Grey’s Anatomy RECAP 01/31/13: Season 9 Episode 13 “Bad Blood”

Grey’s Anatomy RECAP 01/31/13: Season 9 Episode 13 “Bad Blood”

Tonight on ABC is an all new episode of GREY’S ANATOMY. Tonight’s show is called “Bad Blood” and on tonight’s show the hospital is put under a microscope. If you missed last week’s episode we have a full and detailed recap here for you.

On last week’s show Meredith, Derek, Cristina and Arizona received big news regarding the plane crash lawsuit, Richard avoided Catherine’s romantic advances and Jackson took on one of Mark Sloane’s old patients. Meanwhile, Derek began recovery on his hand.

On tonight’s show as Derek and April work around the clock to find a solution for the hospital, Cristina struggles to respect the wishes of a family whose son is dying. Meanwhile, Arizona empathizes with a teenager who faces problems similar to her own.

“Grey’s Anatomy” stars Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey, Patrick Dempsey as Derek Shepherd, Sandra Oh as Cristina Yang, Justin Chambers as Alex Karev, Chandra Wilson as Miranda Bailey, James Pickens, Jr. as Richard Webber, Sara Ramirez as Callie Torres, Kevin McKidd as Owen Hunt, Jessica Capshaw as Arizona Robbins, Jesse Williams as Jackson Avery and Sarah Drew as April Kepner.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be a great episode and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy” Season 9 episode 13 at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know what you think of Grey’s Anatomy season 9, so far? Check out the sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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Meredith and Cristina stare with disdain at the new cameras that have been monitored all over the hospital. Cristina’s worried they’ll be in the on call rooms (aka the hot sex rooms) – she says they’re spying on them when a disembodied voice greets her by name and wishes her good morning. She’s freaked.

Alana tells them the cameras are not there to spy, but for remote physicians to help optimize patient care. The doctors are freaked by her “efficiency” efforts to reduce costly litigation. She shows them a new OR arrangement to optimize turnover. She tells them they’re organizing for efficiency. She wants turnover cut in half.

Jo tells the other interns that they are going to be fired. She says them not being invited to the meeting is a bad omen. The doctors come out and the interns scramble. They’re panicking over cuts but Derek and April are working on some cuts to help fund the ER to keep it open. They think they’ve got it figured out and are ready to go door to door to make the pitch.

Alana brings in Dr. Nussbaum to help with the improvements and Bailey applauds. Richard wants to know why she’s ass-kissing and she tells him the last three hospitals Alana evaluated cut staff by 30%. She’s buttering up to keep he job! Uh-oh – Richard’s been warned.

Mer says she can’t be fired because she’s pregnant, but then asks “can they?” Nussbaum asks if they’re ready to rock and Bailey whoops in faux support of him. He’s thrilled.

In peds, Alex and Arizona are watching a patient who hasn’t moved. They’ve got a 13 year old with double hip replacement that’s stubbornly refusing to move and if she doesn’t move, there will be complications. None of them want to deal with her but Callie orders Alex to take care of it.

Alana’s chewing Owen out about denying contractors access to the ER – she wants it measured and he says it’s open for one more day. She tells him the needed renovations must stay on schedule. He asks her what else should go there. She gets on the elevator with him, but doesn’t want to be there because he’s headed to the roof for a Medevac. The guy has his nose cut off, a spurting carotid and tons of other injuries. When the patient springs a blood leak, Alana puts her hands in to staunch the mess. She still has no answer for him about what can go in the ER space that’s more meaningful than an ER. In surgery, Owen is calling for more surgeons, but Alana says she’ll work the carotid since it’s more likely he’ll survive that way.

April and Derek are deciding who they should meet with to get their plan approved. But then Derek gets paged to the OR and April says she can’t do it because no one likes her. He tells her to speak from the heart and not focus too much on the charts and numbers and rushes off.

Nussbaum shows them a video about efficient hernia surgery and Richard tells him he’s got his own technique. Nussbaum tells him the best thing is to standardize the approach so all hernias are the same and it’s more efficient. Bailey mocks him, calling him Old Man Webber and says he’s cold and needs a sweater. Mer is amused – Richard is not.

Nussbaum tells them they’re going to have a competition. The first surgeon who does 20 hernias with his method wins a zipper hoodie. Bailey goes Hunger Games and tells the others “may the odds be ever in your favor” as she snaps on gloves!

