Hostages RECAP 9/30/13: Season 1 Episode 2 “Invisible Leash”

Hostages RECAP 9/30/13: Season 1 Episode 2 “Invisible Leash”

Tonight on CBS their new suspense drama called, HOSTAGES continues with a whole new episode called, Invisible Leash.”  On tonight’s show Ellen’s refusal to assassinate the President during suergery could cost her a family member’s life.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap for you, right here.

On last week’s show After Dr. Ellen Sanders, a prominent Washington D.C. surgeon, is handpicked to operate on the President of the United States, rogue FBI agent Duncan Carlisle and armed intruders suddenly take her and her family hostage. Scared and bewildered, Ellen soon learns the reason: unless she assassinates the President during surgery, her captors will kill them all.

On tonight’s show When Ellen disobeys Duncan’s orders to assassinate the President during surgery, he tells her it will cost her a family member’s life. Duncan also informs the family that they are to go about their normal lives for the next two weeks until the President’s operation, and that his team will be monitoring their every move, on HOSTAGES, Monday, Sept. 30 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Hilarie Burton recurs as Samantha, Brian’s mistress.

Tonight’s episode is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBC’s Hostages tonight at 10 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know if you will be tuning in to Hostages tonight? Also check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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Ellen is grabbed outside of the hospital by Secret Service and asked to come back inside. Angela (a nurse) hugs her and says she’s sure she didn’t give the President the wrong medicine. Ellen reassures her. The Secret Service honcho tells her he needs to find out exactly what happened. Ellen says she feels terrible about the accident and he asks why she thinks it would be an accident. Ellen says no one would do it on purpose.

She tells him two doctors and five nurses had access. They asked how she knew and she said she noticed some blood around an IV and worried that he wasn’t clotting properly. She tells him that the President would have died if she hadn’t postponed the surgery.

He asks if there is anything else unusual that happened and she says no. The honcho leaves the room and the agent left with her ask how her how Morgan and Jake are doing with the “house guests.” She knows instantly that the Secret Service (at least some of them) are in on the assassination plot.

Ellen rushed home and finds Duncan at the table and her family nowhere to be found. He tells them they are tucked away and she reassures him that she can still carry out the task – that she just needs more time. He knows that she blew the surgery. He’s furious and says it will be harder now. They put a bag over her head and drag her off screaming.

They take the bag off her head and she sees her family – Brian, Jake and Morgan on their knees, tied up and blindfolded. He tells her that one of them has to die. He tells her to choose and she won’t. He tells her to choose or he’ll kill them all. He says it will be her husband Brian and that she has to do it. He puts the gun in her hand and counts to three. She turns the gun on him and fires but there are no bullets. He tells her that he knew she was a killer. He turns a different gun on her family and fires. She screams and collapses!

Looks like he didn’t shoot any of them. Duncan and Archer watch the family on video as they comfort each other. He tells Duncan he should have really shot him and Duncan says mind games can be more effective. Archer asks Duncan who his inside source at the White House is and if he trusts him. Duncan says no. In another room, Maria tells Archer she’s not happy to be working an assassination gig – says she signed up for kidnapping and ransom only.

Duncan tells the family they are to go about their lives as normal for the next two weeks but that they will be watching them. He orders Ellen to imbed GPS trackers in each of her family members. Her son bears it okay but her daughter cries in pain while she’s being stitched up. Brian offers to put in Ellen’s, but Duncan tells the other she doesn’t need a chip. He says she’ll be controlled through her family.

Maria tells them that the bugs are active and they can listen to them talk, listen to their calls and track them at every moment. She asks Duncan to step out with her for a talk. She tells him that Brian sent six texts and asks what he wants to do with him. Duncan says to take him for a drive. Maria takes him out the door and into the car as Ellen asks what’s going on. Duncan tells her she’s lost her right to ask questions.

Duncan then asks Archer if Maria can be trusted. He tells him he met her in Afghanistan and that she can be trusted. Ellen asks Duncan where they took Brian. He sits down and tells her that this whole thing would be over if she killed the President. He continues to tell her that if the Secret Service or anyone else finds out the whole thing will fall apart which will be problematic for everyone. She promises that no one will find out and asks if Brian will be okay. He walks out of the room without answering. Ellen puts her head in her hands and begins to cry.

Maria pulls Brian up in front of an apartment building. He asks why they are there and she says he’s supposed to treat it like a normal Tuesday night. Apparently that means fooling around with his mistress. Maria hands him a bottle of champagne and tells him to apologize to his girlfriend. She also tells him to put on a good show since she’ll be listening.

