Hostages RECAP 10/28/13: Season 1 Episode 6 “Sister’s Keeper”

Hostages RECAP 10/28/13: Season 1 Episode 6 “Sister’s Keeper”

Tonight on CBS their new suspense drama called, HOSTAGES continues with a whole new episode called, “Sister’s Keeper.”  On tonight’s show the secret service calls Ellen in for questioning again.   Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap for you, right here.

On last week’s show Ellen had to make another life-changing choice when she performed emergency surgery in her own home. Meanwhile, Duncan demanded answers when Archer tells him that an innocent person in their plan had become a victim.

On tonight’s show when Ellen’s sister, Lauren, shows up unexpectedly at their house intending to stay, Duncan forces Ellen to get rid of her without making it look suspicious. Meanwhile, when the secret service calls Ellen in for questioning again, she must play it cool when Duncan is there to help do the questioning.  Nina Arianda guest stars as Lauren, Ellen’s sister.

Tonight’s episode is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBC’s Hostages tonight at 10 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know if you will be tuning in to Hostages tonight? Also check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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Ellen tells the family that escaping was a mistake and from now on they have to cooperate. Morgan asks how she knows they won’t kill her when they’re done and Ellen says she trusts them. Duncan walks in then and say no one will get hurt if they just stick to the plan. Brian asks her what that was and if Duncan put her up to it. Ellen says she needed to say it out loud in front of Duncan even if she doesn’t believe it.

Sandrine wants to know where Archer is but Duncan offers no answers. He says he’s trying to get her money and she tells him 50g’s today or she’s out. She stomps out of the room. Kramer comes in and tells Duncan she has money problems and they can’t afford to let her leave. He says he can help but Duncan says he’s taking care of it. He makes a call.

A can pulls up and drops off a woman in front of the Sanders house. Duncan sees the door open and pulls a gun on the woman as she comes in. Ellen screams at him to stop and says it’s her sister. She tells Lauren it’s okay and that Duncan is there to protect her because she’s the President’s surgeon. She says that he’s there to watch out for her until the day of the surgery. He introduces himself as Agent McKinney of the Secret Service and tells Ellen she was supposed to tell him when she was expecting a visitor.

Lauren tells her that her boyfriend dumped her and kicked her out and she needs to stay for just a few days. Ellen says it’s not a good time and tells her to call their Mom. Lauren scoffs and walks into the kitchen. Duncan whispers to Ellen to get rid of her and tells her if she can’t take care of it that she will. Ellen says she needs time to get rid of her without suspicion.

Sandrine asks Duncan who it is and he tells her and says she thinks they are Ellen’s Secret Service detail. He says she’s not staying and Sandrine points to the security camera and says she’s making up a bed to stay.

Ellen and Brian talk to Morgan about her pregnancy and say they need to get her to the doctor to confirm it. Brian asks about the Dad and Morgan says Duncan made her dump him. Ellen gets a text and says she has to go to the hospital.

Duncan meets up with another of the crew and he says to get the money Duncan needs to talk to their friend in the White House. Hoffman calls them in to work on the case about Angela and trying to find out who the man was she was with. Hoffman says he needs Duncan to back him up on an interview on the case. They come into the conference room and the subject of the interview is Ellen! Duncan looks shocked.

Hoffman introduces Ellen to Duncan and reveals his true name to her. She plays it cool and says it’s a pleasure to meet him. She asks how the FBI ends up having a Secret Service agent working with them and he says that Duncan is highly regarded at the agency.

Hoffman asks Ellen why she didn’t tell them that she talked to a man that saw Angela leave the bar with a tall black man. Hoffman asks why she didn’t mention it and Ellen says she thought she did. Duncan asks what she was doing at the bar and she says she came to comfort her friend. She says that she didn’t think anything of it because Angela is an adult and can leave a bar with a man if she wants.

Ellen says she was under a lot of stress herself and if she forgot to mention a brief conversation with a drunken idiot at a bar then she’s sorry. She stomps out and Hoffman asks Duncan why he didn’t hang back in the interview. Duncan tells Hoffman he thinks Ellen is a credible witness. He joins Ellen in the elevator on the way down and she calls him Carlisle and he says this changes nothing.

