Farrah Abraham’s Father Says He’s Proud Of Daughter’s Sex Tape – “My Girl’s Got Talent!”

Farrah Abraham’s Father Says He’s Proud Of Daughter’s Sex Tape – "My Girl’s Got Talent!"

Teen Mom extraordinaire, Farrah Abraham, has a sex tape soon to be available for purchase and view.  The plastic surgery fan and DUI perpetrator filmed the yet to be released work of pornography with super stud and porno king James Deen.  In fact James gave an interview about his filming experience with Farrah and the long-in-the-dong actor was impressed with his young co-stars’ abilities.


Farrah’s clued-out mom, Debra Danielsen, thinks her daughter’s sex tape is a rumor and told TMZ that she can’t believe her daughter would do such a thing saying,My daughter has never expressed interest in things like that. She was not brought up that way… We have religious beliefs.”  Huh?  Is Mom perhaps thinking of a different daughter?  Does she read the news?  Did she watch MTV?  Anyway, it’s clear that Mom is as a dumb as they come and a seriously detrimental enabler.  But what about Dad?


Sources report that Michael Abraham, the proud father of newly minted porn star, Farrah, disagrees with his daughter’s mother.  Michael is PROUD of Farrah’s sex tape and thinks that his wayward daughter has finally found a vocation at which she can excel.

Michael said, “All those haters out there who are trying to put my little girl down for developing her acting career need to keep quiet!  I always knew Farrah would be great at something – it wasn’t being responsible about not getting pregnant, she totally sucks at being a mother, she can’t stay sober, she drives when drunk, she’s addicted to plastic surgery, and she enjoys wild bisexual romps… but now she’s discovered something she can do really well and that’s F**K on camera!”


Michael went on to explain that it’s not what you do that matters in life but how well you do it.  When asked if he was embarrassed that his daughter would be watched having sex with a hired professional porn star he said:

“Are you joking? Look at Kim Kardashian – she’s bigger than Meryl Streep and how did she get her start?  And at least Farrah had the good sense to work with an established porn star like Deen – at least he won’t be coming out with a rap diss when Farrah gets pregnant again, which should be soon.  You know OUR family has religious beliefs and we DON’T believe in birth control!”  

So there you have it folks – that’s what we at Celeb Dirty Laundry expect to hear from Farrah’s dad when he addresses the public on his daughter’s marvelous new sex tape.

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