Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 Episode 12 “Walking on a Dream” Recap 01/24/13

Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 Episode 12 “Walking on a Dream” Recap 01/24/13

Tonight on ABC is an all new episode of GREY’S ANATOMY. Tonight’s show is called “Walking on a Dream” and on tonight’s show a new doctor shakes up nerves at Seattle Grace. If you missed last week’s episode we have a full and detailed recap here for you.

On last week’s show Meredith, Derek, Cristina and Arizona received big news regarding the plane crash lawsuit, Richard avoided Catherine’s romantic advances and Jackson took on one of Mark Sloane’s old patients. Meanwhile, Derek began recovery on his hand.

On tonight’s show the Seattle Grace doctors are on edge when a new medical professional enters the hospital; Arizona struggles with the emotional and physical pain of a phantom limb; and while battling pregnancy hormones, an overly-emotional Meredith is confronted with her worst fear

“Grey’s Anatomy” stars Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey, Patrick Dempsey as Derek Shepherd, Sandra Oh as Cristina Yang, Justin Chambers as Alex Karev, Chandra Wilson as Miranda Bailey, James Pickens, Jr. as Richard Webber, Sara Ramirez as Callie Torres, Eric Dane as Mark Sloan, Kevin McKidd as Owen Hunt, Jessica Capshaw as Arizona Robbins, Jesse Williams as Jackson Avery and Sarah Drew as April Kepner.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be a great episode and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy” Season 9 episode 12 at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know what you think of Grey’s Anatomy season 9, so far? Check out the sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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Meredith narrates that patients who lose a limb often feel sensations where the missing part is like it’s still there. Phantom limb syndrome. Arizona is dreaming that she’s jogging and then at the hospital. Her leg starts hurting and then it shatters, leaving her on the floor with her amputation. She wakes up in terror and Callie wants to know if it’s hurting again, but Arizona tells her no. Meredith says the most common sensation is pain.

At the hospital, Callie is criticizing the surgery Derek has chosen to be the first for his reconstructed hand. It’s complicated and she would prefer baby steps.

Owen calls the staff together and talks to them about the financial setback due to the lawsuit. He says there will be some cutbacks. They have brought in an efficiency expert to cut back their budget. The expert is late. Derek complains that there’s going to be an accountant following them around and Owen assures them she’s a trained surgeon and she’s there to help them.

Derek and Mer are in the on call room, trying to get busy. Her pregnancy hormones are making her randy. Then she gets a page for a consult and starts crying – more hormones! Derek is horrified at the switch up.

There’s a knock on the door and it’s Shane begging to scrub in for Derek’s surgery. Meredith yells at him that he’s on her service and to go work up the consult. Stephanie is running crazy in the pit. April tells her she needs to pull on her big girl pants and learn how to run it right. One patient left for 45 minutes is Alana Cahill – the budget cutter! She tells them they made her late for a meeting and Stephanie starts to panic.

Meredith is checking on Brie – a pregnant woman who’s having terrible pains. Shane checked the wrong lab work and scurries out scared. It’s not early labor and the baby is okay, so they’re not sure what’s up.

Alex and Arizona are consulting on a peds cardiac patient. Cristina tells how she’s going to fix it and then tells Alex that he’s going to lose his orphan surgery program and he’s in a panic.

Brie is crashing when Shane comes back in – she’s in liver failure. She’s got one more week to go and then her liver will give out. Yikes! They explain to her friend/sister that the liver failure has nothing to do with the pregnancy. They tell her that she’s been moved to the top of the transplant list. Meredith tells Shane not to speak and then he starts apologizing. She blows up and tells him to leave and not come back without a liver.

Derek comes in to see Jimmy who tells him he looked for another surgeon when his hand was injured but no one will touch his tumor. Derek wants Jo to swap off of his service with Shane – he says he doesn’t have time to teach her on this one. She’s hurt.

Owen introduces Alana to Derek. She says she saw the surgery he’s doing and he says the patient is in pre-op. She wants to know why he’s there a day early. Derek pushes her off on Owen and walks away. Alana says she’ll see him in surgery and he says typically she needs to be invited. She tells him things aren’t typical.

April and Stephanie are triaging a guy who fell off a ladder. Steph is still floundering.

