess or Heck Yes?

Farrah Abraham New Reality Show Deal: Hot Mess or Heck Yes?

As if anyone needs to give that famewhore Farrah Abraham any more attention, now she just might be on her way to scoring her very own reality show! According to reports, the Teen Mom and recent porn star is well on her way. Why on Earth would anyone give that trainwreck her own reality show, you ask? Well, that’s a very good question, and I wish I knew the answer.


For some reason, executives and producers are under the delusion that because the Farrah Abraham sex tape did really well, a reality show featuring her would also bring in the same kind of numbers. Well, I got news for you, pals. The people who tuned in to watch ‘Backdoor Teen Mom’ are not exactly the type of people who are going to tune in to watch a ‘docu-soap’ starring Farrah Abraham.

I mean, it’s clear that Farrah is trying to follow in Kim Kardashian’s footsteps. Kim, after all, perfected this playbook. Release a sex tape, pretend you’re sorry, get your own reality show, build your multi-million dollar brand, become so famous that even though people get sick and tired of you, they won’t be able to make you go away. It’s literally the shortcut to getting famous and rich while doing the least amount of work humanly possible.

The only thing is, Farrah doesn’t have an entire lunatic famewhore family to back her up. All she has is her adorable, unspoiled daughter who should UNDER NO MEANS be brought into her mother’s insane life and fame-whorey ways. Someone, please take that kid away from Farrah before she starts shooting this ‘reality show’, whatever it ends up being.

Anyway, Farrah tweeted today, along with a link to the story about her reality show, “Get ready for better TV :) The News Is True.” Spinboi, the production company behind the deal, posted on their Facebook, “MAJOR NEWS!! Spinboi Films has signed Teen Mom Farrah Abraham to develop a new reality docu-soap! TV magic coming soon!”

I really hope that whoever runs this Spinboi films comes to their senses and runs far, far away. They have NO idea what they’re getting themselves into.

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Image credit to FameFlynet