Hostages RECAP 11/18/13: Season 1 Episode 9 “Loose Ends”

Hostages RECAP 11/18/13: Season 1 Episode 9 “Loose Ends”

Tonight on CBS their new suspense drama called, HOSTAGES continues with a whole new episode called, “Loose Ends.”  On tonight’s Duncan takes the next step in his master plan and gives Ellen the poison she’s to use to kill the President.   Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap for you, right here.

On last week’s show Ellen had todecide whether to save Duncan’s life, and later decided to confront his wife. Meanwhile, Creasy met with Vanessa and Colonel Blair after the President informed them that he wants to expose the details of Operation Total Information, a government surveillance program that allowed intelligence agencies to spy on U.S. citizens.

On tonight’s show when investigators get closer to discovering the conspiracy to kill the President, Duncan is ordered to get rid of an insider by someone very connected to the plot. Meanwhile, Duncan takes the next step in his master plan and gives Ellen the poison she’s to use to kill the President.

Tonight’s episode is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBC’s Hostages tonight at 10 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know if you will be tuning in to Hostages tonight? Also check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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Duncan tells Ellen to calm down. She wants to know why he’s doing it and she holds up the morphine pump that’s attached to his wife. He says his wife is innocent and she reminds him about her friend he killed and the President. He says the President isn’t innocent. A doctor comes in and Duncan covefs for Ellen and he hustles her out of the room. Duncan tells her they can talk later and that she needs to get home to Morgan. He tells her Boyd brought in a gun. She sighs and heads out.

Hoffman tells Brian he thinks that his wife is being intimidated. He says she’s at the confluence of certain events and says he thinks she may be being coerced into doing something to the president. Hoffman says no one knows he’s there and that he can speak openly. Brian pauses but then says he has no idea what he’s talking about. Hoffman tells him he can go.

Morgan cries on Ellen. She’s devastated about Boyd. Ellen accuses Duncan of killing Boyd but Morgan clarifies and says he protected her. Kramer finds Sandrine and asks if she’s okay. She said the vest stopped the worst of it. He touches the bruise on her chest and then the remnants of bruises on her stomach. He says he could have been killed. He takes her in his arms and kisses her.

Next day at Hoffman’s office, he tells Logan that he thinks someone may have rigged the game against the President. He says there is a discrepancy in the incident reports about a certain hospital to make it looks better to ensure the President ends up there. Logan plays dumb.

Creasy gets a call from “Bill Jones” that’s urgent. It’s Logan and he says he’ll call him back. Creasy locks his office and gets out his burner phone. He tells him that Hoffman is digging into the hospital records and knows something is up.

Brian tells Ellen about Hoffman pulling him in. He says he told him everything was great and he thinks Hoffman believed him. She says the guy is relentless and that telling on the bad guys is destructive to them. Duncan comes in and tells Ellen they need to talk. He says he got word she’ll be using the OR on the fourth floor. He gives her another lipstick of poison to deposit in the scrub room locker in room 715. After that the hospital floor will be in lock down and everyone will be body searched before they go in.

Duncan gets a text that says “10 minutes.” He shows up in the park and Logan tells him that Hoffman is obsessed and sleeping in the office. Logan says he’s too close and that he needs “to go.” Duncan asks if that’s the right move and Logan says it doesn’t matter what he thinks – that’s what he’s been told.

Flashback to six months ago and Logan and Duncan’s first meeting in the park. Duncan tells him after the President flat lines they need five minutes alone with him. Logan says it will be hard but it won’t be an issue.

Back in the now, Logan says it won’t be easy to take out Hoffman and they’ll need his help. They ask if it will be a problem and he says no. He leaves the park.

Ellen stops in the locker room and a friend of hers is there and they make family small talk about kids and college applications. Her friend is chatty but you can tell Ellen just wants her to go. She finally leaves and Ellen finds the assigned locker. But first she extracts the poison out! She puts it in a vial and ditches the syringe. She leaves the lipstick in the locker.

