Homeland Season 2 episode 8 “I’ll Fly Away” Recap 11/18/12

Homeland Season 2 episode 8 “I'll Fly Away” Recap 11/18/12

Tonight on Showtime is a whole new episode of HOMELAND. On tonight’s episode called “I’ll Fly Away” He lies for Carrie. He lies for Roya. And he’s still lying to Jessica. Brody heads towards a serious meltdown as he struggles to keep his complicated alliances clear. Did you watch last week’s show? We have a sneak peek it here for you!

On last week’s show the CIA was still waiting on information about the impending attack on US soil and Brody and Mathison were headed back to infidelity bliss which inevitably fell apart and led to a crying Claire Danes, which is what the people really want. In the aftermath of the ambush, Carrie and the team scrambled to gain control of the operation, while Brody attended a well-heeled fund-raiser at a Virginia horse farm. Elsewhere, Saul dropped in on Aileen, who was in solitary confinement, hoping she could shed some light on the latest attack; and a conflicted Dana leaned on Finn to fess up to their crime.

On tonight’s show fans can expect the further mental breakdown of double agent Brody. The pressure is building for the disgraced soldier and playing both sides takes it’s toll as he slips his surveillance team with Mathison’s assistance. With fellow terrorist Roya Hamma, the CIA, his family, and his political ties pulling him in every direction Brody is hurtling towards what will surely be a climactic and satisfying end.

Tonight’s episode is going to be another action packed one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Showtimes’ Homeland Season 2 Episode 8 — tonight at 10PM MDT! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know what you think of Homeland season 2, so far and check out the sneak peek video below!


Dana gets off a bus and wanders around aimlessly but keeps checking behind her. She approaches a house and rings the bell. She’s at Mike’s door and he invites her in.

Brody and Jessica argue because Dana’s gone missing in the wake of the hit and run incident. Carrie and Virgil are eavesdropping on the argument from a van out front. Jessica wants him to tell the CIA that they’re daughter is more important. He screams at her that he can’t. Mike calls to tell Jessica that he’s got Dana and she leaves in a huff with Chris to go pick her up.

Carrie calls and Brody won’t take it. After Jessica leaves, Carrie tells Virgil she’s going in and heads for the door. She comes in through the back and calls out to him. She finds him crumpled in the hallway. He tells her he can’t do it anymore.

She tells him Roya’s waiting and that he has to go now. Carrie tells him to remember that he’s doing this for his family. Brody tells her that it’s all falling apart and she knows it because she was listening. He says it’s a nightmare and Carrie assures him that it’s almost over. She softly talks him into coming along.

At Mike’s, Jessica apologizes and he tells her it’s no trouble. Dana fell asleep watching TV. Mike tells her she said she just needed to get away. Mike tells her he was surprised she showed up and Jessica said she’s not because of all the time Dana spent with Mike while Brody was away.

Jessica tells him about the hit and run and begs him not to let Dana know that she told. Jessica asks him to let Dana sleep and he agrees to call her when she wakes.

Carrie and Virgil surveil Brody at the park and they agree that he looks like he’s cracking. Roya’s waiting on a bench and Brody approaches. She chastises him for being late. He refuses to tell her why. She asks what’s going on with him. Brody’s vacant and freaking out. He tells her the problem is he’s been asked to take part in a terrorist attack and that no one tells him anything.

Roya tries to calm him. He tells her it’s been impossible and tells her he’s through. Roya goes after him and tells him quitting is not an option. He tells her she can’t threaten him anymore and he stalks off. Quinn’s calling and she doesn’t take the call – she knows he’ll try to shut them done. She tells Virgil to kill the tracking on Brody’s phone and she takes off after him.

Quinn calls again and she tells him they’ve got a tech glitch and lost his tracking and that she’s after him. Quinn tells her to bring him in before the terrorists pick him up. Carrie’s chasing Brody down and tells him they’ve got three minutes before he’s locked up forever. He tells her he doesn’t care what happens to him and she tells him that she does. He hands over the car keys and gets in with her.

