Homeland RECAP 10/27/13: Season 3 Episode 5 “The Yoga Play”

Homeland RECAP 10/27/13: Season 3 Episode 5 “The Yoga Play”

Tonight on Showtime their Emmy Award winning drama series, HOMELAND continues with a new episode.  On tonight’s show called, “The Yoga Play” Saul rubs elbows with his adversary.  Did you watch last week’s season episode?  If you want to get caught up before tonight’s episode,  you can read a full and detailed recap right here.

On last week’s episode Dana went AWOL, forcing Jessica to call the police. Carrie had a meeting and in her current state of mind you can only imagine what it was like.  Virgil made a reappearance, and you know that Carrie will probably be involved with him.  We found out that Carrie is actually working with Saul and it was their plan to infiltrate the real people who planted the bomb.

On tonight’s episode it is going to be a crazy one so hold on to your seat and get ready.  Carrie is out and she is on a mission and watch out anyone who gets in her way.  Carrie puts her mission on the line. Saul rubs elbows with his adversary.

Tonight’s episode is going to be another action packed one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Showtimes’ Homeland Season 3 episode 5 — tonight at 10PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the return of Homeland tonight.  Check out the sneak peek video below!

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Javadi is passing into the US through Canada on a fake passport traveling as a paper product salesman. He’s allowed in and they tell him to enjoy his stay. He heads into Vermont with no trouble at all.

Quinn comes to Saul’s house and he finds him getting dressed to go duck hunting. Saul may be offered the job as CIA director. Saul pulls Quinn into another room and tells him he needs to keep his eye on Carrie because they Iranians are watching her. He says they think she’s disgraced and might sell secrets. Quinn says she wouldn’t and Saul says she would because that’s the play they’re making. He tells him that he and Carrie are running an op and she’s still online.

Quinn asks if burning her to the Senate and committing her were part of the op and Saul says it is. Saul tells him that the chief of Iranian security is on the way now to see her. Quinn says it’s a huge f-ing risk and Saul tells him Carrie is a huge f-ing draw.

At her house, Carrie dumps her meds down the toilet and flushes them! WTF???!!!

Javadi meets up with another guy who hands him a clean car for his trip to meet with Carrie. He offers him a weapon and Javadi says he can’t have a weapon. His handler tells him the GPS is already programmed for his destination and he gets in and takes off.

Dana counts their money as she and Leo drive. She tells him they have enough for a tank of gas and a few days of food. She tells him that they could find somewhere that no one knows them and they could get jobs. He asks if they should flip burgers. She tells him they can escape who they are. He tells her they need to enjoy what they have because it will never get better than this. Dana dozes off and Leo does to and almost runs them head on into another car. She wakes panicked and he reassures her.

Jessica surprises Carrie with a visit and she tells her that Dana is missing. She tells her that Dana stole her car and broke her boyfriend out of the clinic. Carrie asks if she’s gone to the police and Jess tells her that neither them or the FB will help. Jessica tells her about Leo killing his brother with a gun and that for all she knows he could be a psychopath.

Jessica reminds her that Carrie tried to help once before when she showed up to warn her about Brody. She begs her for help and Carrie tells her to go home and that she’ll try to help.

Carrie stares at one of her map/string concoctions that helps her think. She gets out a hidden cell phone and calls Agent Hall about Dana. He tells her not to call again and hangs up on her – but not before telling her not to call him again.

Carrie makes another call – this time to Max. She tells her she’s calling back in 10 seconds to pull the Yoga Play. She tells him to wake up and stop acting clueless. He gets his act together as the call comes through. His phone is being monitored. She asks if they are still on for yoga and tells him class starts at 10 and he better get moving. The person monitoring her says she’s on the move. Quinn waits for her in the parking garage and startles her. She says she’s trying to help find Brody’s daughter and he says she’s got two teams of security on her and if she acts contrary to the op, they’ll take her out.

