Hostages RECAP 11/4/13: Season 1 Episode 7 “Hail Mary”

Hostages RECAP 11/4/13: Season 1 Episode 7 “Hail Mary”

Tonight on CBS their new suspense drama called, HOSTAGES continues with a whole new episode called, “Hail Mary.”  On tonight’s show Archer’s accomplice plans to reveal to the Assistant District Attorney information about a murder Archer committed.   Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap for you, right here.

On last week’s show when Ellen’s sister, Lauren, showed up unexpectedly at their house intending to stay, Duncan forced Ellen to get rid of her without making it look suspicious. Meanwhile, when the secret service called Ellen in for questioning again, she had to play it cool when Duncan is there to help do the questioning.  Nina Arianda guest starred as Lauren, Ellen’s sister.

On tonight’s show Ellen and Brian agree that they need to take down Duncan to have any chance of escaping, so she sneaks away to see a man who has previously helped her solve problems. However, unbeknownst to her, this man has ties to Duncan. Meanwhile, Archer’s accomplice plans to reveal to the Assistant District Attorney information about a murder Archer committed.  Joanne Kelly recurs as Vanessa, the first lady’s sister.

Tonight’s episode is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBC’s Hostages tonight at 10 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know if you will be tuning in to Hostages tonight? Also check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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Duncan is playing with Sawyer when Burton pulls him aside to chat. She asks if Uncle Kramer can come play soon and skips away happily. Burton asks how Kramer is doing and he says he’s doing better than can be expected. Kramer is in confession owning up to his sins. Duncan tells him Kramer had a problem and really showed up well. Burton says that he didn’t think Kramer had the stomach for it. The priest says he must confess all to get forgiveness. Burton promises him that no matter what happens, Sawyer will be well taken care of and always be safe.

Duncan says he wasn’t expecting the amount of resistance he’s getting from Ellen. He says he needs to turn Brian into an ally so he can turn Ellen into a killer. Duncan gets a call from Creasy who says a criminal who has a link to Archer could flip and spill about what really happened to Angela.

Archer runs into his buddy in jail who helped him hide Angela’s body. Archer asks if the cops have asked Malik about Angela and he lies and says they haven’t asked. Sandrine comes to see Archer and tells him Malik is meeting with the assistant DA that afternoon so he needs to take care of it now. Archer says Malik won’t make the meeting.

Brian tells Ellen she looks nice and she says she has to go see the President. He tells her that he’s going to be a better husband. She says they can talk about all this after this situation is done. They discuss killing Duncan and she says a gun is useless. She says they need help. Brian suggests killing him with the poison Duncan gave him to use on the President. She says again they need professional help and Brian says neither of them have any killers on speed dial. Ellen says she may know someone who does!

Duncan asks Ellen when she’s meeting with the President. He tells her she can’t delay the surgery for any reason. He tells her he’s not a patient – he’s a target.

In the jail yard, Acher finds Malik and asks to talk in private. They walk off and Archer offers him another $10k not to talk to any cops. Malik and Archer go to hug it out and Archer misses his chance to shank him but Malik sees the knife and now knows Archer is on to him!

Ellen is checking out the President when the Ambassador pushes her way in and demands to know why he’s not coming to her benefit. It’s the first lady’s sister. She introduces her to Ellen.

Morgan is brought into the office at school and introduced to a social worker. She tells her that the OB-GYN Dr. Marsh reported possible abuse. She says it was done in gym and the social worker asks to see them. The social worker isn’t satisfied and asks about the boyfriend and her family. Morgan is obviously uncomfortable and says she wants to go back to class. The social worker tells the principal she wants to talk to the brother as well.

FLOTUS tells Ellen that her brother Peter died a year ago and that she hopes the family argument didn’t bother her. Ellen says she wasn’t even listening. The First Lady tells her that she told her husband to fire her. She says she has no tolerance for error and if another mistake happens, she will hold her personally responsible.

Kramer calls the police and says he saw a man bleeding on the street and he wants to know if the man is okay. The operator asks if he’s okay and he hangs up.

Duncan tells them Ellen is on the way back to the hospital from the White House. Kramer says he has to go see Nina because she sounded lonely. He walks out.

Brian is searching through the closet and finds the poison Duncan gave Ellen hidden in a lipstick tube. Duncan walks in and asks what he’s doing. Brian says he still isn’t feeling up to working. Duncan says he has a project for Brian downstairs. He tells him he needs to patch up the wall where the bullet dinged. Brian says he can handle it.

Ellen stops in front of a brownstone and Sandrine calls and asks what they are doing there. Ellen says she has a house call and Sandrine chews her out for not giving prior notice. Ellen says if she misses it, it will cause them all problems. Sandrine says to make it fast. Sandrine goes to see – holy crap – it’s Duncan’s father-in-law Burton!

Ellen tells Burton her family is in danger. He tells her she can trust him. She tells him they’re being held hostage and that they want her to murder the president. She tells him the leader is Duncan Carlisle and that he’s FBI. She tells him he killed Angela. She says she knows it all sounded crazy and that Duncan is evil. Burton says he’ll find a way to stop it and Ellen says she wants him dead.

Archer gets stopped by a guard and roughed up and beat down by a guard who tells him to stay away from Malik.

Jake talks to the social worker who asks him about the family and if anyone ever gets physical. He says he doesn’t know Morgan’s boyfriend and she asks how he got the bruise on his eye. He says it was from lacrosse and she asks if a coach can verify it and he says his dad can. She asks if anyone else can. He says that he got in a fight. She asks if it was with a family member. She wants to know when his parents will be home. He tries to deflect and then finally tells her he got in a fight with his sister’s boyfriend. She asks if it was because he was abusing her.