David chews Saul out because Carrie has taken a known terrorist off the grid. He tells Saul that Carrie’s motivations are twisted and personal and that he doesn’t want to be testifying in front of Congress explaining who she was f-ing when the bomb went off. David demands that Saul get out in the field to bring Carrie and Brody in.

Carrie checks them into a cheap motel. Brody tells her she can’t salvage him. She takes off to get food in case he’s being hunted. Brody heads for their room.

At Mike’s, he’s telling a revived Dana to call her Mom while he cooks them dinner. She wants to know if she can stay the night there and he tells her to clear it with her mother. Dana dutifully dials and asks permission. Jessica said it’s okay if it’s okay with Mike. Jessica tells Dana she misses her and Dana asks where her Dad is.

Dana wants to know why he backed down about going to the cops about the wreck. Dana said it has to be because of Carrie – that she showed up and said something and then suddenly it was off. Jessica said she didn’t know that and Dana apologizes for hurting her mom by telling her about Carrie. They swap I love you’s and ring off.

Back at the no-tell motel, Brody’s semi-comatose in a chair and asks Carrie how long until they’re caught. She says it depends on how hard they look and he says they’ll be looking hard. Brody tells her he’s finally burned all his bridges – with his family, with the CIA – and that he’s worse off now than when he was imprisoned in Iraq.

She tells him he can still help stop Nazir’s plan and he tells her it’s too late – that they’ve got another plan in place and he’s done for. He collapses on the bed and tells her he’s done – that the CIA can do what they want to him. He tells her he’s relieved that he won’t have to lie anymore. He asks Carrie if she’ll visit him in prison.

She tells him she’ll be in the cell next to him. She joins him on the bed and tells him prison was not the future she imagined for them. He wants to know what she saw for them. Carrie tells him that she thought if the worked together to stop Nazir that he would be a real hero and that would erase his past mis-deeds and make it all better.

He asks if it would fix what he did to her and she said yes. He tells Carrie that she’s even crazier than everyone thinks she is. Carrie tells him his deal was a way out for both of them and that he’s not alone. She kisses Brody.

They’re being watched through the window. There’s a camera in the window sill watching them get extremely busy and loud. Saul is trying not to watch the video feed and is uncomfortable. Quinn wants to know how far the extraction team is and Saul tells him to back off that Carrie’s turning it around.

Quinn says it’s her getting laid, not her fixing it. Saul insists they give her a chance, that she took him to a safe harbor site where she knew Saul would easily find them. He says it’s a sign that she’s asking for time, not trying to run off with Brody. Quinn agrees to back off and calls back the takedown team.

Next morning, Brody walks outside to make a call. He phones Roya and tells her he wants to explain. She tells him it’s not necessary. He insists. She leaves the news van to have a chat and he tells her he’s under a lot of pressure that has nothing to do with him working with her – he tells Roya he’s got family troubles with his daughter and that he regrets what he said to her. Brody assures her that it won’t happen again and he wants back in. Roya says she’s glad he feels that way and thanks him for calling.

Brody asks if that was what Carrie wanted and she said yes. He asks if she thinks Roya will believe it and she says yes, because it was the truth. She tells Brody to confide in her next time before he cracks.

Mike’s cooking Dana breakfast and said she’s feeling better after talking with her mom. She said she was shocked that her mom told her she trusted her. Mike said Jessica thinks the world of her. Dana asks him if it was hard leaving them after being around all the time when her Dad got back. He tells her it was hard, but leaving was the right thing to do when Brody got back.

Dana tells Mike she needs to go see someone in Columbia Heights and asks for a ride – ooh – I think she’s going to see the daughter of the hit and run victim.

