Homeland RECAP 11/10/13: Season 3 Episode 7 “Gerontion”

Homeland RECAP 11/10/13: Season 3 Episode 7 “Gerontion”

Tonight on Showtime their Emmy Award winning drama series, HOMELAND continues with a new episode.  On tonight’s show called, “Gerontion” Carrie and Quinn scramble as Saul makes the gamble of his career.  Did you watch last week’s season episode?  If you want to get caught up before tonight’s episode,  you can read a full and detailed recap right here.

On last week’s episode we are midway through the season and we still have not seen much of Brody, hope that is going to change soon.  The show is now barreling ahead and Carrie is getting deeper and deeper into the mix to try to find out what happened at Langley.  She got  herself in some hot water with lying and a lie detector machine.

On tonight’s show on next week’s show Saul will make a gamble in his quest to take Javadi down.  Saul is going to make some alliances.  Saul makes a plea because he says it is a once in a lifetime operation that could transform everything.  Carrie and Quinn scramble to contain a local police investigation; and Mira comes to a crossroad in her marriage – will face some hardcore turbulence.

Tonight’s episode is going to be another action packed one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Showtimes’ Homeland Season 3 episode 7 — tonight at 10PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the return of Homeland tonight.  Check out the sneak peek video below!

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CSIs are working the murder scene at Javadi’s grandkid’s house. They find the shards of the bottle and decide it’s Iranian plum wine. The detective says he thought Muslims didn’t drink and asks how many times she was struck and the CSI says a dozen. Another investigator comes in with a photo they got from a neighbor’s security camera – oh crap! They’ve got a photo of Quinn entering the house!

At the safe house, Fara retraces the money trail for Javadi while Saul watches. She shows him where it comes from each month and shows him his signature that ties him to terrorist activities including the attack on the CIA building. She also shows him proof of where he siphoned off $50 million and that the IRGC would kill him if they knew.

Javadi asks Saul what the point of this is – he asks if it’s to show him that he was brought down by two girls. Javadi curses at her in Iranian and she lashes back. Saul tells her to shut it down and tells her she can go. She stops away angrily. Carrie watches it all on camera. She tells Fara that she can’t let him get to her and Fara says he does anyway.

Javadi asks where he found Fara and tells him that she won’t last. Saul says that’s what he said about him and that was back in 1973. He asks Saul if he’s proud of capturing him and Saul says – so far. He asks what deal he wants from him – he says he would be in prison already if there wasn’t a deal on the table. He says if they want him to talk he wants to keep all his money and a place to live in Miami with a protection detail. Saul says it sounds like he’s put a lot of thought into it.

Saul says he wants more from him than intelligence and that’s why he was so careful about tracking his finance. He says he has plans for him – much more than him spilling some state secrets. He says he wants him to go back in Iran – but working for Saul. Carrie watches all of this – as does Fara. Javadi says it won’t work because he’s burned him. He says that no one knows he’s there with him.

Saul tells him that he’s going back to Tehran either way – either as a CIA asset or to face prolonged torture and death at the hands of the IRGC. Fara asks if this was the plan all along and Carrie shushes her. Javadi says he will tell him everything he knows but that he won’t go back. Saul says he will.

Quinn scrubs and scrubs in the shower trying to get all the blood off. There’s a ringing at his door and he kicks his bloody towels out of the way and goes to answer. He sees it’s Dar Adal and answers it. Adal asks if he had a rough night. He asks why he’s been MIA for days. Quinn says he’s been home. Adal says he and Saul have both been absent and asks why.

Quinn tells him to talk to Saul. Adal reminds him he recruited him. He tells him there was a double murder – a slaughter – of two Iranian women. Quinn asks if he wants him to investigate it and Adal says f- you. He shows him the photo, tells him he’s the prime suspect and tells him he hopes they nail his ass to the wall. Quinn rushes into the safe house asking for Saul. Fara says he’s in interrogation and tries to ask if he knows they’re sending Javadi back to Iran. He brushes by without answering.

Quinn shows Carrie the photo and she’s appalled. They knock on the door to bring Saul out. He shows him the photo and says there’s an APB out. He says Adal gave it to him. He says they’re looking for him. Carrie offers to call a police captain who can get the photo taken down off the wire. Saul asks if Adal knows about Javadi and he says he didn’t. Quinn admits he didn’t check the neighbors’ homes for security and asks how it’s going with Javadi. Saul tells him slowly. He tells Quinn to keep out of sight but refuses to go talk to Adal now. He says Adal can’t know they have Javadi.

[9:50:26 PM] Rachel Rowan: He heads back in and Javadi asks if there’s trouble and Saul says it’s all good. Javadi says he seems upset. Saul sends the med-tech out of the room that was treating Javadi’s broken nose (that Saul broke). Saul says well… and asks if he’s come to terms with his situation. Javadi asks how it works and Saul says he would get him back to his people ASAP. Javadi says he meant how does it work in the US when you have to cover up a crime.

