Homeland RECAP 11/3/13: Season 3 Episode 6 “Still Positive”

Homeland RECAP 11/3/13: Season 3 Episode 6 “Still Positive”

Tonight on Showtime their Emmy Award winning drama series, HOMELAND continues with a new episode.  On tonight’s show called, “Still Positive” as Carrie turns the tables Saul tries to keep an intrusive Senator at bay.  Did you watch last week’s season episode?  If you want to get caught up before tonight’s episode,  you can read a full and detailed recap right here.

On last week’s episode it was a crazy one we had to hold on to our seat.  Carrie was out and she was on a mission and watch out anyone who got in her way.  Carrie put her mission on the line. Saul rubbed elbows with his adversary.  Quinn was now involved in Carrie and Saul’s secret operation.

On tonight’s show we are midway through the season and we still have not seen much of Brody, hope that is going to change soon.  The show is now barreling ahead and Carrie is going to get deeper and deeper into the mix to try to find out what happened at Langley.  She gets herself in some hot water with lying and a lie detector machine.

Tonight’s episode is going to be another action packed one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Showtimes’ Homeland Season 3 episode 6 — tonight at 10PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the return of Homeland tonight.  Check out the sneak peek video below!

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Javadi has Carrie hooked up to a lie detector. She waits for him in a room with two guards and tries to calm down. Quinn talks to Fara while she pulls up footage of the car that took Carrie. Saul talks to them online while they work together to try and figure out where she was taken. Drone footage caught a good bit of the journey but they lost her at a truck stop. Fara suggests fingerprinting the abandoned car but Saul says that could compromise Carrie. He clicks off the chat and curses.

Carrie hears voices outside the door and then Javadi is there. He sits and apologizes for the extreme measures taken to get her there. She says she understands. He says for them to have a relationship, there must be trust. He asks if she’s ready and he asks her baseline questions to get readings on the lie detector test. He asks if she knows who he is and she says he’s Rajeed Javadi of Iran’s intelligence agency.

Saul’s wife finds him in the kitchen and she tells him her friend didn’t stay the night. She says he’s a journalist she met in India and Saul tells her she needn’t explain. She says she didn’t do anything wrong because when she met the guy they were separated. He reminds her that was her decision, not his. She tells him she came back to help when his world collapsed. He asks if she’s in love with the guy and she says they have fun and her days are better with him. He says that’s all he needed to hear.

Saul closes up his laptop and tells her that he will not be director of the CIA – that it will be Lockhart. He says he doesn’t think he was ever really in the running. He tells her he’s fine and she tells him to be angry at her rather than detached. Saul tells Mira he has no claim on her and she says that he does and he knows it. He says – not any more. He walks out of the house.

Javadi asks Carrie if she still works for the CIA. She says she’s currently on administrative leave. He asks if anyone else knows they’re meeting and she says no. He asks if she can provide information on CIA matters and she says she may be able to discuss some things within certain parameters. She says she doesn’t know the other men in the room and they’re making her nervous.

Javadi says she can trust them and she asks – like you trust me? He dismisses the men and they are alone in the room. He tells her the machine says she’s lying. He flips the laptop and shows it to her. She asks if they are completely alone and if anyone else is listening. She says that they’re done and pulls off the lie detector equipment. She says it’s time they talked about Naser Hejazi – the name he used to steal $45 million from the Revolutionary Guard. She says he’s an enemy of his own state. Carrie stands.

She and Javadi walk out of the room and he gives orders to the guards. The two walk outside onto the grounds together. They are on a golf course property. Once completely alone he tells her bravo. He asks when he and Saul hatched the plan. She says he bombed the CIA on 12/12 and it started on 12/13. She tells him he’ll never get off the property and he asks why he hasn’t been arrested yet. She tells him Saul wants to talk to him. She tells him to tell his men that his plan to recruit her worked and for him to leave with her so they can go to Saul. He tells her it’s too soon – that they won’t believe it.

Javadi says the plan is always to first screen with the lie detector and then to take a test of a task. She asks like what and he says he wants intelligence on the six assassinations carried out in reprisal for the CIA bombing. She says she can have it in three hours and tells him what coffee shop to meet her at. He tells her to wait there and she tells Javadi to make it quick. He tells her that Saul should have trained her to treat him with more respect.

