Hostages Recap 11/11/13: Season 1 Episode 8 “The Good Reason”

Hostages Recap 11/11/13: Season 1 Episode 8 “The Good Reason”

Tonight on CBS their new suspense drama called, HOSTAGES continues with a whole new episode called, “The Good Reason.”  On tonight’s the President wants to expose the details of Operation Total Information.   Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap for you, right here.

On last week’s show Ellen and Brian agreed that they needed to take down Duncan to have any chance of escaping, so she snuck away to see a man who had previously helped her solve problems. However, unbeknownst to her, the man has ties to Duncan. Meanwhile, Archer’s accomplice planned to reveal to the Assistant District Attorney information about a murder Archer committed.  Joanne Kelly recurs as Vanessa, the first lady’s sister.

On tonight’s show Ellen must decide whether to save Duncan’s life, and later decides to confront his wife. Meanwhile, Creasy meets with Vanessa and Colonel Blair after the President informs them that he wants to expose the details of Operation Total Information, a government surveillance program that allowed intelligence agencies to spy on U.S. citizens.

Tonight’s episode is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBC’s Hostages tonight at 10 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know if you will be tuning in to Hostages tonight? Also check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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Ellen begs Brian and Duncan to stop but it’s too late, the needle is in Duncan’s chest. She tells Brian they need him alive and tells Duncan to let her help him minimize the poison that gets into his system. She sends Brian for her medical bag but Duncan holds a gun on him. She asks what kind of drug it is and he says it’s a paralytic and they only have a few minutes. She tells Brian they need ice – she quickly explains that Duncan isn’t the mastermind and if he dies, the people planning the whole thing will come after them. She shoves Duncan in a tub of cold water and empties her ice tray in there with him.

Next morning, Ellen tells Duncan he was lucky and that two more minutes would have killed him. She says she sees the full picture now and is willing to cooperate. He grabs her hand and tells her that his family is off limits – he says he knows she went to his daughter’s school and tells her to stay away.

In the jail, Kramer is shown a license for Tim Grace – the limo driver and security guard. He denies knowing him and the cop tells him a surveillance camera picked up his license plate in the area. Burton comes in and shuts down the discussion. They leave.

Ellen tries to clarify for Brian how dire the situation is and says they need to figure out the big picture. She says they need to start with Duncan’s family to figure out. She tells Brian she found a bill showing what hospital his wife is at and she’s going to see her.

Vanessa meets with the President (her brother in law) and runs down the itinerary on the event for her brother. Colonel Quenton Blair comes in – he’s new with the NSA – and the Pres introduces him to Vanessa who then leaves.

The president says he wants to talk about the project Total Information at the NSA. He says it’s been good but needs to be shut down. He says if the American people find out how deep the surveillance has gone there will be hell to pay. He wants OTI exposed and shut down. He says it will be leaked so they need to get ahead of it. Blair says he gets that he needs to control the message. He tells them he’s going to make an announcement soon.

Logan tells Duncan that Ellen is still under investigation and Hoffman won’t let it go. He says Hoffman is convinced Ellen hasn’t told him everything.

Burton meets up with a cop who hands him a file and wishes him luck with Kramer.

Hoffman tells Duncan that he thinks Ellen could be part of a plot to kill the president – he doesn’t think the blood thinners are an accident. He asks if they’ve gone through her financials and Duncan says Logan is doing it. He tells Hoffman he’ll go by their house and see if anything looks off. He tells him it’s worth looking into and says if it is a conspiracy, you never know who’s involved. He says they should keep it between him, Logan and Duncan.

Creasy comes to see Colonel Blair who’s disappointed that the president is pushing to expose the OTI program. Creasy says he can’t control the President. He tells Creasy to come in and shut the door.

Flashback to five months ago when the two first met. Creasy asks if he can speak freely and Blair tells him it’s the most secure building in the country. Creasy tells him the work he’s doing with OTI is vitally important but not everyone appreciates what the NSA is doing. He tells Blair that the President wants to eliminate OTI. Blair says – do you want to say it out loud or will I? They agree that it’s better that one president die than national security to be at risk. Creasy tells him he has a tumor on his lung and needs an operation. They agree it would be neat if he didn’t make it out.

