Homeland RECAP 10/13/13: Season 3 Episode 3 “Tower Of David”

Homeland RECAP 10/13/13: Season 3 Episode 3 “Tower Of David”

Tonight on Showtime their Emmy Award winning drama series, HOMELAND continues with a new episode.  On tonight’s show called, “Tower Of David” Carrie gets a suspicious offer.  Did you watch last week’s season episode?  If you want to get caught up before tonight’s episode,  you can read a full and detailed recap right here.

On last week’s episode an embattled Carrie learned who was really on her side, and Saul attempted to track down those responsible for the Langley attack.  Carrie tried to convince everyone that she was the only one who was getting it right.  She told everyone that Brody was not responsible for the explosion at Langley.  No one wanted to believe her.  Saul wanted to rein Carrie in because she was making herself a target.

On tonight’s show Brody will finally be back and you just know there is going to be a big story around it. Brody returns to his faith for guidance.  Carrie is still in the insane asylum but it looks like a very ruthless Venezuelan may help her.  The question is what will be the cost.

Tonight’s episode is going to be another action packed one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Showtimes’ Homeland Season 3 episode 3 — tonight at 10PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the return of Homeland tonight.  Check out the sneak peek video below!

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In Venezuela several guys wait near the beach. A jeep is coming and they come out guns raised to see what the driver wants. H’s got a guy with him they pull out of the backseat who is out of it – it’s Brody! The gunmen load him into their vehicle. He’s got blood on his shirt and is panting. They toss a cloth over his head and drive away with him.

He uncovers himself and there is blood is everywhere on his abdomen. He looks out the window at where they are going. They pull into a parking garage and unload him. They carry Brody into a back area. A guy asks what happened to him and they say that something went wrong – an ambush across the border.

The guy says he’s going to take a look at him and Brody asks if he’s a doctor. He says it’s an interesting question. He probes into Brody’s wound – he tells him he’s lost a lot of blood and is in shock. They give him some drugs to help with the pain. After that Brody chills out. The “doctor” has a teenage boy assisting and tells him to pinch an artery closed and to not let it go. He yells for the others to fix the flickering lights. They get them fixed and he does impromptu surgery.

The doc sits smoking as a young girl bandages Brody. One of the other guys asks if he’ll live and he says it depends on the antibiotics but then says probably. The guy asks the doc if he knows who he is and he says just a stranger with two bullets in his guts. The doc asks the other guy why with a $10 million bounty on his head dead or alive why is he trying to save him.

The guy says you might do it if someone did you a favor once and the doc says it must be some favor. Brody wakes screaming and the girl tries to calm him down so he doesn’t hurt himself. He cries and moans in pain but has no fever. She slaps a tourniquet on him and slaps hi vein before juicing him with more drugs that immediately calm him. He thanks her again and again.

Brody wakes again as he hears noise nearby. He sees someone taking off his watch and leaving with it before he blacks out again. Brody wakes to harsh sun and the sounds of a call to prayer echoing in the air. He tries to get up and the girl tells him no. He tells her he wants to get up. She goes to prep more heroin for his pain and he says no more – says he can’t think. He tries to get up and then asks her to help him. She says no but then does help him. He says he needs to see.

She helps him stand and he staggers toward the balcony to look over. He sees a mosque in the distance and asks where he is. The guy who saved him comes in and says he’s in Venezuela – his new home – and that he needs to rest. They sit him back down.

His rescuer tells him he’s lucky to be alive and that the Columbians almost killed him because of the bounty on his head. Brody says he knows. He tells the guy that his passport and wallet are gone and he needs them to travel. He says he couldn’t stop the person that took them. His rescuer tells him that he will try to find who took them but not to worry about it now. Brody asks why he’s helping him – he says they both know Carrie.

The girl shaves Brody’s head for him while he sits quietly. He rubs his head and then thanks her once she’s done. He struggles to his feet and is still obviously in pain. He goes to the balcony of the abandoned high rise he’s in and looks out over the teeming noisy city that is Caracas.

He tells the girl that it feels good to be walking as he makes his way slowly around the floor they’re on. He’s been teaching her English. He pulls out a piece of pipe to use as a cane. She teaches him some Spanish. People walk past and children are running around. She helps him along here and there.

