Grey’s Anatomy RECAP 10/10/13: Season 10 Episode 4 “Puttin’ on the Ritz”


Tonight on ABC GREY’S ANATOMY continues with another new episode called “Puttin’ on the Ritz.”  On tonight’s show for its 200th episode Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital hosts a fundraising gala.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and if you want to catch up we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On last week’s episode Meredith and Derek adjusted to life at home with a newborn but found it difficulty being away from the hospital; Arizona tried to take steps to fix her broken marriage; Alex and Jo navigated through their new relationship; and Owen clashed with Jackson over financial issues at the hospital. Meanwhile, April anxiously awaited her boards results.

On tonight’s episode the doctors of Grey Sloan Memorial throw a fundraising gala which turns wildly competitive after Jackson makes a rash promise. Back at the hospital, Bailey’s patience is tested when she has to deal with several extremely difficult patients. Meanwhile, Shane and Stephanie handle an incredibly busy ER by themselves and Alex reveals an emotional secret to Jo on a very special 200th episode of “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be a great episode and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy” Season 10 episode 4 at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the season premiere.  Check out the sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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The hospital is prepping for the big fund raiser. The docs are dressing up and getting ready for the event. Meredith quote the Muppet Show and then stops herself. Jackson is posing for a photo with Owen and tells him not to worry – that he knows this world and knows how to fundraise. They head into the party. It’s a circus – literally. Owen says that’s not what he thought was conservative. Jackson is upset at his party planner but she says that hospitals remind donors of death and their event needs to be sexier.

Miranda shows Meredith Richard’s stats and he is deliberately letting himself decline. Miranda says that she shouldn’t let her hurt feelings mar her judgment and Mer says she needs to let him hit rock bottom.

Stephanie is mad because Jackson didn’t invite her to the event. Alex is dressed up and headed out. April hasn’t changed yet. Three high idiots ran their car into a tree. Alex says it’s heroin and tells them to run a full tox screen. He’s disturbed by them. April sends them off for work.

Christina asks Meredith how Derek likes paternity leave and Callie says they are going out of their minds. Callie says Miranda is going to freak out when she sees the clown waiters and Meredith says she’s not coming. Callie wants to leave but Jackson tells them he’s giving 10% of what they raise to the doc’s department that gets the most money from donors. Mer says Derek is good at that and laments that he got a head start. The three break off to go make money!

Arizona watches Callie as a donor tells Callie he saw her at TED and is star struck by her. Callie sees her and looks away. Arizona saddens and leaves. The donor asks her if her wife passed away and she lies and says yes. She says it’s been really hard.

Meredith wants to join forces with Christina so they can beat Derek. Owen is upset and says Jackson bought the farm with the party. She tells them to use the same skills they use to pick up people at bars.

Miranda tells Gene, a patient, that his cancer has spread and surgery isn’t an option anymore. He asks what the options are and she shows him hospice brochures and tells him that he’s in the final stages. He tells her he wants the one with topless nurses. He’s a pig. He offers her cash to bring him liquor. She tells him she’ll be back.

Jo finds Alex and she tells him he needs to come talk to donors. He tells her he needs air and stalks out. April finds Jackson and tells him the party is amazing. He notices the champagne is warm and tells her to get some chill equipment from the hospital. She wants to watch the magician but he begs and she goes.

Owen is telling inappropriate stories to a donor who tells him he’s going to make a big donation and wants to hear more. A woman, Emma, comes up and she makes jokes about the clowns. He see Christina flirting and offers to buy her a drink. Derek asks Meredith why she’s flirting with donors. She tells him to go juggle some more balls and he tells her she’s brought a knife to a gunfight.

April finds Arizona crying in the supply closet. She tells her she’ll be okay.

Stephanie is freaking out about the heroin victims and says there’s also another trauma coming in. Alex asks for an update and Shane says it’s good and tells Steph they can hande it but then someone codes. Shane asks her if she wants to call someone or be a rock star as another emergency comes in. Stephanie runs around yelling orders and Shane tells for them to lock and load!