Duncan finds Kramer downstairs and asks how he’s holding up. Duncan tells him he’s sorry he got him into it and Kramer reminds him he asked to be part of it. Duncan tells him he never thought it would get this far – the nurse, the limo driver and the kid – all dead. Kramer says he hopes it will end there and Duncan tells him it won’t because they’ve got to take out Hoffman. Kramer says there’s nothing they can do about it if that’s what “they” want.

Duncan comes to see Hoffman and says he’s chasing leads but hasn’t turned anything up. Hoffman says the answers are out there. Duncan says sometimes when you have to look that hard for an answer, you may be looking for something that’s not there. Hoffman says he has a new lead and it points to someone in the White House. He gets a call from his wife Laura. He says she likes to touch base with him a few times a day.

Archer asks how Morgan is doing and she says not great. Archer tells Sandrine she did the right thing and it was him or her. He asks about her money problems and she says she was able to pay off a large chunk of her debt. He wants to hear more and she says no. He’s intrigued. Kramer comes in and tells Sandrine to come with him and Archer to stay there. Archer asks if he’s giving orders now and he clarifies that he’s just passing them along from Duncan.

Ellen takes the vial of poison to the lab and tells them it’s a poison one of her patients ingested and she needs to know what it is.

Archer finds Jake and tells him he did the right thing with the police. He says thanks to Jake and he says no problem. Archer asks for his version of the story so he can keep it straight. Hmm… He wasn’t in on that deal and is just being nosey.

Logan comes knocking on a car door looking for Herman aka Hip… He says he wants to talk business and they get in the car.

Kramer asks Sandrine about she and Archer and she admits they used to sleep together but aren’t any more. They are watching a woman – I think it may be Laura. Meanwhile Duncan calls Hoffman and tells him he got a tip about the nurse Angela and asks Hoffman to meet him. He agrees. Sandrine gets back in the car and hands something to Kramer (a cell phone maybe).

Hip’s crew gets ready with guns and ammo. They are at the spot Duncan told Hoffman to meet him. Creasy tells them to make it look like a random shooting and to let him know the second it’s done. He makes another call to Blair and reports in that the problem is about to disappear. Vanessa is in bed with him and she asks if this action is absolutely necessary. He says the risk of not doing it outweighs the risk of doing it so it is necessary. She’s upset. He quotes Churchill about rough men taking action so others can sleep soundly. She tells him he will make a great President one day.

Hoffman arrives at the given address. Duncan and Logan let Hip know the target is in position. They don masks and are ready to go. Duncan gets a call from Hoffman and he lies and says he’s stuck in traffic and to give him five minutes. Hips’ crew loads up, cranks up and drives toward Hoffman as Logan and Duncan watch from across the street.

Duncan asks if the crew knows they’re taking out a Fed and he say they wouldn’t care even if they knew. The car sneaks up out of the alley and then a moving truck blocks them. They honk but the truck won’t move. Logan tells Duncan to call Hoffman and keep him there. They yell at the driver. Hoffman gets a call from Laura’s phone that says he needs to come to the hospital that his wife was in a wreck and the phone was found at the scene.

Hoffman leaves and Duncan asks where in the hell he went. Logan calls Hip and tells him to find him. Hoffman jogs to his car and hops in and takes off. We see that Kramer was driving the moving truck! Duncan gets a text from Hoffman that says he had a family emergency and had to take off. Duncan tells Logan they misses their chance and asks what they should do…

Interesting – Duncan set that whole thing up to save Hoffman by having his team run interference without letting Logan know he was the one gumming up the works. Hmm…

Back at the lab, the lab tech asks where she got the sample. She says it came from her patient’s dad. Turns out it’s not poison, but is a bone marrow preservative. He tells her that you’d have to ingest a lot of it for it to be toxic.

The President asks Blair and Creasy about their endgame for OTI. They tell him he needs a fall guy. Logan tells Creasy that Hoffman is still in play and that he’ll get back to him in a few hours. Creasy heads back in to his meeting with the President. Blair gives Creasy a knowing look and isn’t pleased.

Archer asks Kramer and Sandrine where they’ve been and what sort of errand they were running. Sandrine says they were making a delivery and have no idea what it was. Kramer asks why he wants to know and he says he wants to make sure his partners aren’t out doing anything stupid like killing limo drivers. Kramer asks why she told him and she insists she didn’t.

