George Clooney Identifies As Bisexual And Prefers Men – Source

George Clooney Identifies As Bisexual And Prefers Men - Source

Hollywood has had its share of leading men, but there are very few who are as well liked and influential as George Clooney. His success is a typical Hollywood story of working your way up and never giving up on your dreams – eventually, you get lucky and you make it. However, in the case of George, there were also several rumors that continued to dodge him on his way up and now that he’s a bona fide A-list star, those whispers have quieted down a lot. But they haven’t gone away completely. What whispers, you might ask? Well, the ones of him being gay, of course.

George’s relationships are always in the spotlight, as is his love life. By now, we’ve seen that he’s against getting married, and he’s not really looking for a long-term commitment. Some say that it’s because he just doesn’t see the point in marriage when he can just have fun – fair enough, and honestly, to each his own. However, a LOT of people believe otherwise. They think that George is actually gay, and that all of his recent girlfriends were just his beards.

A new blind item that was released from Blind Gossip seemingly points to him, (or Ryan Seacrest, but that isn’t even news, is it?) with all the clues fitting his lifestyle and public persona. But – the blind item states that he’s bisexual, not gay. The report goes on to name a series of clues, which we can match and see what holds true.

In public, our A-list movie star only dates beautiful women – check. Elizabetta Canalis, Stacy Keibler, Sarah Larson. The conditions of his relationship with them is that he’s allowed to see whoever he wants on the side, including men, but she must remain exclusive. And of course, not say anything, especially after the relationship is over.

Then, the next set of descriptors are, “He’s good looking. And famous. And very rich. And very connected.” Pretty much all of them fit Clooney to the T – handsome, famous, rich, and connected. The last thing added is pretty much the clincher though – it states that the fact that Clooney is connected doesn’t help any of his ex-girlfriends/girlfriends. Let’s take a look at his girlfriends and where they are now – Elizabetta Canalis – last we heard, she was modeling somewhere, and pretty much off the radar. Sarah Larson – well, no one even knows what she’s up to. Stacy Keibler – well, Keibler is still with Clooney so she’s safe for now. But her career hasn’t really experienced a significant bump, even though her profile in the media has. So what happens when she and George break up? Well, she goes back to whatever she was doing before.  So all the clues seem to fit George Clooney. What do you guys think?

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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7 responses to “George Clooney Identifies As Bisexual And Prefers Men – Source”

  1. deb wilkin says:

    I didn’t ever think of that possibility until last few years…then it started to be very clear and explains everything…too tired to go into detail- but there are many that if you tie them together- make an excellent case. The coolest thing would be if he came out- it would take a man as manly as him to do so and will probably have to wait until parents are gone. And JMO the whole bisexual thing is just a smoke screen- I’ve had enough gay male clients in 30-years to know that if men love men then they don’t bother with women. Love him even more now…..becoz its hard to be gay and even harder to be a celebrity and be gay.

    • Tinka says:

      You do realize that this article is full BS, right? Someone dates only pretty women -> they must be his beards? (I already wrote about this under an another comment, you can read that one.)

      Also, I don’t care about his sexuality. Neither should you.

  2. deb wilkin says:

    DeCapio could be- who knows- and I wouldn’t be too surprised, same goes for others like JM- and I think them being gay is way better for their image- if thats what they are worried about- than being womenizers and floosies.

  3. Bailey says:

    Anyone can write a “blind item,” and all the ones I’ve read that were supposedly about Clooney turned out to be a load of crap. This one isn’t about Clooney, either, if it’s even about anyone. Beautiful women? When was the last time Clooney dated someone above D-list status? When has he ever dated a model? At least DiCaprio dates models, unlike Clooney, not that I think this is necessarily about DiCaprio, either. It’s just a load of garbage made up by some moron. Clooney does have a publicity arrangement with a mediocre-looking D-list non-model, but the reason is so that he can keep his private life away from the spotlight, not to hide his sexual preferences.

  4. That may be very possible. I knew something was up with him. WHo announces up front oh I am not interested in getting married but someone that has other motives. I could believe that. He and Obama are good friends and the same rumors are said about Obama that he is bisexual. I believe that also.

    • Tinka says:

      Your reasoning is very weird. Not everyone is interested in marriage or a long-term relationship, they just want to have fun. That doesn’t make anyone gay or bi. And when you’re famous, why would you go for “ugly girls” for one, when you can choose from a stack of good-looking models?

  5. It would make sense that he hides it because if it came out he sure would lose at the box office. His movie support at the box office would be in the toilet.