Quinn tells her he can take care of it but she says she can do it – that she knows what she’s doing. She tells him she remembered him coming to the hospital to see her and that it meant a lot. He tells her that what she put herself through for the CIA is incredible. She tells him she has to leave for yoga. She drives away and watches in her rearview as her tail pulls out to follow.

At a country house, Saul pulls up and greets Michael Higgins who tells him where to leave his stuff. He offers him coffee and food. Higgins tells him his operation to take out the Langley bombers has brought him a lot of recognition. Senator Lockhart tells Saul it’s nice to see him under less adversarial circumstances (i.e. not in a security hearing!)

Carrie parks and heads into the yoga studio. Her double shows up (she’s got a doppelganger) and she takes off to meet Virgil and Max in the van out back. She tells him she’s on a time frame and has to get to Bethesda and back in 15 minutes. She tells them to get moving.

Lockhart tells Saul that they will be sharing a hide so they can talk in privacy while they wait for their prey. He calls for his dogs and they hop into an SUV.

Carrie and the guys wait for one of the security guys who monitors the Brody house. The guys say they can’t wait any longer but Carrie insists.

Javadi sits eating a sandwich as he watches a woman pick up her child in the yard. He’s upset that he’s dripped food on himself. She walks back inside the house with the baby.

Carrie and the guys continue to wait. Finally Agent Hall pulls up and Carrie corners him and tells him that Dana is missing. He says it’s not his problem. She tells him that Dana could be on her way to meet with Brody. He says Dana and Leo are off on a f-fest, not to meet her Dad. Carrie asks if they ran background on Leo because he’s bad news. She says if Dana ends up in trouble she’ll reach out to her Dad. She says if anything goes wrong she’ll let the whole world know it was him that lost Dana.

Outside the yoga studio, Quinn watches the tail that’s on Carrie. He sees the guy is ready to move in. He pulls up beside his car and blocks him in. The guy gets impatient and comes out the other door. Quinn tries to stop him but he goes around him and heads in. Carrie comes through the curtains wiping sweat just as he comes in. He’s satisfied and walks back out.

Lockhart tells Saul that the President is concerned about morale at the CIA because of the bombing and the Carrie ordeal. He says that the Prez is thinking about changes in intelligence because the old games don’t seem to be working. He doesn’t like the double agents and all that – he brings up the Brody debacle. Saul says working with people is the gold standard. Lockhart says drones are the way to go and Saul says you can’t spy from thousands of feet up in the air.

Saul tells him he won’t temper his views just to get the Senator’s approval as CIA director. Lockhart tells Saul that he’s got it wrong – that he’s the one who’s up for the CIA Directorship and Saul needs to be worried about keeping his job.

He says that the Prez is putting his name up tomorrow and that Saul needs to change his views if he wants a job in “his” CIA. He shoots down a bird to underscore his point.

Javadi gets out of his car and is welcomed at a private home. They tell him his cases came in yesterday. He tells them he needs to change his shirt but wants to see the interview room first.

Dana goes in and pays for gas. She gives Leo the thumbs up. She sees on the TV in the gas station a news report about her and Leo going missing. She hears that Leo’s brother dies in a gunshot accident that was part of a suicide pact. She brings her purchases to the counter and pays. She sees Leo making kissy faces at her and runs out without her change.

Leo tells her they need to find a place to sleep. She asks him to tell her what happened with his brother. He says he told her before and she asks him to tell her again so she understands. He says he was in a room and heard the shot and went into his brother’s room and found him dead. Dana says that before he said he did it in front of him. He asks what has gotten into her and she says she heard it different on the news. She tells him that she saw it on the news differently. He says the news makes things up. He tells her to get in the car. She does and they drive away but then she freaks out and they almost have a crash. The other driver says he’s calling the police.

When he stops to avoid the wreck, she jumps out of the car. He pleads with her and she demands he tell her the truth. He admits it was his idea for them to get the gun and play with it. She freaks out and says she told him all of the awful truth about her Dad and the people he killed. He begs her to understand and says he just wanted her to like him. She says she thought he was the one person she could trust but he lied to her. A police car pulls up and she runs over to the policeman.