Dr. Evans, the President’s personal physician is there and wants to know why she’s running blood work six days in advance. He tells her that he’ll be at the President’s side up until the surgery. She smiles and takes the blood samples.

Creasy’s secretary tells him that Hoffman wants an appointment and that Blair is looking for him. He heads out of his office looking stressed.

Evan takes the blood samples from her and says the President’s blood is always run at the Naval Hospital. He also takes the needle and trash and says all traces of the President’s DNA must be safe guarded.

Creasy is headed out when Blair stops him and asks why he’s running out. He’s forced to tell him that Hoffman is still an issue but that it will be resolved soon. He gives his word. Blair asks Creasy if he’ll be at the reception that night and invites him to his house afterward. Creasy uneasily agrees.

Ellen heads into the lab and you see she was able to sneak a small section of the tubing with the President’s blood in it. She inserts it into a vial. She heads back into the lab. She asks him if he can do a workup on the blood sample. She asks him to email her the results and gives him a new email address saying the old one was hacked.

Duncan knocks on Hoffman’s door and asks if everything is okay with his family. He says her phone was stolen and found at the scene of an accident. Duncan tells him his lead was junk and was just an ex-girlfriend looking to make trouble for someone. Hoffman gets a call. Duncan and Logan talk outside. Hoffman asks whoever it is where they want to meet. We see him in a parking deck waiting in his car.

A car pulls up and it’s Creasy. He tells Hoffman he’s glad he agreed to meet him. He tells him he has quite a story for him…

Creasy tells Hoffman to lift his shirt. He wants to make sure he’s not wearing any wires. He says it has to be completely off the record. He tells Hoffman to empty his pockets and he does. Satisfied, Creasy tells him the President will be assassinated. Hoffman asks how he knows and he says because he’s involved. He tells him he wants a deal and then he’ll tell him how to save Kincaid. He wants $5 million cash and complete immunity.

Hoffman opens witness protection and Creasy says that’s not good enough. He tells him he’s got five hours and that he has to go straight to the Attorney General because he’s the only one who can cut the deal and the only one he can trust. He says after five hours he’ll be on a plane.

Creasy comes into the reception and approaches Blair. He says he missed the opening remarks and Creasy jokes and says he did it on purpose. They toast to a good evening.

Archer asks Sandrine if she’s got Kramer wrapped around her fingers and she says she does. He says it’s not smart and this limo driver issue is a big deal. She reminds him about the missing nurse he had to kill. He says he knows how to keep his mouth shut and that he doesn’t trust anyone when it comes to cutting a deal to avoid a murder rap.

At the reception, Vanessa approaches Creasy and tells him she just “loves” the scintillating chat at these events. She tells him she’s always liked him despite their issues. She asks if he reads the Bible and tells him that Moses led his people to the promised land but never set foot there himself. He tells her that he’s not religious and she says they will success in the end. She takes his wine glass and tells him she’s sorry. It’s the wine glass Blair handed him! Vanessa wipes his mouth marks from the glass and sets it down.

Creasy rushes out into the hall and collapses. Vanessa stares dispassionately and picks up a fresh wine glass. She finds Blair and tells him there has been an accident and that the chief of staff has had a heart attack.

Hoffman asks Logan to drive him to the AG’s office so he can deliver files in person and so he has someone to watch his back. He says he’ll explain on the way. Logan drives Hoffman and then stops. He tells him he thinks they have a flat. He goes to the trunk and starts rattling around. Hoffman gets out to help and Logan shoots him down in cold blood. He steals money from his wallet to make it look like a robbery. He grabs the file box and hops into the car that pulls up.

Ellen checks her email and sees the blood test results. The President has the same antigens as Duncan’s wife. She goes to talk to Duncan and says they share the same very rare blood type. He says he’s aware of that. She asks if his wife is the President’s daughter. She asks why he didn’t just ask the President to donate bone marrow. He says he doesn’t know she’s alive and if he found out that he would kill her!