Saul asks why he killed her and Javadi says she was unfaithful. Saul says they have been divorced for 35 years. He tells Saul they were still married in the eyes of God and he would have liked to have stoned her to death but he had no time. Saul shows him a photo from years ago and says they had so much hope and promise back then.

Carrie goes to the crime scene. She looks as they are bagging up a body and the captain comes up and says the detectives have some questions. She says she can’t talk about it. They come over and she tells them that who Quinn is and whether he works for the CIA is classified. They ask how she knew the victim. They grill her and she starts to seat under the pressure. She is nauseous because of the pregnancy and looking at the bloody corpse and goes to toss her cookies.

Saul tells Javadi he’s not a fanatic but a realist. Javadi tells him not to tell him what he is. Saul says it’s the curse of old men to realize they control nothing so they lash out. Saul tosses down photos of all of his terrorist acts and tells him they are small things that are unworthy of him. Javadi tells him there was nothing small or unworthy about the bombing of the CIA.

Saul tells him that when he killed all those people – many of them friends – his first thought was that something needs to change. Javadi asks him how spying for Saul will change any of that. Saul tells him that they worked in the background while shallower men took the stage. He says now is their time to take the stage. Saul says his action put him in power and if Javadi goes back to Tehran, he will put him in power there. He says he knows a way.

Carrie comes out of the bathroom and asks if they are okay. She asks if he can handle it and he says if he pulls rank and shuts it down that it will all end up on Drudge Report or WikiLeaks. He says that’s just the reality of it. He says they want to talk to the guy in the photo and that’s the only way to make it go away quietly. She says it’s impossible.

Carrie comes back to the safe house and Fara confronts her and asks if the plan was always to send Javadi back to Iran. Carrie says it was the hope. She tells Fara that she should be proud because all of her hard work made it possible. Fara tells her that she’s not proud – she says that Javadi has done horrible things in the US and Iran and should face trial. Carrie tells her to go find Quinn.

Carrie tells Quinn and Saul that the cops want to talk to Quinn. Quinn says he’ll talk to them if it will allow them time to continue working on Javadi. Carrie offers to go with Quinn but Saul says she has to be the one to take Javadi back to his people since she was the contact. She asks where he’s going and he says Senator Lockhard (incumbent CIA chief) wants a meeting because he’s noticed Saul hasn’t been at his desk all week. He says Javadi has to get on a plane back to Iran ASAP.

Saul tells Javadi that it’s time and that Carrie will take him back. He says how does Saul know he won’t just vanish. Saul says he started it and he thinks Javadi will want to be there when it ends. Saul asks him who is responsible for the CIA bomb. He asks who was on the ground that day. Javadi says Saul told the whole word that it was Brody. Saul asks who did it and Javadi says he doesn’t know. Saul tells him to look him in the eye and tell him. Javadi says it was one of Abu Nazir’s guys and was NOT Brody!!! At last, we know.

Saul tells him he’ll get him some clothes and that Carrie will get him to his plane. Saul’s driver is waiting to take him to meet Lockhart. Saul takes a moment to make a phone call. It’s his wife and he says he’s at work. He says he was thinking about their days in Tehran. She says that was a long time ago. She sits on the edge of her bed and we can see a naked guy in her bed! It’s her “friend” from dinner. Saul tells her he said he didn’t care about her Indian friend but that he does care and still wants to have a claim on her. He says he wanted to tell her before it was too late. He says he’s been covered up for two days and this was the first time he could call. He says he’ll be home late and she says she’ll see him then.

[10:16:07 PM] Rachel Rowan: Quinn shows up to the murder house to talk to the cops. All conversation stops when he comes in. He looks down uncomfortably at the pools of blood on the floor. He goes into the kitchen and takes a seat at the table and waits.

Javadi dresses carefully and prepares to go meet his fate. He puts on his jacket, straightens his collar and is ready. A guard watches him. He comes into the kitchen and Carrie shows him a paper of how he’ll contact her. She tells him to memorize it. She also gives him an intelligence file that they constructed on how they took down their network and killed the six. He tells her that if he goes back to Iran he’ll have to take the traitor out. She says the source was a computer virus. She says he can take it out since they have him now. She asks if he’s ready.

Fara watches all this with fire in her eyes. She puts her hand on a pair of scissors on the counter but then does nothing.

At the CIA, Adal asks Saul if he was going to bypass him entirely. Adal says the circle was small and Saul says it’s need to know. Adal says he thought they trusted each other. Saul tells him – just you and says he’ll tell only him. Adal says Lockhart is in his office and knows that Javadi’s ex-wife is dead and that Carrie is out and about. Saul admits he has an operation going and Adal says they need details. Saul gives in and says he’ll tell them both.

Javadi asks if it was her idea or Saul’s to hang her out as bait. She says nothing and he assumes it was Saul. He says it’s classic Saul and she asks why he fell for it. He says it was her – and that the abuse she was put through to put her out there was the cruelest thing he’s ever done. He tells her that Saul wanted to know who moved the bomb. He tells her that he told Saul that it was one of Abu Nazir’s guys. She asks who it was – he says it wasn’t Brody – it was someone else but that he doesn’t know who exactly.