Back to the present and they’re concerned that the president will announce OTI and its shutdown prior to his surgery. They agree they need to make some alternate plans.

Ellen calls Archer and lies to him telling him she’s headed out for a surgery at Johns Hopkins on the medevac chopper. Instead she hitches a ride to the other hospital on an ambulance that’s transferring a patient.

Burton shows Kramer the photo of him in the car with Sandrine and says there’s also an eye witness that gave a description of the assailant that matched him. Burton isn’t happy with his son.

Duncan gets to the hospital and finds Sawyer cuddled up with her mom Nina. Ellen is now also at the hospital. She gets loose of the ambulance guys and heads to the reception desk. She looks up Nina’s patient information on the computer and finds her room number and sees that she has no check-out date.

Sawyer’s sitter knocks on the window and Duncan tells his daughter it’s time to go. She asks when she can see her mom again but she has no answer. They hug and exchange I love you’s. Duncan stays behind and Nina asks why Sawyer is with Burton. He says he’s working a big case and thought it would be more stable with her father. Nina asks if he’s still chasing a miracle for her and he tells her it’s in sight. Nina says one more round of chemo and then she’s done and is going home to spend her last days with her family. She tells Duncan she doesn’t want to die resenting him.

Ellen comes down the hall and sees Duncan at the last minute. She ducks into an exam room and he walks on by. She heads down the hall and into his wife’s room.

Brian comes out of his office and asks Kramer why Jake is with him. Kramer says they’re going on a road trip and he’ll explain on the way. They go to Burton’s house. Brian accuses Burton of selling Ellen out and reminds him he was a friend of her father’s. Burton says that Kramer has been accused of a murder and they need Jake’s help. He says the fates of their families are intertwined.

Duncan reports back to Hoffman that he looked at months of satellite surveillance on her home and saw nothing amiss.

Hoffman says Logan reported back that Ellen’s financials were clean as well. Duncan asks if he wants to bring her back in for questioning and Hoffman says not unless more evidence crops up.

Ellen finds an empty bed and a nurse comes in and she says she’s there to see Nina. The nurse says she’s gone down to chemo and will be there for a few hours. Ellen says she’ll come back later and leaves.

Duncan tells Sandrine he heard about the dead limo driver and asks if there was anything else he needs to know. She tells him the money from the score has nothing to do with this job and he still has to pay her what he promised. He agrees and says he’ll pay her after the surgery.

Boyd watches the house and then jumps the fence and climbs his way up to Morgan’s room. He tells her he knows the truth about everything. Morgan tells him he has to go and he says he won’t go without her. Boyd says he knows she’s terrified of her father and says he knows her dad is abusing her and her mom both. He says she saw blood on her mom’s arm when he came by. She tells him that’s not what’s happening and begs to go. He asks if her dad made her break up with him and she says yes. Boyd asks if she still loves him and she says yes. She says she’s not leaving.

Sandrine comes back to watch the security cameras after getting a sandwich. She sees Morgan pacing around talking. She heads down to her room. Morgan tells Boyd that he is taking his life in his hands. He shows her a gun and says he’s taking her away tonight. Sandrine comes in and Morgan asks what she wants. Sandrine asks what’s going on and Morgan says she had a hard day and the pregnancy is just awful. Sandrine looks around and then leaves closing the door after her.

Brian and Jake wait at the police station. Brian tries to coach his son, but Jake insists he’s got it. Jake is called into the conference room and doesn’t like that there’s a video camera. He asked why he and Kramer were in Bethesda. He says Kramer took him to a skate park – he says he’s a mentor of his and a friend of his dad’s. He says that they were there for over an hour because he was teaching him tricks and stuff. The cop asks why they went all that way and Jake stumbles and then the cop asks if he’s telling him the truth.