Saul comes into the safe house and tells Fara to bring him the bank files from Venezuela.

Carrie watches the golfers and waits. One of the guards comes to get her and says – let’s go. He brings her into the house and she asks where Javadi is. They take her into the garage and shove her into the car. She says she needs to speak with him again before she leaves but they aren’t having it.

Fara brings the files and asks where he wants them. He gestures to a corner of the desk and she looks at a photo and asks if that’s him. It’s a photo of them together and he says it was complicated times when they knew each other. He shows her another photo of a pianist who was a friend of Khomeini’s. Javadi helped Saul get some assets out in 1979 during the revolution. He says when he went to retrieve the four assets he found them dead on the carpet, laid out for him – at Javadi’s hand. It was his ticket into the Irani inner circle. He said the man he once knew became an animal.

Fara asks if this operation is revenge and he says no – that revenge came later when he helped Javadi’s wife and son escape Iran and him years later. He tells her that turning an asset is difficult work and she asks if he’ll be able to turn Fara and he says he doesn’t know because Javadi is very stubborn.

In the car, Carrie watches as the guards drive her out to a remote area under the freeway. They tell her simply – out. She gets out and they drive away. As soon as they are gone, she takes off at a run.

At the Brody’s Dana waits outside. When her mom comes home she walks to greet her and tells her she needs help. She tells Jessica she wants to legally change her last name. She asks what she’ll change it to and she says Jessica’s maiden name. She asks when the appointment is and Dana says in an hour and asks her mom to drive her – she says please.

At home, Carrie grabs out one of her burner phones and calls Saul. She tells him Javadi said it was too risky to bring him at that moment. She says his concerns were legitimate. Saul asks where he took her and she’s shocked that he didn’t know. Saul says they lost her and she knew it was a risk. He tells her to move past it – she gives him the address.

Saul asks how Javadi reacts and she says he talked about Saul a little and said that he hasn’t changed much. She tells him about the meet and the file they want. They send the drone over the choice but don’t see anything. Quinn says they need boots on the ground. Carrie is concerned that he’ll be gone and Saul says he won’t risk his life and will stay there and will keep the meeting. Saul tells her Quinn will deliver the file and will be her back up for the meet. He tells her to get some rest.

Carrie heads into her bedroom and sees the clothes they took from her and cell phone they broke. She goes into the bathroom and pulls out a pregnancy test. She pees on it and watches the positive result come in incredibly fast. Uh-oh – is that a Brody baby? She puts the test in a drawer with what looks like about 150 more tests just like it. She goes to bed and lays down. Wonder what the lithium did to her fetus?

Dar Adal greets Senator Lockhart and apologizes for Saul’s absence. Lockhart asks where he is and Adal say he chose not to share it with him. Lockhart says he’s happy to have the time alone with him and asks to speak plainly. He tells him he thinks the CIA is a mess and is being driven into the ground by bad decisions and leadership. Adal says he’s heard he’s a reformer. Lockhart asks if Adal is ready to embrace change and he says he is. Lockhart says they have to reclaim the respect and fear that the world once had for the CIA and reminds him of Adal’s own work in Somalia and Libya. Adal asks how he can help.

Lockhart says his confirmation hearing is soon and he wants to make sure there are no complications. He says no more Brodys and no more Carrie Mathesons. Adal promises.

Quinn calls Carrie and tells her he’s there. He asks if she’s slept and she says a little. She asks what they’ve seen on the drone and he says they only saw one car. He gives her a file that he says will have enough intel to convince the suits in Iran that she’s a solid asset. She’s worried Javadi won’t show and he says Saul is convinced it will happen.

Quinn stares at the map on her wall with all of the strings and such and she says she knows what he’s thinking. Quinn says she doesn’t know – he says he knows why she’s searching for possible Brody sightings because it’s her job and he’s the most wanted man in the world. He swaps out her burner phone for a new one and they head out to the meet.

At the court house, Dana applies for her name change and pays for it herself. The clerk says it will take a few weeks. They just need to sign the forms. She signs her birth name to the form and tears up a little. He stamps the form and she thanks him. He tells her she seems like a nice young lady and says it must come from her mom. He says he can’t imagine what they’re going through and asks if he can pray for them. Jessica tells him – of course. He says – god bless.