She tells him it was pretty clever getting himself assigned to Angela’s investigation. He tells her to get rid of her crazy sister by the time he gets home! Ellen leaves him in the elevator.

Morgan is with the OB who tells her she’s five weeks pregnant. Morgan says she was hoping she was going to tell her the pregnancy test was wrong. The OB asks if she’s thought about what she’d like to do and she says not really and tells her she’s not with the baby’s father. She looks at a bruise on her arm and asks her what happened and she says cheerleading. The doctor spots the slice on her back where they took out the chip. She tells her she fell in the tub shaving her legs.

Morgan comes out to her Dad who gets up slowly due to his gunshot wound. The OB (Dr. Marsh) calls into social services to report possible abuse in Morgan’s case.

Sandrine calls and tells someone that she loves them and will come visit as soon as she can. The photo on her phone shows a young boy. She gets a call from the guy she owes money to. She tells him she’ll have it by the end of the day. He tells her that he’ll meet her to pick it up to save her gas money. He tells her if she doesn’t have the money by 8 pm he’ll be knocking on the door and knows exactly where she is.

Sandrine packs up and is walking out when Kramer tries to stop her. He tells her he may have a solution to her money trouble but it’s not exactly legal and would take both of them to pull it off. It’s an upscale poker game that hires pretty girls for atmosphere. He tells her she can hack into his ex-girlfriend’s email for the information. They send the ex an email to tell her the game was cancelled so Sandrine can go in her place. He tells her she needs a dress so she can look hot – otherwise they’ll call the agency to replace her.

Kramer asks how she got so much in debt and she says she needed it for legal fees. He asked why she needed the lawyers and she admits she has a son.

Ellen comes home and calls for Lauren. Instead she finds an upset Morgan and asks her if she saw Dr Walsh to confirm the pregnancy and if she’s okay. Morgan cries and says she is. Morgan asks if Ellen is mad and she says she’s not. Morgan thanks her and hugs her and continues to cry.

Lauren is hanging with Jake upstairs when Ellen finds them. Ellen asks who is on duty and he says Kramer and Sandrine. Lauren says she doesn’t understand why they need security. Jake says it’s to protect his mom so she doesn’t get held hostage or something. Lauren says Ellen isn’t that important. Ellen leaves and Jake asks how Baltimore was. Lauren says it was helpful.
Sandrine comes and calls Jake out of the room. She’s taking him with her and Ellen asks why. She says they have to run out and since there will be no one left to watch them they’re taking Jake as an insurance policy. Kramer drops Sandrine off at a fancy house. Jake asks why they left her there and why she’s dressed so hot. Kramer tells him he asks too many questions and drives away. Sandrine gives the password and gets access to the high stakes poker game.

Kramer brings a blindfolded Jake into a house and gags and zip ties him to a bannister. He tells him he’s safe and has nothing to worry about. He asks him if he likes music and turns on an iPod for him.

Brian is putting cream on his wound when Lauren comes in and is grossed out by Brian’s wound. He says he had to have a cyst removed and that the incision is infected. She was looking for Ellen’s face cream.

Brian asks how it went with Hoffman and she tells him that Duncan was there and Brian is shocked that he’s investigating a murder he committed. Brian says there’s no way out of this and Ellen says unless… He says unless what and she says – unless we kill him!

Brian says it won’t be easy to kill someone like that and says they would need a gun. She reminds him their neighbor has a gun and that they have their spare house key.

Hoffman fins Duncan and shows him security footage of the mystery man Angela left the bar with. Duncan says terrific. They go into another room and look at more images. They don’t have any photos of them together and Duncan says without that it doesn’t prove anything. Hoffman wants the photo sent through facial recognition ASAP.

Lauren looks for food and says she’s a creative chef but can’t make dinner out of nothing. She asks where the knives are – the block is empty – and Brian says he doesn’t know. He says they’re being sharpened. She says that’s a dumb lie and he says that maybe the Secret Service took them. Lauren says with all the weapons they have, she doubts someone would break in and chop them up with steak knives.

Ellen goes into the neighbor’s house and calls their names. No one seems to be home. She heads upstairs and into their bedroom. She starts to search for the gun and finds it in the nightstand. She takes it with her.
Duncan shows them a list of results from the facial search. Two have alibis and there’s a third with a serious rap sheet. He’s found a patsy!