Carrie checks in with Saul and asks if they’re good. Saul says not great but at least Brody’s not headed for jail. She asks if everyone was listening in while she was “with” Brody. She said she knows they think she’s getting too close to Brody. She insists that she’s working him and not in love with him. She tells him she was off the rails crazy when she told Saul she was in love with Brody.

Quinn says they’ve got Roya under surveillance and that Brody’s on the way to meet her in a parking garage. He calls them in to watch the feed. As Brody pulls in, Roya steps out in front of his car, hops in and tells him to turn around and leave the garage.

Quinn calls on the follow cars to keep up with them. They have visual and are tailing. Brody’s fidgety and she asks if he’s nervous. She tells him she did report his outburst, but also his apologetic follow up. She asks where his daughter was last night and tells him that she wasn’t at home. She also tells him she knows he was with Carrie. He tells her he was only f-ing Carrie to get the information they wanted him to get.

Roya unplugs Brody’s GPS and they lose audio. Carrie tells him she thinks Roya knows Brody’s a double. She takes off to get into a follow car to pursue them.

Dana’s knocking on the door of the dead woman’s daughter. She has a crying baby on her. She tells Dana that it was her and that she should have known. She puts down the baby and comes back and tells Dana it’s not her baby if that’s what she was thinking. She tells her she knows she killed her mom and Dana said she didn’t, but that she was in the car that hit her.

She apologizes to her and tells her she’s trying to take responsibility. She asks her what the even means. She tells her she wants to go to the police. She tells her that would make things worse. She reveals that she was offered a deal to keep quiet and that if Dana starts talking, they’d get nothing. The crying baby is her sister and she’s apparently got another sister to take care of as well.

She screams at Dana to keep her mouth shut and get out before she makes things worse. She runs crying back to Mike’s car and asks that he get them out of there.

Roya’s taken Brody out to the middle of nowhere and points him to a spot off the road. Carrie and the follow car can’t risk turning their lights on. A car zooms past Roya and Brody – looks like she knew there was a follow car. They stop the van once they realize the car’s stopped. Quinn orders the other follow cars to spread out, but keep a radius. Quinn realizes no one has visual. Roya orders him to turn off the running lights. He asks what’s going on and she says they’re giving him another chance. They get out of Brody’s car and head off into the darkness.

Carrie thinks there’s another person out there with them and asks if she can drive by and get eyes on. She tells him they should all be worried because he’s their only asset. They agree to one quick drive by and they head off down the road.

Brody sees lights and asks if they’re expecting anyone else. They dim the running lights. Roya directs Brody to get into the car because he’s a public figure. They drive by and see Roya with someone by the hood of the car. They snap a pic and keep going.

Carrie recognizes that it’s the new bomb guy that replaced the tailor. Carrie demands that they go back for him. She tells Quinn that he’s the guy that killed a bunch of agents at the tailor shop. Quinn tells her she’s thinking about the guy she was boning last night and not about getting the terrorists. He gives her an order to stand down. Carrie runs out of the follow van and heads toward Brody’s SUV.

Carrie says they’ve grabbed him. Quinn tells her to stand down. She doesn’t follow orders (naturally) and heads off after where she sees them disappear into the darkness. They hear a helicopter and realize that it’s a pick up from the air. They’ve got Brody at gunpoint and are hustling him onto the helicopter. She tells Quinn they’ve got to track it. The helo is in the air and gone. She’s screaming into the phone that they’re gone.

Dana and Mike come back to the Brody household. Dad’s not there (of course). Chris is watching football and starts talking game with Mike. Jessica pulls Dana aside and she tells her she went to see the daughter who called her a murderer and kicked her out. She tells her mom that she’s not going to the police because the daughter asked her not to. She asks if her mom knew about the payoff and Jessica says no, but that she’s not surprised with the upcoming election. Dana said she can’t forget it and starts sobbing on her mom who tells her it will be okay.

Brody is dragged into a warehouse. A car pulls in. It’s Abu Nazir himself!