Quinn drops her off at the diner and says to sit at the window so he can see her. Carrie asks if there’s movement at the house yet and Saul says he’ll come late to show that although he’s giving in he wants to communicate that he’s not their bitch. Saul says the car is headed her way.

Saul steps out to take a call from Adal who tells him Lockhart was disappointed that he wasn’t there for the meeting. Adal tells him that Lockhart is anxious for a smooth transition of power. Fara calls out to Saul and tells him to come quick. Saul runs back in. She says that Javadi took the wrong exit. The drone is following him and he’s at the wrong spot. He tells Carrie to head out to intercept. She jumps in the car with Quinn and they head out.

The drone follows him to a residential area and Saul says to search the neighborhood for Iranians. Fara is shocked the government tracks residences by country of origin. Quinn finds the address he’s stopped at. Javadi sits to have a smoke. Fara finds the homeowner and says it’s a renter. Fara gives the name of the woman and Saul freaks. He tells her to hurry and says Javadi cannot be allowed to go into the house. He’s at the door and rings the bell.

A woman opens the door and greets him. She says she knows that he’s the ex-husband. He hears a baby cry and asks if it’s his grandchild. He asks to come in and she tells him to wait. He shoots her in the head and goes into the house. He hears the child and lays down the gun to say hello to the baby. He pets and talks sweetly to the child. His ex-wife comes in and she sees her daughter-in-law dead on the floor. Javadi curses her and slaps her to the floor. He breaks a bottle and hold her down. He stabs her in the neck repeatedly with it. Quinn and Carrie come in with guns trained on him and tell him to stop or they’ll shoot. Javadi lays down the bottle and says – now I’m ready to see Saul.

Carrie says – Oh Jesus – and Saul says to tell him what’s going on. Quinn describes the scene and that he killed his ex-wife. He says it’s a blood bath. Saul says she was supposed to be in witness protection in California. Saul says to get the murder weapons and leave the baby. He tells them to make it like they were never there and to take Javadi’s car and leave theirs and to come back for it later. The child cries and Carrie picks him up and puts him in the playpen. Fara and Saul listen to the crying child and are horrified.

Chris tells Dana her new last name sounds cool. The doorbell rings and Jessica goes to answer it. It’s a girl named Angela and Jess invites her in. She says she’s just there to pick up Dana. She has a bunch of stuff packed and Jessica asks if she’s going camping. Dana tells her she’s moving to Angela’s. Jess says she’s not and she doesn’t even know this girl. Dana says she can’t be Dana Brody anymore. Jess tells her she can’t leave suddenly and Dana says it’s not sudden.

Dana says Angela is a friend. Dana walks away and Jess says they need to talk about it – Dana says there is nothing to talk about. She says she can’t live this life anymore and that it nearly killed her. She says she has to leave. Jessica is in shock. Dana hugs her mother and Jess tells her she loves her so much. Dana says – I love you too. Chris watches in tears.

Dana tells her she’s leaving and Jessica says – wait. She goes to get something. Chris comes to hug his sister. Dana heads to the door and then walks out. Jessica runs out after her and gives her a credit card that she says has $300 left on it. Dana says she needs to do it on her own and Jess says to take it even if she doesn’t use it. They tell each other bye. Dana gets in the car and drives away as her mom and brother watch. They hug each other and head back into the house.

An agent reports to Saul that homicide is already on the scene at the house. Saul tells him to keep moving and not to stop. Saul walks out of the safe house and into the yard and watches as a car pulls up. Carrie gets out with Javadi and Quinn. They escort him into the safe house. Fara looks at him in disgust.

They walk him into an interrogation room and cuff him down. They leave and lock him in. Carrie walks outside. Quinn tells the others – this is just the f-ing beginning. Carrie sits outside and Quinn brings her a drink and asks if she’s okay. She says she doesn’t know what she is. Saul walks up and says – shall we?

They head into the room where Javadi is locked down. He tells Quinn to take the chains off. Saul tells Javadi to stand up. He smirks at him and says – you don’t look like a man who has just landed the biggest asset of his career. Saul punches him in the face and Javadi goes down hard!