Alex is having no luck with the surly teen. She tells him not today and he says if she’s not up, her hips won’t heal. She says her life was over – she had a career in gymnastics and now she has nothing. She says her mom worked two jobs to pay for her lessons and she was going to be able to take care of her when she was a success. She tells him she was number one and now she’s nothing. She tells Alex he doesn’t understand because he’s never been the best at something. She reiterates that at 13, her life is over and she’s just waiting to die. She puts her ear buds back in and blows him off.

Leah comes to tell Cristina that the remote doctor in the ceiling camera is contradicting her orders and upsetting the patient. She tells him to not question her decisions and that he just needs to make sure the idiot interns don’t screw up. She’s ready to say more but gets called to emergency cardiac surgery.

April finds Dr. Russell – their first mark – and tells him they have some ideas about saving the ER. He rejects her proposal. He asks her if she’s ever been to a TED conference and he tells her innovation will save them, not penny saved penny earned crap.

Owen gives Alana some direction in surgery and she hesitates then she finally starts working. Seems she hasn’t been in surgery for a while. Derek comes in and asks if now instead of telling them how to do their jobs, she’s doing them for them. Owen takes up for her.

In the ER, Cristina starts treating the cardiac patient – a teenager. His friend is there, but doesn’t have much information for them. She and Leah go to work on him as he starts crashing. His medic alert badge drops to the floor and they find it just as they were about to do a transfusion – he’s a Jehovah’s Witness so he can’t have a transfusion! Whoops. Wonder if his buddy knows because he didn’t speak up.

Cristina explains they have to recirculate his blood and do some other measures to fix his aorta without a transfusion. She tells Leah if they give him blood against his religious preference, it’s considered assault and battery – a crime. Leah asks if she’s ever fixed an injury that bad without a transfusion and she says no.

Callie and Arizona want to know if Alex had any luck and he says she was so depressing him she made him suicidal. Callie says she’s going to make her move and she and her wife descend into a debate over whether good cop or bad cop is a better approach, but it’s really about Arizona not making their daughter wear tights with her dress. Alex can’t take it and walks away.

In the OR, Cristina gets all the protocols set up to save him without a transfusion. Cristina says she can’t cut his chest and has to go in another way.

Nussbaum cheers Mer for doing his hernia technique fast and Bailey trash talks and says she’s going to crash and burn. Richard is upset because he’s having problems. Bailey says she’s done but Nussbaum doesn’t like her technique. He tells her to look at Meredith’s work which is perfect and tells her to redo it. Mer offers her some pointers and Bailey offers to smack her in the mouth!

Leah comes out to talk to the Jehovah’s Witness guys friend who had no idea his buddy was a JW. He says he doesn’t think he is a JW because he never once mentioned it in the couple of years they knew each other. He tells her if it was that important to him, he would have mentioned it. Meanwhile there’s a bunch of JW’s praying in the waiting area.

Owen and Alana debate how to fix the carotid she’s holding. Jackson comes in to work on the missing nose and gets smart about not being able to find his headlamp. He says he feels like it’s so efficient, he’s working a fast food shift. He says they want them to be surgical robots and that Dr. Efficiency hasn’t been in an OR for years. She turns to him and says “until today!” Whoops he didn’t see Alana there. He says he can fix the nose post op and beats feet out of there embarrassed to be caught trash talking her.

Owen apologizes and Alana says it’s easier to have a bad guy to blame. She tells him that without her they would lose the whole hospital and not just he ER. She tells him she always gets blame and never thanks even though she’s saved a dozen other hospitals before she got to Seattle Grace.

In the CCU, Cristina is checking on their JW patient and Leah says again they can give him blood. The camera doctor says they can give him iron to help him produce more blood. Cristina says people keep things private and because he had an alert, they have to abide by it. She tells Leah that she can’t get emotional about it –that it is what it is. Leah asks what else they can do and Cristina says they can talk to the family. As they leave, the doc in the camera wishes them luck.

Callie tells Simi to get out of bed. Simi lays her depressing mojo on Callie like she did on Alex and drives her away too.

Nussbaum tells Bailey she finally has it and she cheers. They high five. He tells them that perfection is exciting. Mer stops and touches her abdomen and then leaves the room – Bailey runs out after her and Mer tells her something is wrong. She’s in a panic – she says there’s a flutter and something is wrong. Bailey touches her and tells her it’s a good thing – she says the baby is kicking.

