Hollywood Catie Tearing Up Entertainment Radio: Catch Her Regular Weekly Shows

Hollywood Catie Tearing Up Entertainment Radio: Catch Her Regular Weekly Shows

It has been a minute since I last updated you guys on the Hollywood Catie Report that has been hitting the airwaves 6 days a week representing Celeb Dirty Laundry in several locations. I’ve been so busy actually doing the radio spots that I haven’t had time to catch my breath and actually fill you all in on some of our regular stops – so here goes!

First up on Monday mornings I hit up the Let’s Talk Shop show over at 1380 the woman where Dawn Meadows Dixon and Teacha Tigue hold court. We dished recently on all of those crumbling marriages in Hollywood, speculating most recently on the real status of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith. A few days ago Jada was talking about her past addiction problems and her step father decided to contribute to the conversation by telling the world that Jada witnessed a nightly coke party when he was with her mother. Have you noticed that whenever Jada attempts to say something to quiet the haters she instead seems to throw a match on the smoldering fire instead?

The Talk of St. Louis on KTRS St. Louis, the Big 550 is one of my favorite new stations and I really love chatting with John Carney every Monday afternoon. He understands those illogical attention seeking Kardashians maybe even better than I do. My last interview on John’s show had us dissecting the levels of crazy with Lindsay Lohan being low level nuts, Demi Moore being a total bag of nuts and poor Amanda Bynes so far gone that she thinks the word “Drake” is slang for bath towel rather than the man that she once begged via Twitter to “murder” her vagina.

Tabloid Tuesday is how Mancow refers to our interview as each week we hit on whatever is hot – unless it’s a story about those snotty royals because he is certainly not a fan. Mancow and I have talked the Kardashian’s to death and each week without fail we are united in the belief that Kanye West needs to fall and bump his head, hopefully then forgetting that he is Yeezuz.

Early Thursday morning is reserved for old school radio vet Joe Galuski over at Syracuse’s WSYR. It’s short but sweet and there has been a lot of talk about Miley Cyrus of course. Girlfriend may think that she has arrived and is basking in the current attention but what on earth are her PR handlers going to do with her now that she has glorified drug use? I’m sure we’ll ponder the possibilities once again this week!

Making it through the week to arrive at Friday seems like a victory all in and of itself and my reward is the opportunity to play with WOCM Ocean 98’s Bulldog and the Rude awakening. Where else will grown men admit to at one point enjoying the Kardashian’s? Right here! Bulldog, Coach and Big Al Reno are a blast and inevitably each chat veers far off it’s original track but that;s what makes it so fun, right? In between dissecting how un-sexy Miley Cyrus is and what a pompous assclown Kanye West continues to be we have also played Where In the World is Lamar Odom. Did I mention that Big Al asked CDL to wish his wife a Happy Anniversary on his behalf? Luckily they can take a romantic walk on the beach because it’s only a block or two from the station!

Listen Hollywood Catie – Cate Meighan On the Rita Cosby Show recently!

These are just a few of the regular Hollywood Catie spots that you guys can listen in to online each and every week! Next week we’ll do another round up for you!

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