Homeland RECAP 11/17/13: Season 3 Episode 8 “A Red Wheel Barrow”

Homeland RECAP 11/17/13: Season 3 Episode 8 “A Red Wheel Barrow”

Tonight on Showtime their Emmy Award winning drama series, HOMELAND continues with a new episode.  On tonight’s show called, “A Red Wheel Barrow” Saul deals with political backlash.  Did you watch last week’s season episode?  If you want to get caught up before tonight’s episode,  you can read a full and detailed recap right here.

On last week’s episode Saul made a gamble in his quest to take Javadi down.  Saul made some alliances.  Saul made a plea because he felt he had a once in a lifetime operation that could transform everything.  Carrie and Quinn scrambled to contain a local police investigation; and Mira came to a crossroad in her marriage and faced some hardcore turbulence.

On tonight’s show they finally have a Langley bombing suspect and Quinn and Carrie go after them.  BUT it looks like they want to take the suspect out and Carrie is not pleased, Saul promised she could question him.  Carrie being Carrie heads out to stop the kill and Quinn warns her he will take the shot even with her in the way.  It seems Quinn has changed alliances.  Carrie has spent this whole season trying to prove Brody’s innocence and she is unwilling to stop now.

Tonight’s episode is going to be another action packed one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Showtimes’ Homeland Season 3 episode 8 — tonight at 10PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the return of Homeland tonight.  Check out the sneak peek video below!

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Saul makes breakfast for Mira and brings it to her in bed. She pours tea for him. He tells her when it’s all over he wants them to take a trip and she says he doesn’t need to promise anything. She asks if he could stay home tonight and kisses him. He says he has a meeting at the White House that morning and she says they have a little time. She kisses him again.

Quinn and Carrie look over files to try and figure out who moved the CIA bomb. They find a guy associated with the lawyer Bennett – Maximilian Aziz – but aren’t sure he’s a good match. He was in the auditorium when the bomb went off. He had written a brief on Bennett’s firm but has no munitions training. They add Aziz to the list anyway.

Quinn says the guy that moved the car may not have been the guy that built the bomb. Quinn says they’re spinning their wheels because everyone at Langley that day has been looked at. She says someone who was there knows something. She says she believes Javadi but they need something more concrete to bring it to Saul.

Quinn looks at the files and says he can’t believe all those people are gone. Carrie asks where Fara is – she’s an hour late. Fara sits in her car in the parking lot looking distresses. She cranks her car and drives away from work rather than going inside.

At the White House, Saul waits with a Top Secret file in his hand. Mike calls him in and is surprised to find Lockhart already there. He says that the Senator has made allegations that Saul had Javadi and let him go. Saul says it’s yes and no. He says there was no standing arrest order. He says he turned him and sent him to Iran – he didn’t just let him go. Lockhart says Javadi won’t cooperate. Saul says he’s the highest asset they’ve had in the history of the CIA.

Saul asks for Lockhart to be dismissed from the meeting because his security clearance isn’t high enough. The chief of staff agrees and tells him in nine days when he takes over the CIA he can be briefed then. He boots him from the meeting. Mike says he could have made it work with Lockhart and Saul says Javadi was worth losing his job over. Saul hands him the file on an eventual regime change. They want to move Javadi up the chain of command and he has the plans all laid out on how to make it happen.

Mira meets her boyfriend at a coffee shop. He apologizes for being late. He asks if everything is okay and she says no and that it’s Saul. She says she’s decided to give her marriage another chance. She tells him it’s not easy for her. He asks when she decided and she says last night. He reminds her they spent all of yesterday in a hotel room together. He isn’t happy and she says they’ve been talking reconciliation for a couple of months. He demands to know what she’s not telling him. She says they’ve been married for 35 years and he says he loves her. She walks out on him.

Saul tells Dar that the chief of staff has decided the Javadi operation has merit and is taking it up to the president. He says he’s leaving in the morning but Carrie can’t know. They come in to where Carrie and Quinn are and they tell him that Javadi said the bomber is still in the US and it’s not Brody. She says Javadi told her definitively that Brody wasn’t the bomber.

Carrie asks why Saul didn’t press for details from Javadi so they can capture the actual bomber. Quinn and Carrie are working on a plan to flush the bomber out using Bennett. They ask Dar to approach Bennett since they are occasional golfing buddies.

Fara comes home and tells the nurse that she’s not feeling well. The nurse tells her that he’s sitting up and feeling better. It’s her Dad. He’s concerned about her job but she reassures him. She tells him to speak English and he refuses. She insists. He tells her he didn’t come to America to cost her her job. She tells him not to worry. He thinks she works at an investment bank. He asks why they aren’t rich if she works at a bank.

Dar comes into a restaurant and spots Bennett having lunch with a woman he’s interviewing. He gives him a nod and Bennett comes to speak to him. Dar tells him that he works on terror analysis now and that his law firm has come up a couple of times. He says there is a high level meeting tomorrow where his firm and him are the sole agenda. He encourages him to get out in front of him. Bennett says he’s not going to fall for that weak shit and tells him they can come after him if they want because he has nothing to hide. He walks away.

Carrie gets a text while driving. She replies and drives on. She comes into a church and deposits money into a plate and takes a taper to light at the altar. She lights it and a man joins her. He asks who the candle is for and she says all the departed. He asks if she’s Orthodox and she sighs and says an old boyfriend was. It’s a guy from Bennett’s firm who tells her that she needs to look into something. He threatens her and says she’s a recruited agent for a foreign country. He says the CIA won’t see it that way.

He says Bennett’s firm is the target of an investigation. She asks who warned him and he says it was a long-time acquaintance. He says he needs to know what part of the business is under investigation and how he can protect himself. She says it won’t be easy and he tells her to hurry because there’s a clock on it.

