Hart Of Dixie RECAP 10/14/13: Season 3 Episode 2 “Friends in Low Places”

Hart Of Dixie RECAP 10/14/13: Season 3 Episode 2 “Friends in Low Places”

Tonight on the CW HART OF DIXIE returns a whole new season and a new episode called, “Friends in Low Places.” On tonight’s season 3 episode 2 Lemon also devises a plan to help Wade (Wilson Bethel) save face in front of Zoe.  Did you watch last week’s episode ?  If you want to catch up before tonight’s episode there is a full and detailed recap, right here.

On last week’s episode after spending the summer in New York City, Zoe was ready to make her move more permanent, but first she had to return to BlueBell for one last thing. Upon her return Zoe, discovered that no one in town was very happy to see her, except for Lavon. Desperate for Brick to give her a good reference, she agreed to help him track down George and get him to resurrect the Founders Day parade that had been canceled. Needing to find George quickly, Zoe enlisted Lemon’s help but accidentally discovered Lemon was hiding a dirty little secret. Meanwhile, Lemon also devised a plan to help Wade save face in front of Zoe.

On tonight’s show Trying to be hospitable to Joel (guest star Josh Cooke), who is visiting BlueBell, Lavon (Cress Williams) and AnnaBeth (Kaitlyn Black) invite him and Zoe (Rachel Bilson) over for a quiet dinner, but when Lemon (Jaime King) meets Alabama’s most eligible bachelor, Carter Covington (guest star Ryan McPartlin, “Chuck”), she invites herself along with Carter to the soiree. However, when some unexpected guests show up to the party, Lemon’s ruse with Wade (Wilson Bethel) risks being exposed. Meanwhile, George (Scott Porter) makes a bad decision involving Lynly (guest star Antoinette Robertson, “Zero Hour”), which could ultimately ruin his friendship with Lavon. Tim Matheson also stars. Elodie Keene directed the episode written by Sheila Lawrence.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CW’s Hart of Dixie at 8:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you about the new season, so far!  Also check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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Zoe wakes to the sound of fans whirring. Joel has a bag of ice on his head and three fans oscillating around him. Zoe asks if he’s going to be okay in Bluebell with the heat and all that goes with the small town. He tells her the heat is one thing but he misses all of his regular places – his coffee place, his sushi place, his bar. She tells him she felt the same way when she moved there but he has something she didn’t – her to show her the ropes. She promises him he will fall in love with Bluebell.

Lemon wakes looking happy until Meatball belches and tells her he’s irresistible. She says he’s disgusting and he says she doesn’t think so when he’s doing that “thing” to her.

Lynly wakes on George’s boat. He still doesn’t know her name and she tells him to call her chick from last night. He leaves her some eggs he made and tells her to feel free to shower. He tells her to have a great day and he heads out leaving her on the boat.

Dash comes into to interview “Lemon-ade” which is his name for Lemon plus Wade. He asks how it happened and if Wade ever imagined she’d settle down with him. He asks what Lemon finds attractive in Wade and he says it’s his ability to go along with her crazy idea. The bar chants for them to kiss and they fight it and then share a quick peck.

Lemon tells Wade she never meant for the town to find out about the lie she told Zoe and she tells him she has standards. He reminds her that she’s the one shagging meatball. They decide to stage a fight to break up. The bar chants for another kiss and they grudgingly buss again.

At the Butter Stick, the Belles talk about Lemon dating Wade and blame it on her owning a roadhouse. Meatball overhears and demands to know what they’re saying – they tell him Lemon is dating Wade. As Joel and Zoe come in, Meatball rushes past them. Tom rushes over and tells Joel that he’s one of his favorite writers. He has a ton of questions for Joel who is not happy that there are no bagels in town.

Zoe heads to Lavon and she tells him she’s got to get Joel to fall in love with Bluebell. She wrangles an invite for them to dinner at the Mayor’s mansion to try and sway him. Lavon tells her she should take Joel to the Rammer Jammer for breakfast because Tom has the crazy look in his eyes. She doesn’t want to go there because of the Wade thing, but Lavon tells her that she can’t avoid him forever.

Meatball confronts Lemon about her having an affair with him and his bestie Wade. She tells him it’s complicated and he tells her she can’t sleep with him anymore until she breaks up with Wade. She’s shocked that he gave her an ultimatum and she says it’s fine and he stomps away.

Geroge comes back from his run and Lynly is still there. She wants to make him dinner but he makes it awkwardly clear that he thought it was a one night only deal. She leaves in a hurry.

Wade comes to take Zoe and Joel’s order and he bravely orders grits. Joel tells Zoe that he can’t believe that there are real guys with guns like that – he asks her if he chops wood or does something manly to get so fit. She admits to him that she briefly dated Wade but says that he’s with Lemon now.

Lemon kisses Wade again and he says he thought they were breaking up. She tells him he’s a Meatball deterrent. The bar chants for a kiss and they smooch again. Wade likes how uncomfortable it’s making Zoe and tells her they are definitely not breaking up. He playfully slaps her on the butt and she squeals. Zoe looks unhappy and rushes off to get Joel some coffee, complaining about the service at the Rammer Jammer.