Ellen comes back to Nina’s room and finds her sleeping after chemo. She reads her chart and Nina awakes and asks what she’s doing. She says she’s Dr. Sanders and her husband asked her to check in on her. Nina surprises her and says she knows exactly who she is.

The cop tells Jake if he lies he’ll be in trouble and Jake insists he’s telling the truth. The cop lays out photos of the dead driver and Jake asks why he’s showing those to him. He says the guy had a wife and two kids and that he doesn’t think Jake is taking it seriously enough. He asks Jake again if he’s telling the truth.

Turns out, Nina thinks Ellen is the doctor that has come up with an experimental treatment for her leukemia. That floors Ellen and she doesn’t know what to say.

Boyd says he’s going to confront her dad and she says she’ll leave with him to stop him. She says they can go out the side door. She leaves him in the hall and goes to look but Duncan sees her. He asks where she’s going and Morgan says to meet her friend. Duncan says she knows the rules and isn’t allowed out of the house. Boyd listens – he still thinks Duncan is her dad and now thinks he’s a psycho who keeps her locked up…

Boyd has had enough and comes charging out with gun in hand. He says he knows everything and that he’s not going to let him get away with hurting Morgan anymore!

Boyd holds the gun trained on Duncan who tells him to put it down. Boyd says no one will get hurt if he just lets his daughter go. Morgan begs him to put the gun down. Boyd sees the gun in Duncan’s belt. He tells her that Duncan has brainwashed her and they are going to the police and tell them what’s going on. Duncan says he committed a felony by breaking into the house with a gun. He tells him he won’t press charges if he puts the gun down.

Morgan begs him to put the gun down and says she’ll explain everything. The phone rings and the voice mail picks up and it’s Brian saying – hi it’s Dad. Boyd asks her what the hell is going on. While he’s distracted, Duncan pulls his gun. Morgan begs him not to kill him. She says he can lock him up instead. Sandrine watches all of this and gets out a gun of her own. Sandrine comes in and tells Boyd to drop it.

Duncan tackles Morgan to the floor to protect her as Boyd fires at and hits Sandrine and she shoots him back. Boyd is dead but Sandrine was in a vest so she’s okay. Morgan cries over Boyd’s body.

Archer comes in to check on a patient at Johns Hopkins – the guy who Ellen says she was performing surgery on. The clerk tells him that Ellen didn’t go to Hopkins and isn’t the guy’s doctor.

Ellen fakes information and tells Nina that Duncan loves her and is willing to try anything. Nina asks what she’s charging and says their insurance won’t cover it. Ellen says it’s not about the money but the cure. Nina says she wants nothing to do with her. She tells her to get out. Nina goes for her nurse button and Ellen clicks her painkiller dispenser and knocks her out. She goes back to reviewing her chart.

Brian and Jake come out of the police station and Kramer thanks him. He tries to shake their hands and Brian says there’s nothing to shake on.

Archer calls Duncan and tells him Ellen lied about which hospital she’s at. He tells Duncan she’s at Beth Zion. Duncan looks pissed and hangs up the phone. Meanwhile Sandrine is cleaning up after Boyd’s murder.

Kramer drops Brian off at his office but demands Jake stay with him. Jake asks if he really killed the guy and Kramer says of course not.

Brian is met by a member of the Secret Service in the lobby of the office.

Creasy tells Blair that he can’t get a firm answer out of the President about when he’s going to make the announcement about OTI. Blair tells him that the one he should be scared of is him, not Duncan. Their “mutual friend” comes in – the mastermind of the whole plot and it’s – dum dum dum – Vanessa!

Brian is brought to Agent Hoffman’s office. He tells him he thinks someone is threatening his family and say she’s there to help him. Brian exhales.

Ellen is still flipping through the chart when Duncan marches in and asks what the hell she’s doing there. She reads off the details of his wife’s case and says she’s very sick. He tells her he warned her to stay away from his family. Ellen pulls out the vial of pain killers that feed the auto pump and tells him she took off the lock and dump a toxic load into Nina’s veins in 20 seconds. Duncan asks what she wants…