Carrie comes home and turns on lights and digs her burner phone out of the oven. She calls Saul and tells him it’s on. She says she met with Franklin and they’re panicking. He tells her to wait 24 hours and then tell him they know who the burner is. She asks to take personal time between now and then and he agrees. He apologizes for not telling her he knew Brody wasn’t the real bomber. She says it’s okay as long as they catch the real guy.

Mira asks Saul if it was Carrie and he nods. He tells her he has to go away for a few days and he tells her he knows the timing isn’t great. He tells her it will be a week at the most. He says he wouldn’t go if he didn’t absolutely have to. She asks if she can go along and he says it’s not that kind of trip. He toasts to them and they drink.

Carrie is at the OB/GYN getting an ultrasound. She asks if she wants to know the sex of the baby and Carrie says no. She tells her doctor that Maggie (her sister) doesn’t know she’s pregnant. The doc asks Carrie what meds she’s taking and she says nothing. She says she was taking lithium for a month and before that she was drinking a lot. She asks if she knew she was pregnant and Carrie says yes. The doc asks if she wants to terminate and she says it depends on the tests. She says she has high blood pressure and is iron deficient. She says both can be fixed but Carrie needs to modify her behavior immediately.

Carrie says she has to make things right for the father of her baby. Her doc says she has to think about more than herself now.

Fara’s doorbell rings and she puts on her head scarf and goes to answer it. A man comes from the IG’s office and asks to come in. (Inspector General if you didn’t know). He asks why she’s called in sick two days in a row. She says she had a migraine and he tells her they know she sat in the parking lot for half an hour before driving away. He asks why she was at the double murder house. He says her going there jeopardized the closure of the investigation. She says the murder upset her and she wanted to see it for herself.

He reminds her that Saul has entrusted her greatly but her actions and state of mind are calling that trust into action. He tells her to get into work tomorrow. She agrees. Her father overheard and asks her who “Director Berenson” is. He tells her he’s no banker. He tells her she shouldn’t have got involved. He asks what will happen to their family in Iran when the secret police find out she’s working for the CIA. He says their family there will be executed. She tells him she’s an American.

They show a photo of Paul Franklin and she says she’ll provide the requested misinformation. They hope that will trigger action with Bennett that will lead to the bomber. The op leader says to stay small, tight and alert. Carrie heads back to church to meet Franklin. She joins him a pew. She tells him they’ve connected the law firm to the guy that detonated the bomb at the CIA and think the bomber is still in the US.

She tells Franklin to tell her the truth or she’ll walk out and he’ll never see her again. She says there is a warrant for Bennett they’re waiting for approval on. Franklin says the bomber is still in the US but they’ll never tie him to Bennett. He says it all runs through him. She walks out. Franklin makes a call. Bennett takes the call and he tells him the CIA has a “line on their friend.” Carrie eavesdrops on the conversation.

Bennett asks if they know his name and he says they don’t. They agree they need to get him out of the country under a new ID. Carrie pulls away before Franklin can come out of the church. Franklin sends a text. It’s a motel in Lynchburg. They’re sending a tactical team to the hotel to arrest the guy.

Mira’s boyfriend is jacking around with Saul’s computer. He hides as Mira comes in and then sneaks away. It looks like he replaced the mouse and hooked a wire into the back. He rushes out to his car and waits. Mira puts up her groceries.

Carrie sits in her car and a surveillance group waits in a delivery truck. Franklin drives by and into the hotel. He just sits there. They have a sniper set up on the roof with Quinn watching the guy. Franklin makes a call and he tells the guy he’s outside. He pulls the curtain and looks and tells Franklin to flash his lights. He does. He tells him he may have been compromised and the guy wants to know how and Franklin says he’s not sure. He asks if he wants to go or not. He says he’ll be right out.

Franklin pulls a gun out and screws a silencer on. Carrie alerts the others to this but no one else can see it. Carrie says he’s not exfiltrating the bomber, he’s going to kill him. Dar says they have to let him kill the bomber if that’s what it’s doing so it doesn’t blow Carrie or Javadi’s covers. They tell the teams to stand down and tell Carrie to acknowledge. The other teams agree and she hops out of the van. She says Saul promised her the guy alive.

Dar orders her to go back to the van. He says to go back or they’ll stop her. They tell Quinn to take the shot to take her down. Quinn tells her to stop and says she’s fucking them all. He tells her he’ll take the shot and then he does. She goes down. Franklin stops when he hears the sound but then goes on. The bomber opens the door and Franklin puts two into him. The CIA crew goes and scoops up Carrie.

Franklin puts the bomber in the bathtub and opens a green bottle. They load Carrie into the back of the van. He pours the chemical on the body and steam rises. Quinn treats her arm injury and they call ahead to the hospital. She asks Quinn if the bomber is dead. She says something is going on. She tells him that none of this makes sense. He tries to get her to calm down. She asks him to come closer and asks him where the f- is Saul.

We see Saul driving up to a compound and entering through giant gates. He gets out of an SUV and walks up to a building. OMG – he’s where they’re keeping Brody! The giant unfinished slum in South America!! He approaches the guards and they ask if he had a good flight. He hands them a bag of money and they take him inside.

They head up into the building and the guy tells Saul he may use the $10 million to put in an air conditioner. He takes him to where Brody was being kept but the bed is empty. The guy points to a locked room and Saul unlocks it and goes in. The stench is awful and he puts a cloth over his mouth. He sees Brody sitting in a corner, stoned out of his gills, red eyed and awful looking. Brody doesn’t seem to recognize him!