Harry Styles’ Gay Relationship with Rio Ferdinand – Nick Grimshaw Feels Left Out

Harry Styles' Gay Relationship with Rio Ferdinand - Nick Grimshaw Feels Left Out

Is Harry Styles gay? This seems to be the question on everyone’s mind as the rumors swirl around the internationally famous One Direction member. Styles and the rest of the group have redefined the boy bands of our generation, being openly sexual in public and not afraid to make a little joke now and then. For example, you would NEVER have seen a member of Backstreet Boys or N’Sync make a public crotch grab at another guy in full view of their thousands of teenage fans [although Lance Bass probably tried to do it in private].

However, Harry clearly has some close male friends and he’s confident enough to be out and about with them without worrying about some pesky tabloids making up some gay rumors. Unfortunately, those tabloids will go ahead and make up those rumors whether he likes it or not. Gather has taken a report from Marie Claire – regarding Harry Styles becoming fast friends with footballer Rio Ferdinand – and made it into threeway gay relationship between Harry, Rio, and Harry’s ‘former’ best friend/boyfriend Nick Grimshaw.

We can all agree that this is a bit ridiculous, right? Now, we know that Nick Grimshaw is gay, but just because he’s close friends with Harry, it doesn’t automatically mean Harry is gay too. That would be tantamount to saying that anyone who’s close friends with a gay person has to be gay. It’s discrimination at its most ridiculous.

Also, anyone who’s seen Harry’s revolving door of girlfriends should know better. However, if you take away the whole aspect of whether Harry is gay or not, you can definitely see this is as a story of jealousy over friendship. Harry and Nick are best friends, despite their age difference. How would it feel to be Nick when the tabloids are constantly speculating that Harry has ‘replaced’ you with a younger model, friend or boyfriend? Heck, he probably doesn’t care but it seems like we sure like to imagine that he does.

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  • 1D Fan

    1D fans like these types of articles because we see it as part of Harry’s coming out process, likely as bi, not gay though.

    Harry has too many teenage girl fans to be allowed to come out as gay.

    I hope thinking readers ask themselves why we get the sex with 400+ women/girls in a year when he was only 18, and possibly gay with Grimshaw/ Ferdinand/ other male celebrities articles, EVERY day?

    Think back to the ONLY person in ALL the world that the public didn’t need articles about to think that Harry was in a relationship with and how now 1DPR tries to make clear that Harry Styles is NOT in a relation with that ONE person.

    Everyone else in the world male/female/ young/old/married, etc… is OK to think Harry is hooking up with but not this ONE person. DING! DING!