Harry Styles Cheated On Taylor Swift Once Before!

Harry Styles Cheated On Taylor Swift Once Before! 0108

For those few and lucky out there who stayed away from all methods of modern communication yesterday, you probably woke up to the sobering news that the Harry Styles, Taylor Swift love affair is no more. But why?? Why?? We’re all racking our brains trying to figure how a couple like this, which truly only comes around once in a generation, is over after 65 days. Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries lasted longer and Kim didn’t like that dude AT ALL. Well, we still don’t know anything concrete but I learned something today that might provide some light on this dank situation.

Did you know Taylor Swift dated Harry Styles for a short while last year? Am I the only person who didn’t know this? According to The Sun, Taylor and Harry had a secret thing going last spring but split after Harry was caught kissing another chick in New Zealand. This is before she turned her stalker ways to Conor Kennedy I guess. God, this girl works fast. So is it safe to say once a cheater, always a cheater?

That’s not entirely fair. Just because he stepped out before doesn’t mean that happened this time. Besides, we don’t even know if they were really dating then or just  hooking up. I truly believe Taylor freaks out when dudes don’t drop everything to be with her all the time. Harry probably wanted to stay and party on Necker Island while Taylor pined to sit in their suite discussing the names of their first born son. Am I fair to Taylor? Not really but, seriously, this break is doing nothing for her PR image. Her managers better suit her up with someone more controllable next time around. She badly needs a boyfriend she can push around and stay with longer than two months. That’s got to be where this is headed, right? Taylor’s brand can’t take another heartache. I see someone soft and affectionate coming to her aid, a little older perhaps – someone who will stay in on a Friday night while all his friends are out partying because he realizes that love is all that matters in life. That sounds like a country song, so it’s just perfect for her next move.

Do you think Harry Styles cheated on Taylor Swift? Could that be the only reason she’s rushed out on him twice now?

I love these attached pics. If they don’t scream 1,000 words I don’t know what does.