Brick comes into the bar railing against Wade for not telling him he and Lemon have been dating. Wade says it’s just been since the summer and he’s mad that Brick didn’t tell him. Brick says he didn’t need to ask his permission but he shouldn’t have heard about it from the gossip chain.

Lemon is with Cricket who complains that she and Annabeth spent all summer making Lemon a list of eligible bachelors. Lemon tells her she’ll keep the list since she and Wade may not work out after all. Cricket thinks she’s just in it for his abs…

Lavon is distraught because he hasn’t heard from Lynly. Annabeth admits that she asked Lynly how long she was going to be in two and she may have taken that as a sign that she wanted her to leave. AB says she actually did want her to leave because she’s driving her nuts. Lavon tells her that Lynly’s dad taught her to throw a football and her parents always looked out for him and he promised them that he would do the same for her.

Lynly comes in broken up and sad over her disastrous liaison and Lavon tells her to tell him who it is. She tells him she doesn’t know his name and Lavon says he’ll figure it out and rushes out.

Zoe drags Joel out of the Rammer Jammer and he tells her he lost his cord and needs to buy another. She tells him someone probably found it and will hand deliver it with a basket of muffins. Joel is looking for WiFi and Zoe tells him there must be WiFi somewhere in Bluebell and drags him off to find it.

At the general store, a handsome stranger (Ryan McPartlin – hunky Devin from Chuck fame) asks for directions. He notices Lemon needs help reaching something from the top shelf and gallantly rushes to help her. She tells him she’s buying them for her fine dining establishment. She introduces herself and he tells her that her legend precedes her – he introduces himself as Carter Covington and she recognizes him from the list. They flirt heavily.

Zoe catches a glimpse of Lemon flirting and looks thoughtfully. She hears Joel screaming and rushes to tell him that no one sits on the rock he was on because they all know it’s fire ant rock. She tells him they have to go see Brick for medical attention and he hobbles away miserable after her.

Lemon tells Wade that they need to break up. He tells her he’s enjoying their fake relationship. She says it may help with her Meatball crisis but will keep her from a real relationship shot with Carter. She says she’s going to leak to Annabeth that they’re having problems. Wade agrees but says he hopes his next fake girlfriend isn’t so bossy.

At the doctor’s office, Joel is miserable and in pain. Brick is dealing with his bare backside and Joel is humiliated. He tells Zoe to monitor the blisters for signs of infection. He reminds her that she’s there as a girlfriend and not a doctor and tells her she’s still banned.

At the RJ, George is watching his ludicrous golfing with lions show when Lavon comes in and clicks it off. He tells him that as his lawyer he needs to keep him from doing something illegal. Lavon says his little cousin is in town and a scoundrel has done her wrong. He says he’d assume it was Wade but he’s with Lemon now. Wade comes to take their order and Lavon says they are plotting not eating and George asks wade why he didn’t think to mention he’s dating his ex. Wade makes excuses and George reminds him that he asked his permission for dating Tansy.

Lavon asks him how he finds and threatens the guy without going to prison. He asks what the guy did and he says the guy took advantage of his little cousin Lynly in her fragile state then made her eggs and walked out on her. George looks appalled. He asks how old Lynly is and Lavon says 25. George said they were consenting adults and there were probably mitigating factors. Lavon says he’s going to put a fork in the guy’s eye and tells George to come help him found the jerk.

Lemon finds Annabeth at the doc’s office and asks why she’s having a dinner party without inviting her. AB says it’s a party for Joel and Zoe. She wants her to invite Carter and a few others. AB says he’s number 9 on her list but then asks what about Wade. She says she doesn’t understand if Wade is the secret shame she said she was sleeping with or if that’s someone else. She insists AB invite her and Carter and says some point later in life it will make sense.

Zoe overhears that Lemon is coming to the party. AB says she and Wade are having problems and that she only found out yesterday that they were dating. Zoe is intrigued.

George and Lavon go all over town and can’t find anyone to admit they saw someone with Lynly. Lavon says they need to go to Torchies – the place where people go when they don’t want to be seen doing what they’re doing. He says he can get the truth out of her at the dinner party that night. George wrangles an invitation saying he should be there in case Lavon attempts to do something rash. He tells him that he’s a good friend.

At the RJ, Wanda tells Joel she found his charger and was going to bring it back with some muffins. Wade teases Zoe and says Dash posted photos of Joel’s fire ant debacle. She says she neglected Joel and let him get bit but will make it up to him at the dinner party at Lavon’s. She says she was distracted by his fake GF Lemon flirt with another hot guy. She accuses him of faking the relationship to try and make her jealous and says at least her BF is real. He tells her she’s soooo wrong. Joel asks if everything is okay and she says it is. They walk away. Wade tells Wanda to dig a tie out of the lost and found because he’s meeting Lemon at a dinner party tonight.