Farrah Abraham Pregnant? Pregnancy Test Purchase Means She Could Be (PHOTO)

Farrah Abraham Pregnant? Pregnancy Test Purchase Means She Could Be (PHOTO) 0512

Damn this girl is good. She’s gross, superficial, nasty, pathetic and shallow… but she’s also good at selling herself.

Intent on keeping her 15 minutes of porn star/sex tape fame going, Teen Mom Farrah Abraham posed was spotted buying a pregnancy test… by TMZ… naturally.

So, of course, we have to gasp and ask ourselves now – Is Farrah Abraham pregnant? Could be by the pics. Don’t you just love them? Who dresses up like that to buy a pregnancy test? Farrah Abraham looks like she’s on her way to a D-list red carpet. And she didn’t notice the camera dude was that close? And just look at her casually tilt the box so we see EXACTLY what it is while she’s in the check-out line. God, I hate this chick.

According to TMZ though the most pathetic thing about this whole charade is that there’s very little chance she could possibly be pregnant. Apparently the raunchy sex tape featured James Deen leaving a whole lot of mess on her and not necessarily in her if you know what I mean. And yes, just in case you’re wondering, I feel nasty as hell writing that on a Sunday morning.

But Farrah told all the tabs she wasn’t on birth control and she missed her period so anything’s possible in dumb ass land. I totally don’t want her to be pregnant – not because I feel sorry enough for her kid Sophia or already feel sorry for that fetus – but because I don’t want her to have the attention. She’s had enough. Let’s just all move on and let her start her stripper career in peace.

What do you make of Farrah’s latest attempt to grab the headlines? Can she get any more pathetic?

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Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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