Alana complains to Owen that she waited 45 minutes in ER before a doctor saw her. He agrees it’s not good. Richard comes up and says hi to Alana – she was a student of his. He asks why she’s there and Owen says she’s the physician adviser. He invites her for a cup of coffee and she says she’s busy.

Jo tells Shane he’s back on Derek’s service and he refuses. He says he’s waiting on a liver and she tells him to go play teacher’s pet in the OR. Jo tells him a liver wait can take days. Shane says if he comes back without a liver, Meredith will kill him. She says if she doesn’t send him to Derek, Derek will kill her.

In surgery, Cristina finds a rare heart malfunction. She tells him the orphan program is a medical freak show goldmine. Arizona has to leave surgery – her phantom pain is out of control.

In the break room, Alana wants to know if the donuts and bagels are in all the lounges. He doesn’t know and wants to know if she’ll be looking at that. She says she’ll be looking at everything. Arizona is there and Owen introduces her to Alana. She looks terrible and he sends Alana out. Owen wants to know what’s up. She’s embarrassed that she looked that way in front of the efficiency person. Owen asks if it’s the phantom pain and she says she’s going crazy. He said it’s very real.

He grabs a mirror off the door and holds it in front of her. He says one of the treatments for phantom limb is to remind the brain that the leg is gone. He holds up the mirror parallel to the healthy leg so it looks like she has two and the pain diminishes. He tells her that Callie knows this being an orthopedist and she admits she hasn’t talked about it to Callie – she says she’s been Callie’s patient for too long. She gets frustrated and says she is not going to be screwed over by pain in a leg that’s not even there.

Owen agrees to help her on the down low. He promises they will figure it out together.

Cristina tells Mer that sick babies are a godsend – she’s excited about the case of EMF she found. Meredith stalks off in search of a liver. She tells Bailey she wants a new intern because she wants to kill Shane. Bailey says she wanted to kill her when she was an intern and to suck it up.

Derek is in with Jimmy and he tells him the tumor has grown and the risk of complications is much higher. He tells him to take time and think about it. He says he’s been thinking about it for months while Derek’s hand was healing and he can’t just sit there and wait to die. Jimmy’s sister said she was relieved when his hand was hurt because it gave her more time with her brother.

Jo brings Derek back the test results and says Shane’s gone with Mer to get a liver. He tells her she can scrub in but no one is allowed in the gallery – he says he doesn’t want anyone watching.

In the ambulance, Shane makes chatty small talk and then starts talking about the size of the baby and that it’s peeing into her amniotic fluid. Meredith asks if he wants her to start crying.

April is coaching Stephanie on the finer points of working the pit. Is the paramedic checking April out? In surgery with Meredith, Shane botches the surgery to retrieve the liver. She’s furious.

Alana is with Alex and he’s covering for her having to leave surgery. She says she’s observing the second surgery tomorrow and asks if it will be Arizona or Alex. Arizona says it will be her and Alana takes off. Alex encourages her to take it easy and says it all needs to go well so his program doesn’t get cut.

In surgery, Arizona screams in pain just as she’s cutting open the child. Her leg keeps giving out and tormenting her. She rips her pants open and her leg is all sliced up and bleeding and the child flat lines. She cuts off her own leg! She wakes up gasping and scared.

Arizona is hiding in the bathroom sleeping when Callie tries to come in. Callie asks about a movie night and Arizona agrees to get her away. She’s sitting there holding the mirror up so it looks like she has two legs and she doesn’t want Callie to see.

Back at the hospital, Meredith has to tell Brie that the liver was damaged in surgery and they are waiting on another one. Shane asks Meredith not to mention his mistake to Derek. Mer yells and tells him he destroyed a perfectly good liver. His phone rings and he says he has to take it – sorry – she screams not to be sorry, to be better.

Alana is staring at the surgery board and figuring which ones she wants to watch. Jo changes the time on Derek’s surgery to mislead Alana. Richard asks Jo to coffee again and she refuses again. He seems confused.

Owen and Arizona are working on visualization. He’s showing her ocean scenes to calm her mind so she can learn to calm the pain. It’s biofeedback and she calls it dumb. She says it’s not working and asks what else he has. He offers surgery to numb the nerve endings or a screwdriver to stab her in the prosthetic leg.