At the poker game, Sandrine comes into the room and asks what time the game starts. She says she needs to run back to her car and asks if there’s a code or if she needs to be buzzed in. She flirts with one of the flunkies and gets the security code. She goes outside and calls Kramer. She gives the code and a security briefing. She wishes him luck and says – see you in 15. She heads back into the party.

Logan comes in to congratulate Duncan on developing an alibi for Archer Bennett. Hoffman comes in and tosses the folder on Archer down and asks why he falsified an alibi for Archer. Duncan says he’s a confidential informant for him. Hoffman asks why he didn’t tell him. He says he doesn’t know him and appreciates the concern the Secret Service has for the President but says that he doesn’t conceal assets running highly secure operations and says that Archer is in jail where Duncan put him as part of the operation. Hoffman seems mollified.

Kramer busts into the poker game and disarms the guards. He steals the cash and orders everyone to put their cell phones in the bag. He orders the dealer – Sandrine – to grab the bag. He points a gun at her head and says if anyone tries to follow him, he’ll kill the bitch. They run out together. Kramer hands her the bag of cash and says he’ll ditch the phones. One of the security guys comes out and tells her to hand over the money and Kramer takes him from behind and beats him down. They take off with the cash.

Brian is gulping pain killers when Ellen comes back in with the gun. She asks if it’s loaded and Brian checks it and says yes. He hides it in her purse before Lauren comes down the stairs. He says he’s going to lay down and Lauren says he’s “off.” Ellen says they’re both under a lot of pressure. Lauren tells her that it was different when she was inside in Baltimore. Ellen asks if it was terrible and Lauren says although it was a psychiatric hospital it did her good and says Ellen picked a good one. She says she’s got a good shrink she’s working with now.

Lauren says one day she’ll get her life together like Ellen has and Ellen has to admit that her life is far from perfect. She tells Lauren that Brian is having an affair and that she just found out. Lauren says she’s sorry and asks if Ellen is okay and she says they’ll get through it if they work on them. She tells her that’s why she booked her a hotel and Lauren agrees and says she’ll get out of their hair tonight.

They’re both crying and Lauren goes to her purse for a tissue She asks why Ellen has a gun in her purse and Duncan comes in and asks why she has a gun in her purse. Duncan drags Lauren into the other room and ties her to a chair and blindfolds her. Duncan tells her if she wants to play with guns he’s going to teach her a lesson.

He drags her outside and tells her to shoot at a tree that’s about 10 feet away. He holds a gun on her to make her do it. She fires twice and misses both times. He tells her that people who pull guns and can’t shoot them get hurt. He tells her that he doesn’t want to kill her. She begs him not to hurt Lauren and he says he doesn’t have a choice and that they’re going to get rid of Lauren “his way.”

Kramer cuts Jake loose from the staircase and he pulls off his blindfold. He asks what happened and why he has blood on his shirt. He tells the kid nothing went wrong and if he tells anyone about the blood he’s going to hurt him. He chokes him out while he lays all this down to make sure Jake is clear – he is!

A public defender comes in and says he has a client who has information about the attempt on the President’s life. Logan takes the guy back. Hoffman overhears and asks if he needs him and he says he’ll let him know.

The family eats Chinese and Jake says that Lauren will never forgive them. Brian says they are saving her life and someday she’ll thank them. Kramer comes in and Duncan asks where he’s been and he says he was getting Sandrine her money. He tells Kramer good job. Duncan lets Lauren loose and she freaks out and says she’s going to call the police. She says that they are being held hostage.

The doorbell rings and the doctor and a couple of orderlies from the hospital are there to take Lauren back to the loony bin. Ellen says that when her delusions surfaced she had to call the doctor. Lauren tells them that there is a Secret Service agent holding them hostage. They play dumb. She appeals to Jake to tell them and he says she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Lauren asks Ellen why she’s doing this and she says to help – to save you. The doctor says she needs to come with them and Lauren goes but jerks away from Ellen who tells her she loves her.

She cries and cries after they take her sister away. Duncan comes in and tells her she did the right thing. He says – we did the right thing. Ellen says – you’re a monster!