Quinn sits outside Carrie’s place keeping an eye on her. She pours herself a drink. Her secret phone rings and it’s Saul. She asks if he’s heard anything and he tells her he heard about her FBI shenanigans. He tells her that she’s ruined their op and he knows because Quinn says her Iranian security task pulled out. She says maybe they left for the night. He tells her he can’t believe she blew all their work for Brody’s daughter of all things. Carrie tells him she knows she wasn’t made. He tells her has to go.

Saul comes out to join the other guys at the hunting retreat. He finds the Chief of Staff and asks why he didn’t give him a heads up about Lockhart’s move to take over the CIA. He walks away from Saul and has the assembled crowd toast the President’s nominee to be the next head of the CIA – Andrew Lockhart. They all toast him. Saul drinks and glares. Lockhart says when the Prez announces his nomination he’ll be the proudest man in America. He says when he’s confirmed he’ll be humble. He says he must thank the caretaker of the CIA during this difficult time – Saul. He toasts him.

Mike says it’s time to eat but Saul interrupts and says he would also like to congratulate Lockhart. He says if he’s half as good a director as he is a shot, they’re in safe hands. Then Saul says that’s not a fair analogy. He says hunting is different from being a spy. He says it’s like hunting in the dark in the jungle with bad information and unreliable partners.

Saul goes on to say that Lockhart has made a career of criticizing the agency he’s about to lead and that the first thing he has to do is to win the hearts and minds of the men and women in harm’s way otherwise he’s just another political appointee holding up his finger to see which way the wind is blowing. He wishes him luck and says he’s got two more weeks on his watch at the CIA and has a lot to do. He walks out!

Agent Hall drops Dana back home. He watches her walk in before returning to his car. Dana walks in the house and looks numb. She heads back to her room. Her mom watches from the hall. She tells her that she’s okay. Her brother stares too. She goes into her room and closes the door. She starts to cry as she sits in the dark. She hangs her head.

Carrie brushes her teeth. Quinn sits vigilant watching the lights in her house. She looks in the mirror and then turns off the light. He watches through a scope. He calls Carrie and she asks if the surveillance is back. He asks if she’s okay and she says not really. She asks where he is and he says he’s watching. She says she’s not sure if she likes being watched by him. She says he could be wasting his time according to Saul. She asks if he thinks she got made and he says he doesn’t know. She tells him good night and hangs up.

Saul comes home and finds his wife having dinner with another man. She introduces him but he’s not happy. He walks away upstairs.

Carrie hears a noise and runs to her safe. She doesn’t get it open. She is grabbed by two men who tell her no sound. The man tells her to open her mouth and she does. He checks her mouth and tells her to take off her clothes. She begs him no but when he pulls out a knife she agrees.

Quinn watches her house and then uses his night scope. He sees someone outside her house.

Carrie undresses and they scan her head to toe.

Saul sits on his bed. He gets a call from Quinn who tells him the watch is back. He says he needs to get closer to see but Saul tells him to stay put.

Done with the check, they give her clothes and tell her to get dressed. She tells them this was not what she agreed to. He tells her nothing is agreed and to get dressed.

Saul stays on the line with Quinn and asks if there’s any sign of Carrie. He tells her he’s too far away and Saul says to stay back and that it’s an order. They smash Carries phone, put a bag on her head and take her out.

Quinn says he’s going closer and Saul tells him not to move. He goes into her house and sees the smashed phone and signs of intrusion. Quinn has his gun out as he explores the house. He doesn’t find her anywhere.

Saul’s wife heads upstairs and he waves her away and says not now. Quinn calls and says she’s gone and they broke her phone, took her clothes and took her away. Saul says they’re back in business and they know who has her. Quinn says she’s on her own and Saul tells him she’s always been on her own.

Carrie is brought to Javadi and he tells them to take off the bag. He greets her by name and tells her she’s in good shape. He says it must be all that yoga…