He sees families living and working in the unfinished building. He sees someone getting their hair done and a hooker servicing a guy. He’s growing tired and the girl must help him more. They come to a tiny little shop and she buys him a water. He slumps down to the floor and you can see blood on his shirt.

The doctor is checking him out and chastises him for being out gallivanting. He tells the girl – Esme – to hand him medicine and she does but Brody refuses the drugs. He says he’ll survive. The doc asks what he made of it and Brody says what. He says the abscess they call home. He says they call it the Tower of David after the rich banker who built it. He says when David died and then the economy, construction stopped and all the squatters moved in. Brody asks why the doc is there and he says it’s a dangerous question. He says that leads to why is Brody there. He says the world outside can be judgmental and cruel and that they are there because they belong here and the place accepts them.

Brody says he’s not staying and just needs to get his strength back. The doc says they all need to get their strength back. We next see Brody jogging the rusty stairs of the high rise slum. He pauses on a landing and looks out over the clothes hanging there as he again hears the music of the call to prayer. He chants in Arabic.

He jogs up some more stairs and sees some men lifting supplies up via a bucket and rope system. He jogs higher and finds Esme waiting for him. He is gasping and she tells him to come with him. He asks where and she just walks away. He follows. She takes him to find a group of men waiting for him. It’s his rescuer and he has Brody’s passport. He hands it to him and says “yours”. Esme watches but then walks away.

They have a man they’re holding and he asks Brody if it’s the man that robbed him. They haul him to the edge and throw him over as Brody screams no. He says you didn’t have to kill him. The guy says if you let someone rob him that leads to someone recognizing him as the man with a $10 million bounty on his head. He tells Brody to go back to his room and one of his sidekicks snaps at Brody and says vamonos.

Brody is packing up and Esme asks where he’s going. He tells her away. He asks if she has any money she can give him. She asks him not to go and he says he can’t stay there. He goes while the guard’s back is turned. A gunman follows and then another is there – he tries to tell them he is just going out.

His rescuer shows up and asks him where he thinks he’s going. Brody says out and he says where. He says the next place. Brody says he can’t stay here and he asks if it’s not good enough for him. He asks if the thief upsets him and Brody tries to smooth things over and says he’s better and can make it on his own and just needs to get to the next place. The man says there is no next place. Brody asks if Carrie knows he’s there and his rescuer says that no one can know he’s there.

He says if he calls her they may as well call the CIA and asks for the $10 million. He says this is it for Brody. That it’s the end of the line. Brody sits on his bed looking out at the night and listening to the noise. The doc shows up and brings the young boy who has more drugs for Brody. The doc tells him it’s his home and he needs to accept it. He says the voices in his head are not his friend and he needs to make them go away.

The boy puts a tourniquet on Brody. The doc shoots him up with drugs. He says the drugs will help. Brody grabs his arm as he tries to inject him. He tells him to get out and tears off the tourniquet. The doc takes the boy and leaves.

Carrie tells her shrink that she’s sleeping good and feels pretty lucid. He asks if she has headaches and she says they’ll go away – it’s part of acclimating to lithium. Carrie asks him to tell Saul how much better she’s doing. He asks why she thinks he’s in touch with Saul and she says she knows that’s who the notes are for. He’s angry that she thinks he’s reporting on her to the CIA. She asks him to tell Saul that she knows she f-d up and it won’t happen again.

The doc asks her if she now thinks that Saul did the right thing by having her institutionalized and exposing her as being involved with a suspected terrorist. He’s skeptical. She says they put her there not because she’s crazy but because they don’t know what to do with her. She tells him the sooner she talks to Saul the sooner he can go back to doing something constructive with his life. He tells her she needs to be more cooperative to earn visiting privileges. She asks again for him to tell Saul she’s better.

Brody walks to the edge of the building and sees the crumpled body of the thief far below. He goes down to his body and picks it up. Esme tells him to stop and says the men will see him. He says he has to. He tells her he can’t stay and can’t live there. He says he has to get out of there. He tells her he will die there and she says he has no place to go. He says there is a place. He takes her hand and says there is a place to go. He says “the mosque.” He asks Esme to help him.