Brian is patching the wall when Duncan offers him a drink. Duncan says he knows it’s been difficult and says they never planned to be there that long. He tells him they’ll all survive it as long as Ellen cooperates. He says it’s his job as the head of the family to convince her to cooperate. Brian says if she injects the President with the poison will he die within seconds.

Brian says he needs to know if he’s going to convince her. He asks if it will look like natural causes and if he’ll linger. Brian says he’ll talk to her. Duncan says she’ll listen because she respects him and Brian says she used to. Duncan says if they really love each other, their marriage will be fine.

Brain tells Duncan he needs more pain pills and asks for the medical bag. He’s holding the saw in his hand and Duncan looks at it like a threat. He sneaks up to see where Duncan has the bag hidden.

Duncan calls Kramer who lies and says he’s at the hospital with Duncan’s wife. He’s sitting outside Pete’s Ale House but then drives away.

In the prison yard, Archer approaches an inmate named Murphy. He sent him money and asks him for a favor. They shake hands.

Burton tells her he knows someone who might help but that it will cost. She says any price is fine. He tells her to go home and not do anything. He says he’ll take care of Duncan. Sawyer skips down the stairs and she and Ellen recognize each other. Ellen tries to play it off and Sawyer says she’s lying. Burton sends her running off. Ellen checks the bookshelf and sees a photo of Duncan with Burton. She pockets an envelope from the hospital in Nina’s name. She asks him what his relationship with Duncan is and Burton tells her they have a lot to discuss.

Duncan gives Brian some pain pills and flatters him saying not many men could bounce back the way he did. He tells him what he did was a brave move – sacrificing himself to save his family. Duncan reminds him things have changed and says he can’t escape, but he can help them survive this by convincing Ellen to do what they want. He says Brian is in control of their destiny – not him. Brian says he needs to go to the bathroom and hobbles off upstairs.

He heads into the room where the bag is stored and grabs a syringe. In his bathroom, he tries to load it up with the poison but Duncan comes knocking. He tells him he’s nauseous from the pain pills. He looks around but doesn’t see it.

Ellen asks Burton why they are doing it. He tells her not to worry about why but what if. He says that she needs to ask what if she doesn’t do what Duncan asks. He reminds her of 15 years ago when he got her off an attempted murder charge. He was a friend of her dad’s. He tells her to tell the detective exactly what he told her. She asks if this whole thing was his idea. She realizes Burton was the one who set her up to kill the President. There’s a flashback to him telling Quentin about her and to get her on as the President’s surgeon.

The President’s sister-in-law calls him a political whore and she says her brother would have been President now rather than him. He tells her she’s beautiful and she says what happened between them will never happen again and she hates herself for it. Oooh. Curiouser and curiouser.

Quentin stops FLOTUS and says he hopes her sister knows why the President can’t go to the function in honor of Peter. She comes in to talk to her husband. He tells her she sees the truth behind the lie and she says he married her because he needed her money to save his flagging political career. She says that’s the truth behind the lie.

Malik asks the guard if his lawyer is there yet. Archer watches closely but stays away. Malik’s lawyer Randall shows up and says he’s there to see his client and that the ADA should be there. The guard comes back and says his lawyer is there and they’re sending a guard down to bring him up. He tells Malik he’s home free. Malik walks away and then from across the yard, one of the white supremacists starts a brawl. Everyone piles on. Malik tires to get away but he’s flanked by some of the other guys. Archer chokes him to death efficiently in the chaos and walks away.

Burton tells Ellen that neither he or Burton is the boss in the operation. He says that all of them – including him and Duncan and her family – will die if the President doesn’t!

Morgan and Jake leave school when Boyd comes to confront them. He says he got a call from social services about their relationship. He sees the bruise on her arm and asks if someone is abusing her. He asks who did this to her. Jake says they have to go and they leave Boyd there.

Brian loads up the syringe with poison. He gets a call from Ellen but doesn’t take the call. She leaves a message and says that he needs to call her ASAP. She gets in her car and peals away from Burton’s like a house on fire. Burton calls Duncan and fills him in. Duncan thanks him for the update and he’s not happy.

Duncan asks Brian if he knows where Ellen was today and he says with the President. He says Ellen doesn’t talk to him much. He’s almost done with the wall and talks about that. He tells Duncan he’s with him on it and wants to work with him. He says he has to get Ellen on board with the idea that they have to do something horrible to save their family.

Kramer tells his Dad (Burton!) that he doesn’t know how long he can do this. Burton asks ifhe’s sober and Kramer says he hasn’t had a drink in two years and that’s not the problem. He says he had to get Sandrine cash to keep her on board and that they robbed a poker game. He says he when they were driving away, the guy pulled a gun and he hit him. Burton asks if there were any cameras and he says he doesn’t know. Burton tells his son to keep his mouth shut, move on and that it’s okay because it was self defense.

He tells Kramer to stay strong for Nina. Archer calls Duncan to tell him the problem has “gone away” and that he’s ready to come home. Duncan says he’ll make the call.

Kramer is at a bar and orders bourbon and looks to be ready to fall off the wagon. He looks at the drink and starts to pick it up when Sandrine shows up and tells him she thought he didn’t drink. She tells him not to start and says they’re going to be okay. He asks if she really believes that. She kisses him deeply and then he kisses her back. She says – let’s get out of here. They head out when cops approach him from the Homicide Division about the death of Tim Grace, a limo driver. They put him in the car to take him downtown. Sandrine watches in shock.

Brian says he’s done working and asks if he wants him to put up the tools. Duncan looks at all the sharp things and says he’ll do it. While Duncan looks away, Brian gets out the syringe. Ellen comes in and sees it in his hand and yells no. He goes for Duncan and they struggle. When they pull apart, the needle is in Duncan’s chest!