Derek has their baby and Meredith says he’s disgusting for pulling their son out of daycare to use as a fundraising pawn. He says the baby is hungry and hands him off for a feeding. Christina is flirting heavily with a donor and then sees Owen and Emma and goes to get her mark a drink. She tells Emma to go see the close up magic. When she runs her off Christina tells him that Emma won’t make a big donation because she’s in cheap shoes. She sends him off after an older woman.

Callie is spreading lies about Arizona’s death and how sad their daughter was. She’s racking up huge donations from sympathetic rich people.

Miranda comes in to yell at Gene about the way he’s talking to the nurses. He has a chess board set up and says he figured she would want to play black because well… then he cracks an MLK and Rosa Parks joke. She snaps. He tells her that she needs to think outside the box about the cancer. He tells her that she’s letting him die because he offends her. She chews him out and says she’s trying to help him move on. He tells her that his lungs will deflate, he will lose control of his bowels and there’s nothing good or pretty about it. He tells her to get off her ass and do something…

Shane is getting ready to do a heart procedure that Steph says he shouldn’t. He does it anyway.

April and Arizona are drinking champagne in the supply closet. She tells her that she’s sick of everyone staring at her. April says it’s not true but Arizona says she’s been stared at her whole life – because she was gay or has one leg or was a cheater. She says she knows what April thinks when she looks at her. April says she can empathize – even with a cheater. She then apologies for calling her a cheater and Arizona says that she is. She tells her that when Callie stared at her it was in a good way.

Emma is charming donors when Owen finds her. He tells her that she’s stealing his stories. She tells him that she’s from Seattle Pres and they need money too but she can’t get her board to throw a fundraiser. He wants to know why she’s been wasting her time with him when she needs money. She says are you kidding – look at you. He’s flattered.

The bartender tries to cut Christina off but she tells him the drinks aren’t for her. She tells Alex that this fundraising competition reminds her of when they were interns and fighting to steal surgeries. Meredith comes up and is in a hoodie because the baby spit up on her and Christina says she’s making it too easy. A widow is bending Callie’s ear and she’s uncomfortable and is relieved when Jackson takes the stage to speak.

Just then one of the performers on a high silk begins to unravel and fall and the party planner rushes to break her fall. The performer comes down hard on top of her but then stands up as Callie tells her not to move because she could be hurt. She says she’s okay but then a bone (ick!) pops out and Callie says – there it is!

Callie holds the bone and snaps it back into the leg. Steph calls Christina and tells her what Shane is doing. Christina tells her to get him to an OR. She runs out and Alex asks where she’s going and she says she has to operate on one of the junkies and he asks which one and she’s surprised – didn’t know there was more than one. Could this be a family member of Alex’s??

April tells Arizona that her boyfriend has forgiven her and that’s everything. Leah comes in because Arizona paged her to steal booze and snacks from the party. Leah is mad because she wasn’t even invited to the party – they shoo her out. Arizona asks April if Callie will ever forgive her and April says probably not since she’s telling everyone at the gala that she’s dead.

Owen and Callie hop in the ambulance and he sends Jackson back to fundraise. Meredith tries to leave but Jackson says he needs her there.

Miranda rushes into Richard’s room because he’s fighting with the nurses over the CPAP treatment he needs. He tells her he doesn’t want it. She yells at him about the jackass down the hall who doesn’t want to quit trying and that he has options but is trying to die. She tells him Meredith is ready to let him die but she’s not. She tells him it’s simple – he just needs to take the treatment and live. He seems to give in and grabs the mask. He throws it across the room. When she tries to wrestle one onto him he knocks her to the floor and tells her to get the hell out.

In surgery, Christina tells Shane that he made a risky move by not calling her. She tells him he’s a shark and that it’s a good thing. She tells him he’s like her and to never apologize. She tells him she can go the safe route or the risky dramatic route. She asks what they should do and he says sharks don’t swim backward. They decide to go for it. Alex watches from the gallery looking ill.