Carrie is building a model out of craft sticks. The nurse tells her the project is darling. She calls two other patients over to look at it. Carrie asks her for some aspirin. She heads to the bathroom and bangs her head against the metal mirror. A nurse comes in and asks if she’s okay. She says she’s bleeding. The nurse says she needs to know if she’s hurting herself. Carrie insists it was just a bad moment. She says she’s taking her meds, going to group and doing everything that is asked of her. Carrie bursts into tears and the nurse hugs her. Carrie begs her not tell. Another patient comes in and they break apart and Carrie tries to get her tears under control.

Esme walks through the building and past the guards. Brody lurks in the shadows and then jogs out behind her with his hood up. They head out into the busy shanty town.

The nurse treats the cut on Carrie’s head and she promises not to tell if she doesn’t do it again. The nurse tells her that she’s not forgotten that someone came by to see her. She doesn’t know the guy’s name and Carrie insists she needs to see him. The nurse tells her that she’s already risked her job and she says it will be okay.

Brody and Esme walk to the mosque and he tells her he can get refuge there. He tells her the Imam won’t turn him away or turn him in. At the last moment she begs him to take her with him. He says he can’t take her. He says he’s sorry. He walks into the mosque and leaves her there watching. He greets the Imam in Arabic and starts talking rapidly. The Imam holds out his hand and Brody takes it. He smiles at him and he takes him inside the mosque. Esme walks back alone.

In the mosque courtyard, Brody follows the Imam. They come into his quarters and a woman bows to him. He greets her in traditional Arabic. Brody takes off his shoes – as is proper – and the Imam gestures for him to go in.

Carrie sits at the window watching the parking lot. A black SUV pulls up and she rushes to the hall and chases down a nurse. She says that someone is there to see her and she needs an elevator key. She begs the nurse who tells Carrie harshly to calm down. Carrie screams for Abbie who shows up.She says it’s Saul and she needs to see him. The nurse walks Carrie to the stairs and keys in her code. She tells her to keep her voice down.

Brody enjoys a hot shower at the mosque and sighs in relief. He is covered in scars front and back! Suddenly he is jumped through the shower curtain by two guards who drag him in to the Imam. The Imam tells him he’s not a Muslim, he’s a terrorist. The Imam gestures for them to take him out and as they open the doors, his Venezuelan rescuers are there and they gun down the Imam, guards and the woman while Brody begs them not too. They toss a bundle of clothes at Brody.

Carrie comes downstairs hoping for Saul but instead finds an attorney from a prominent law firm. He tells her that Saul wouldn’t approve of him being there. He says his name is Paul Franklin. He asks if they can talk privately. The nurse walks them to a small room.

The men drag Brody back in and Esme is obviously worried for him. They toss him into a room. He tells Brody he told him not to leave and he went anyway. He tells him this is your new home – you will eat, shit and die here. He tells him that Carrie will not save him – says that no one will save him. He asks if he understands and Brody says yes. He tells him to stay away from his daughter (I guess Esme is his child). The doc comes in and says Brody has been a naughty, naughty boy.

The lawyer tells Carrie that one of his partners wants to meet with her about getting her out of the psych ward. He says he knows she had a bad hearing. He says he’s there on behalf of a partner who wants to talk to her and help her. She asks what the mystery guy wants to talk to her about and he says he doesn’t know but that it must be important. He tells her he knows she’s not crazy and that he’s on her side. She scoffs and says she wonders where she’s heard it before. She says it’s the same tactic she uses when she recruited assets. She tells him that whoever he’s working for – the Syrians or whoever else – that she’s not biting and for him to leave her alone.

Carrie walks back into the ward and looks at all of the other nut jobs. She asks the nurse for her meds.

The doc asks what they’re going to do with him and the boy is there with the drugs. Brody says he can’t stay there and the doc says sure you can. Brody says it’s like the hole in Iraq and he can’t do it again. The doc says he’ll find a way because he’s like a cockroach who survives everything that kills other people. He tells Brody that he belongs there. The doc takes the boy’s hand and they leave and lock Brody into the small concrete room. He looks at the tourniquet and syringe of drugs they left. He ties the tourniquet onto his arm and shoots himself up… He slumps over immediately from the high.

Carrie sits in the corner of her room on the psych ward. She stares out at the darkness.