Jackson and Steph are getting busy in on call. She’s running through stuff out loud that she needs to do and he tells her it’s a turn off. She tells him she’s too busy for it and bails.

Meredith is on the phone with UNOS about another liver. She tells Shane he has to fly to Oregon to get the liver. Bailey says Meredith needs to go and she refuses to get on an airplane. Shane has to fly and get it and Bailey is going along.

In Derek’s surgery, he’s talking her through what she needs to do to help him. He’s getting impatient and she’s nervous.

Bailey and Shane are on the plane ready to take off, but the pilot was told to hold up. Meredith climbs on board and tells Bailey she can do it and for her to stay. Meredith looks terrified but sits. The plane begins to take off and she’s white knuckling.

Meredith is taking out the liver and says it looks good. She calls on Shane and asks him to get the basin. He sees a mass on the liver. She’s upset. They have to biopsy the mass to see if the liver is viable.

Alana is grilling Owen about the Africa project. She wants to know about the costs. They are watching the child’s surgery when Arizona knocks something over. Alana demands to know if Arizona is fit to be in surgery and Owen tells her to go observe another surgery. He tells her Derek’s surgery has been going on for hours and she’s surprised to hear it.

Bailey has to tell Brie’s sister/friend that the liver has a mass and they’re waiting to hear if it’s viable. Bailey gets the call and it’s good. She gets a big hug.

In Derek’s surgery, Jo is trying really hard. Alana comes in and starts asking questions. Derek gets angry and says no one that’s not surgically necessary is allowed in his OR. Alana says his intern lied about the time and she says it was a mistake. Derek said she was following orders. Alana stalks out.

Arizona tries to tap out of surgery and Cristina says he can’t. She tells Alex to stab her in the foot and he doesn’t want to. Owen tells her to stab her in the prosthetic foot. He does and she stares down at it and recovers. Alana watches all this from the observation area.

Derek and Jo are struggling to keep Jimmy alive. There’s a bleeder and then he loses facial function. Derek begs him to twitch but he doesn’t. He says they won’t know until he wakes, but he may have lost half of his facial movements.

Meredith arrives with the liver and Bailey has Brie prepped. Meredith starts crying again.

In the pit, April is drilling Stephanie on what’s going on in each bed. She passes the test and clears the waiting room.

Paramedic Matthew tells April he’s been watching her for two days and she never seems to stop. Then he realizes her sounds like a stalker – he says he’s not, unless she’s into that kind of thing. He asks her for coffee and she’s surprised.

Cristina tells the orphan’s guardian that the heart surgery was a success. Cristina wants to know what other kind of sick orphans she has with heart problems – she seems excited about the idea of sick kids she can operate on.

Derek is trying to get Jimmy’s face to respond. His sister is screeching and is thrilled that he can smile and hear. The surgery was a success.

Alana calls the doctors in to tell them her findings. She says she was very impressed. She starts to say something about Alex’s program and Cristina jumps up and says it can’t stop. She wants to operate on all those sick little kids and then corrects and says it’s good for the kids too. Alana says the PR from the program is great and it’s staying.

Alana says she wants to close their ER. Owen says they’re a level one trauma center. Alana says it’s not bringing in money and most of the patients are uninsured and should be at a primary care center. Derek says she can’t close the ER. Bailey asks Derek if he has a better idea and says Alana is trying to keep the hospital financially afloat. Bailey tells him to shut up and listen. Alana goes into her other proposals, but it seems Derek realizes it’s their settlement that’s causing problems.

Richard catches Alana on her way out the door and wants to know why she’s been distant. She tells him she’s never forgotten something he told her in med school – that medicine is always changing. She basically tells him he’s old school and he needs to get with the program ASAP or she’s going to let him go. Snap! She tells him he logs less OR hours than any other surgeon and leaves him floored.

Callie is raging about the ER cutback. Arizona tries to calm her down.

Meredith tells Derek that Bailey had no reason calling him out like that. She asks if it’s their fault that the hospital is in trouble. He says maybe. Meredith tells him she flew on a plane. He congratulates her.

Arizona is meditating. She and Callie are at the beach drinking margaritas and she’s mastered calming the waves. Callie lies beside her in their bed and says it really kind of works. Seems like she needed some calm as well!