Cristina tells the family he’s lost half his blood and he has no time to make more. His parents tell them that life is a gift from God and they don’t believe it’s up to them to prolong it. Cristina tells them he has virtually no chance to live without a transfusion. His Mom tells them prayer works miracles and Leah starts to get mad. His Dad says that giving him blood would prolong his life but condemn him. Cristina ends the dialog and says they will do all they can.

April vents to Derek that everyone rejected her. He’s upset because she talked numbers. He agrees to try to fix it and runs off to intercept one of the key doctors. He starts talking to him about their kids and how terrible it would be if one of them needed the ER that’s closed down.

Cristina tells Mer that she hates her intern’s mopey face. Meredith tells her the baby is kicking and it’s a good thing. Cristina wonders if she should kick her intern. Leah looks like she’s plotting a secret transfusion! She substitutes blood for the other fluid, but the eye in the sky catches her and tells her “stop right there.”

Cristina chews out Leah for trying to sneak blood and tells her she has to not he eyeball would notice her. Cristina tells her she is an idiot and is off her service. She tells her she is an amoeba on the scale of doctoring. Cristina asks if the eye is going to get her fired and he says no because she didn’t actually do anything.

Alana is excited that their surgery went well. She says she has to leave and he tells her there’s more to do. They have to finish up and then she gets to tell the family they saved him. She’s on board and enthused and they press on.

The interns fuss about the efficiency stuff when Leah gets a page that the JW boy is coding. They say the hospital can’t do without them and Callie comes out from around the corner and pisses all over their optimism. Man, that kid is toxic! First Alex, now Callie…

Derek comes to see the cardiac chief who wants Derek’s parking space even though their spots are side by side. He wants both so he can park in the middle. Derek reminds him that he saved his sister’s life and that he owes him. He agrees to give up his TED budget, but says he still wants the parking space.

Back in the skills lab, Bailey is still channeling Hunger Games and calls herself the girl on fire, but then Richard calls out that he’s got it. Nussbaum rushes over and sees that he didn’t use his method – Richard wants to show him his method. He says he gets the same result without mesh. Nussbaum said from now on, his method will be the only one used. Richard snaps about the fast food approach. Nussbaum snaps and says “the patients don’t matter” then he corrects himself. Whoops – too late – he was about to say it’s the method and not the people… Nussbaum encourages Bailey and tells the others to observe her work.

The KW kid is coding and they can’t bring him back. Leah watches from the door as Cristina tries to save him. Leah is horrified as he flat lines and is gone. Cristina calls time of death and the room clears. Leah tells her he didn’t have to die. Cristina says the CCU is full of people they’ve given blood who still didn’t make it. She tells her she was wrong in 100 different ways today that she will discuss with her in detail later but says she has to go tell the family their son is gone. She looks up at the camera and tells Bob the show is over.

Arizona is ready to take a good cop crack at Simi now that Callie and Alex have given up. She heads in and tells her she needs to get up and take a few steps. Simi starts her BS with Arizona who pulls up her pants leg and shows her the prosthetic. She tells her she was scared and in pain and thought her life was over too. She tells her she operated on her and Simi lashes out and says they send a cripple in to help her change her life. Arizona yells at her and tells her she can be a cripple if she wants, but she is not going to take everyone else down with her and she owes people respect. She orders her to stand up by the count of three before she drags her ass out of bed. Simi gets up and walks!

Alex and Callie rush in as she takes her first steps, smiling a little.

Owen tells the family that Alana saved him and the wife rushes to crush her in a hug.

In the elevator with Richard and Bailey, Nussbaum rushes to hop on with them. Bailey is wearing the prize hoodie. He tries to speak with them and they give him the cold shoulder. He tells them that change is hard, but they’ll learn to embrace it. He tells her the sweatshirt looks good on her and she says it’s itchy and she and Richard stalk off together.

Alana admits to Owen she’d forgotten what a rush surgery is. Derek and April rush to tell her they found enough budget cuts to save the ER. Alana tells them it’s not an option and Derek realizes she’s prepping the hospital to sell. She admits to Owen that it’s a buyer that will be saving the hospital and she’s just making it presentable. Owen said she’s staging it – like a house and she says the ER is like shag carpet that’s got to go. Derek, April and Owen are floored.

Owen goes through the ER, shutting down equipment for the last time. He turns off the lights and walks out. He looks at the sign that directs patients to the next closest ER. Cristina comes up and asks what he’s going to do and he tells her he’s going to go drink a lot and she offers to buy the first one.

Derek and Mer lay in bed feeling the baby kick. He’s thrilled.