Christina and Shane are still working on the patient as Alex watches. The procedure works! Alex walks away finally.

At the party Derek sees Leah stealing food and says it’s not for her and she says she knows that.

Derek asks Jackson where Meredith is and he says she took off in an ambulance. He stalks away. Jackson asks Jo where Alex is and she says she’s like to know that too. She tells him Stephanie is mad at him for not inviting her to come along and that she even bought a dress. He says he didn’t know. Jo tells him the fundraiser has lost its drive after the girl fell and he says it will be okay – that there’s a hospital down the street. He has an idea and walks away after the donors.

Gene calls out for Miranda again and again until she comes in. He wants her to play chess with him – says he hasn’t gotten to play in a year because the guys in the park won’t let him play anymore because he’s a pig. He begs her to stay and says he’s alone and scared.

Derek finds Meredith in surgery and tells her they had a deal. She invites him to come get blood on his hands and he says he’ll be right here.

April and Arizona are plastered. April asks her if she can try on her leg and they erupt in hysterics.

In surgery, Callie tells Owen about the lies she was telling about Arizona dying. He says it’s hard because Christina keeps telling him to date. Jackson brings a group of donors into the gallery to watch the surgery that they are performing on the circus gal. He tells the donors that they showed him the circus but this is the real show. They love it and asks how much money they need.

Jo finds Alex in a room with a tourniquet on his arm. She freaks at what he’s doing and he tells her that he’s just trying to do a blood draw on himself so he can check DNA because he thinks the druggie might be his dad that he hasn’t seen in 20 years. He’s not sure if he should run the test but Jo comes to help him and says he has to do it so he’ll know one way or the other. He says she’s smart and she tells him he would know that if he didn’t ditch her at fancy parties.

Meredith and Derek are relaxed after their surgery. He checks her out and tells her that he’s thinking of one of the times they got busy in the exam room. They get busy again…

Miranda wheels Gene into Richard’s room and he starts to complain. She hands Richard the pamphlets and says they can review them together since they’ll both be needing end of life care soon. She starts to leave and Gene tells her to open the window since it smells like something died in there.

Steph and Shane are pumped talking about their awesome evening when he grabs her up in a kiss. Of course, Jackson walks in and says okay.

The donor hands Christina a huge check. He asks her to get out of there with him. He says it couldn’t have been all about the money and she says it was. He tells her that’s even hotter. She laughs and walks away.

Steph finds Jackson and they have it out. She says that Shane kissed her out of the blue and she didn’t expect or ask for it. He tells her he’s too old to go through this crap. She tells him that he should have invited her to the party. He tells her it wasn’t a party – it was work. He says that if this is going to work that she needs to talk to him. She agrees and says she didn’t want Shane to kiss her, she wants him to kiss her so he does. Sloppy seconds – eww…

Gene is looking at the pamphlets and isn’t liking any of them. Richard says it could be worse and he could die in the hospital. He says it’s not the last place he wants to say. Gene agrees he doesn’t want to die there. He says one of the places does have a pretty lawn and he says the food has to be better there. Richard picks up his breathing treatment and starts to do it. Miranda watches through the window satisfied.

Christina finds Owen and asks where he’s going. He says he’s going home. She tells him she understands why he doesn’t want to date because people are gross. She asks him to go to the bar but Emma shows u just then to see Owen. Christina excuses herself and leaves them.

Alex stares at the man who could be hid dad sleeping in ICU. Jo comes up and tells him she has the results – he starts to say he doesn’t want to know but she blurts out that he is. She apologizes and he stomps off and kicks a trashcan.

April and Arizona stagger drunkenly to a taxi. Leah tells her to treat her with some respect and Arizona chucks her on the chin and tells her she’s adorable. An ambulance comes in and Leah smiles. Meredith and Derek were leaving but decide to let the kids sleep and deal with the multi-car trauma.