The detective comes to sit and asks if he’s Peter Quinn. He says Carrie promised them candor. Quinn says that’s his legal name. The detective says one of the victims was Iranian – the ex of an IRGC official and the other woman was the daughter in law. Quinn says to get on with it and says he thought he was after a confession. The detective says that’s not accurate. He says he wants to understand what happened and the kind of shit the CIA does.

Quinn looks like he’s on the verge of tears. The detective asks if he killed the daughter. Quinn says yes – he asks what with and he says with a Walther P22. He tells him he killed the mother with a bottle. The detective thinks he killed the women for national security. The detective asks if the CIA has ever done anything but make things worse.

Saul tells Lockhart and Adal that the information can never leave the room – that it’s special access. He tells them he recruited Javadi – an IRGC chief. Lockhart asks isn’t that the man who financed the bombing of the CIA. Saul says they have evidence that shows he’s corrupt and stole from the IRGC fund to pay for terrorist activities. Lockhart says you blackmailed him. Lockhart asks why he didn’t tell the committee and he says he had to wait for it to crop up.

Lockhart says sworn enemies don’t change sides and that they need to wean off of cold war bullshit tactics. Lockhart says he’s inheriting his shit in 10 days and Saul says this is a high placed asset in a country that’s been a black box for 30 years. Lockhart wants to know how it happened.

Javadi says they’re almost there and she hasn’t asked who moved the bomb. She says that he said it was one of Abu Nazir’s guys. Javadi asks her who she thinks handed them the car keys. He tells her Brody escaped the blast and maybe that was because he knew it was coming. Javadi say she must not want the truth. Carrie says she does but doesn’t think she’ll get it from him.

Lockhart asks about the murdered wife and daughter in law. He wants to know who killed them and Saul reluctantly tells him it was Javadi. Lockhart is shocked to know that Javadi was in the country. Saul tells him Carrie lured him here. Lockhart realizes they were working together while Saul was announcing her in front of the intelligence committee. Adal says he didn’t know and Saul says it was on need to know. Lockhart says he and Adal needed to know and instead they’re holding their dicks.

Lockhart demands to see Carrie and Saul says he can’t because Carrie is putting Javadi on a plane back to Iran. Lockhart demands that he ground the plane and Saul refuses. Lockhart says he’ll take it to the president. He wants to fry Javadi – to put him on trial. Saul says that’s short-sighted because the IRGC will just replace him with someone just like him that they can’t control. Saul says it’s not his call because he’s still acting director for two more weeks. Lockhart says it’s justice.

Saul says this is a once in a lifetime opportunity that could transform the Middle East. Lockhart says he sounds like he’s high. He demands a phone to call the President and they take him to a room with a phone. Saul tells him he’ll destroy everything they’re working for and that he doesn’t get it. Lockhart says he’s just beginning to get it and he understands how they’ve made such a mess of everything. Lockhart asks how you operate the phone and Saul says he doesn’t know. He and Adal walk out and they lock the Senator in the room!

Lockhart demands they unlock the door and Saul says no. Saul tells him he’ll handle the President. He says to open the door and Saul says make me. Lockhart tells Adal they’re both dead. They turn off the lights and leave him there to stew. Turning around in the dark, Lockhart says – what the fuck.

They arrive at a private airfield and Javadi tells her she had her chance. He walks toward the plane and at the last moment, Carrie yells out wait and runs for him. The goons grab her but Javadi tells them it’s okay. He comes back down the stairs. Carrie asks if he’ll tell her the truth and he says that the man who built the bomb didn’t die in the explosion and is still in the country. Javadi says the man who brought them together and she says Bennett? He tells her the way it all worked out that Bennett is definitely not his lawyer anymore.

Saul is monitoring the airplane and confirms that it’s out of US air space. Adal brings in whiskey and tells him it’s an audacious operation. He toasts to Saul’s continued success. Saul apologizes for excluding him and Adal says no apologies are due because he was acting director – at least for 10 more days.

Saul grabs his jacket and tells a flunky that Lockhart managed to get himself locked in a conference room and asks her to help him out.

At the murder house, Quinn sits in the kitchen stewing and finally has enough and walks outside. Carrie is waiting for him. He tells her they’re standing down and that confession is good for the soul. She reminds him he didn’t do it and he tells her that it still made him feel better for all the other bad things he’s done. He tells her he’s over the CIA and doesn’t believe it any more.

He says nothing justifies the damage they do. Carrie says he can’t quit yet. She tells him she’s got information about the Langley bomber. He says Brody and she says it’s not him, she can prove it and she needs his help. He grudgingly agrees to help and says – whatever you need. He leaves.

Saul comes home and hears music playing. He walks up the stairs and knocks on the bedroom door. She asks nervously how his day was. He tells her it was a really good day. He approaches her and puts his arms around her waist. He asks her to forgive him. She asks about what and he says he forgot how beautiful she is. She turns around to him and leans in to hug him. They hold each other tightly.