Hell’s Kitchen RECAP 6/27/13: Season 11 “5 Chefs Compete Part 2”

Hell’s Kitchen RECAP 6/27/13: Season 11 “5 Chefs Compete Part 2”

Tonight on FOX our favorite Chef Gordon Ramsey returns with a new episode of HELL’S KITCHEN called, “5 Chefs Compete Part 2.” On tonight’s show the finalists compete against a team of previous HELL’S KITCHEN winners. Did you watch last week’s episode? We did and we recapped it here for you!

On last week’s show the remaining chefs got a very special surprise from their family members, and Chef Ramsay handed out the coveted black jackets. Later, Chef Ramsay tested the chefs’ originality in an intense pressure cooker test. The winner of the challenge earned an unforgettable meal with their family, while the losing team recycled and planted trees. With only five chefs remaining, Chef Ramsay added a shocking twist in the next dinner service.

On tonight’s show the challenges don’t stop now that the chefs have received their black jackets, as Chef Ramsay surprises them by bringing back a team of previous HELL’S KITCHEN winners to challenge them at dinner service. Ramsay lets the teams design their own menus for dinner service and the finalists will go head-to-head with the returning champs. Tune in to see if this season’s competitors can take the heat.

Tonight’s episode are going to be another drama packed ones, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of FOX’s Hell Kitchen Season 11 “5 Chefs Compete Part 2” tonight at 8PM EST!  Find out whose dreams of winning HELL’S KITCHEN might go up in flames.

Tonight’s episode begins now – Refresh Page for Updates

Tonight we are going to find out who the remaining five Chefs are going to battle in a continuation of last week’s episode.  The first Chef is the winner of Hell’s Kitchen 3, Rock.  The next chef is the winner of Hell’s Kitchen 4, Christina.  The next chef is winner of Hell’s Kitchen 6, Dave.  The next Chef is the winner of Hell’s Kitchen 8, Nona.  The final Chef the winner of Hell’s Kitchen 9, Paul.  The competition for the remaining contestants is strong and it is going to be tough.

Chef tell them he has never looked forward to a dinner service more.  He tells each team to create one appetizer and one entree to add to the Hell’s Kitchen menu.

The teams meat to decide what they want to create.  The contestants and the professional chef teams argue.  Each members of the teams have their own personality.  It is time to decide which chef works at what station.  Susan decides she wants to work on meat and she argues with Cyndi who wants to work on meat.  Finally Susan gives in and she will be floating.

The Champions head to the hotel and the contestants head to be dearly.  The contestants realize it will be their biggest battle everywhere.

The Chefs get up and go to the kitchen to prepare their entrees and appetizers for Chef to try.  Susan is worried the Duck confit is not going to be ready in time.

In the Champions kitchen they all seem pretty calm, maybe too calm.  The Champions are confident in their creation.

The contestants are having a few problems with their appetizers and entrees and they are down to the last minute.  Jon is worried because it is 5 minutes from plating and their Duck confit is one hour from ready.  They serve their entree to Chef and he likes it but thinks it needs a little more heat.  They server their Duck, but the Duck confit is missing and Chef Ramsay tells them it is ridiculous.

Over at the Champions they serve their appetizers and Chef thinks it is nice.  For the entree Chef thinks is delicious.  The Champions pat themselves on the back.

The contestants are back for try 2 on their appetizers and entree.  Chef likes the appetizers and entrees so they are good to go and Hell’s Kitchen is opened.

The Battle is On!

Jon realizes tonight is all about who rises to the top and who does not.  Jon feels a little short changed that Mary got a compliment because she took something from his station.

Nona brings up her Risotto and Chef rejects it.  Dave tries to help Nona and she gets pissed.  Dave plays appetizer assistant and message deliverer.

Back in the Red Kitchen (contestants) he wants to raise the intensity and he look to Mary to be a leader.   Mary is trying to direct everyone and is driving everyone crazy.  The appetizers are managing to go out at a steady pace.

Over at the Champion’s kitchen there is a bit of a back up.  Rob seems a little lost.  The Champions have delivered their final appetizers.

 Over in the Red Team’s kitchen Susan is having problems with timing.  Despite Susan’s timing problem the Red Team finishes appetizers.

Meanwhile in the Blue Team (Champions) the entrees are going out.  The diners reject their lamb for not being cooked enough.  Paul has to re-fire.  Chef did tell him.

Over in the Red Kitchen  Mary is having problems, she just stares at Chef and he gets annoyed.  Finally they get the duck up and Chef is happy with it.

Over in the Blue Kitchen Paul has caught up delivering his lamb and the Champions are kicking it in high gear.

Over in the Red Team Cyndi is having some issues with her timing.  She tries to get the temperature perfect.

The Blue Team/Champions are on their last ticket.

Over at the Red Team they are now on their last ticket.  The Red Team finished their service and they are thinking they won.  Then on lamb comes back as too raw and Cyndi is asked for a re-fire.  Cydi brings the re-fire lamb back to Chef and Chef rejects it, the plate she brings up is full of blood.  Just when the Red Team thought they were finished.  Finally Cyndi finishes and the lamb goes out.

The Blue Team is pushing out their last entrees.

Now the customers are filling out their comment cards.

They are finished.

Chef tells him since he has been running Hell’s Kitchen he has never seen a perfect service and he did not see one tonight, but everyone did well.

The comment cards asked people if people would come back to their kitchens.

95 % would come back to the Champion’s kitchens

93% would come back to the Red Teams (contestant’s) kitchens

The Red Team loses by 2 points.  They have to come up with 2 nominees that they think are the weakest in their team.

Jon feels Susan should go back, Susan does not agree.  Mary thinks Cyndi should go up, Cyndi is not pleased.  Cyndi thinks Ja’nel should go up because she felt Susan ran the appretizer station not Ja’nel.

Jon would not mind seeing Ja’nel and Cyndi going home tonight.


Ja’nel tells Chef the first nominee is Susan  the second nominees is Cyndi

Chef then asks each contestant who they think should go, everyone has different opinions.

The Chef decides SUSAN and CYNDI keep their black jackets and sends them back in line.  Chef tells them when they put in a service the way they did NO ONE is leaving the competition tonight.  But in the future the dinner services will be harder and so will the competition.  He threatens them that next time ONE, TWO or THREE will be going.

The remaining contestants realize they are going to have to step it up.