Fifty Shades of Grey Movie: Ian Somerhalder Beats Out Matt Bomer, Casting Announcement Imminent

Fifty Shades of Grey Movie: Ian Somerhalder Beats Out Matt Bomer, Casting Announcement Imminent

We can spend as much time as we like sending out surveys and speculating based on mysterious tweets, but untilUniversal Studios makes an official announcement, we won’t be placing bets! Top contenders for the role of Christian Grey in the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey movie are Ian Somerhalder and Matt Bomer. While Matt is pretty mum on the subject, Ian spends all his time taunting us about the film—auctioning his personal copy of the book, tweeting about reading movie scripts, and even telling TMZ that “you never know” who will end up in the coveted role.

So far, we know that the script is being written by Kelly Marcel, who swopped in to London—where book author E L James lives—earlier this month. We know James is, by contract, will be helping make big movie decisions, so it seems fitting that she should be communicating with Marcel. The two may even be described as friends, if their Twitter correspondence is any indicator. In any case, rest assured that the movie adaptation will be loyal to the books, though Marcel clarified the NC-17 rating rumors, tweeting, “To be absolutely clear I NEVER said what the film would be rated. Only the ratings board can decide what the rating will be.”

Of course, but she has the checklist of what’s allowed in each rating, right? In any case, we’re expecting a big announcement, as James had a big photo shoot in London, which we think means a big surge of publicity is coming up! James tweeted, “Doing a photo shoot today…” Now, if I’m not mistaken, James doesn’t have much else going on, outside of the Fifty Shades universe. So it isn’t outrageous to assume it’s related.

Knowing that Marcel signed on in October, and that the cast won’t be announced until a director signs on is discouraging, to say the least. Honestly, we’re probably looking at a late 2014 release date. But that doesn’t mean the studio won’t fill us in as news becomes official. While they can’t start handing out contracts to actors, we are pretty positive Ian has the part—why else would he be so cocky about it, just to disappoint his fans? No other actor has dared to be so vocal about the film, which we take as confirmation that the choice has been made. Sorry, Matt Bomer. Maybe he’ll end up in a Fifty Shades inspired series, like Crossfire?

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  • JC

    Good for Ian Somerhalder!! Who cares what other people think. I could care less. Ian is PERFECT for the role!

  • A_carter

    Ian has been like this since the very beginning. He wasn’t chosen in the beginning, nor is he now. That’s just ridiculous, what a terrible article. Producers and E.L. James have to constantly say casting doesn’t take place until there’s a finished script and a director. It would be unprofessional and a very stupid move for them to cast someone without seeing what else is out there. Ian is too old and he doesn’t even look like Christian! I’m sorry, but no.

  • 50shadesfan

    Is this a joke? Because it sounds like one. How can you already say he’s been picked? That’s just nuts. They wouldn’t not go through an audition process, other actors have hinted to being interested in the role and Ian is nothing special. He only has the light eyes and no other physical qualities, and he’s just not the right one for so many reasons. No one has been chosen, they are not done with the script and don’t even have a director! They’ve always said that comes first.

    • bomerbabe


  • Anna

    Read the book and you’ll see that he fits the discription perfectly and there is noone better for this part wether you like it or not.

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  • bomerbabe

    Well if matt bomer does end up doing the crossfire Gideon will be a million times better than CG exspecially if ian is cast! Ian is to cocky for his own good, he is making himself out to sound desperate!! And as you are an ian fan I think most of your articles are biast! Sorry my opinion……