He goes in and apologizes to Samantha who greets him with a kiss and a show of understanding for being late. She notices he looks stressed and he says he needs a drink. She opens the champagne and asks what they’re celebrating. She asks if they’re toasting their one night per week and she suggests instead that they toast to freedom and they do.

She asks since when does he post such long text messages? Ha! Whoever had his phone texted “I love you” to Samantha. He has to cover and says that of course he does. She tells him she was angry when he was late and he tells her it’s not easy and she says it’s not easy on her either. She encourages him to tell Ellen the truth – that he doesn’t love her.

Kramer is watching Jake and he tells him that his buddy taking a cash advance on his dad’s card is a bad idea. Jake tells him he owes a drug dealer $1200 because they sold weed for him but then his dad found the cash and took it. He asks him if he can search his dad’s stuff for it and Kramer tells him it’s not his problem.

Morgan asks her mom why she didn’t just kill the President. She asks what’s going to happen to them and Ellen says she’ll find a way out for them. She promises and they hold each other tight.

Kramer searches the parent’s bathroom and finds a bottle of pills. He has it in his hand when Duncan comes in and sees him with the pills – he asks if he’s using again and Kramer insists he has a headache and was just looking for aspiring.

Samantha is getting frisky and Brian is looking freaked out because he knows Maria is outside listening. They do their thing and then Samantha asks if Brian can come with her to a conference that she has to go to and that it would be nice for him to come with her since they haven’t spent a weekend together. He’s uncertain.

Duncan visits his sleeping daughter Sawyer briefly and tells her that he loves her and kisses her.

Flashback to six months ago when Duncan first met Glenn – the White House Chief of Staff – through his Dad. Glenn tells him he likes the President but sometimes things have to happen to shape the future of the world.

In the present, Duncan and Glenn meet and he tells him that his partners have a low tolerance for failure. Duncan says it’s a delay not a failure. Glenn is concerned that the Secret Service will figure out that Ellen gave him the blood thinner and she’ll lose access. Duncan says he’ll make sure they won’t figure it out.

At the Sander’s house, Duncan is explaining to Ellen how to beat a polygraph. He says it’s simple biology and since she’s a doctor, she can beat it. He tells her he will help and she says to leave – that will help. He explains that she has to confuse the machine on the truth baseline so her lies look true. We see her getting the test and it looks like she passes. Afterward she collapses in tears as Angela comes to talk to her. Angela tells her that the Secret Service is certain she gave him the medicine and are busting her chops. Ellen says they’re doing the same thing to everyone and not to worry. Angela says they accused her of being a terrorist. They hug and Ellen leaves the hospital.

Duncan picks her up and tells her she beat the polygraph. He tells her she needs to convince Angela to confess to the “mistake” – he says it’s needed and he orders her to go do it.

Duncan is being grilled at FBI headquarters about the shooting. He tells them that it’s his job as a hostage negotiator to know what’s going on in the kidnapper’s mind. He says a hostage will do whatever is necessary to survive and that a kidnapper can coerce the victim into doing what they want. We see Ellen as he says this.

She sits down with Angela and says they need to talk through it. Angela says she may need a lawyer because they keep waiting for her to change her story and admit she made a mistake. Ellen says that it doesn’t matter what she thinks, but it may be easier for Angela to take responsibility and she’ll get a reprimand and it will be done. Ellen tells her that they’ll keep digging and if they find any inconsistency, they will file charges thinking she did it on purpose.

Duncan follows one of the Secret Service agents who tells him they are sweeping all the medication rooms for fingerprints and trace. He says there is no way to get ahead of it. Duncan calls and asks what room she got it from and if she left prints. She likely did and there was no reason for her to be in the room.

Duncan and Kramer talk on the phone and they decide they have to give the Secret Service someone to blame ASAP so the investigation will be done with before Ellen is found out. Ellen finds a note from Angela telling her she went for a drink and wants to talk with her. We see Angela at the bar alone.

Angela is getting hit on by a skeezy dude when Archer comes to her rescue pretending to be her boyfriend. He then tells her he knows she’s probably waiting on someone and just wanted to help. She tells him that her friend isn’t coming and offers to buy him a drink for his troubles.

The lead investigator is leaving the hospital and says he has a lead.

Ellen comes into the bar and doesn’t see Angela. She calls her and gets her voice mail. She leaves her a message and apologizes for being late and asks her to call her. At the bar she sees a wine glass and she asks the skeezy guy if he’s seen her friend. She describes Angela and he says she left with her boyfriend. She asks him to describe the guy. Alarmed, she heads to Angela’s house and gets no answer. She is peeking in the widow when the lead investigator shows up and asks what she’s doing. She says she was supposed to meet her and didn’t show up. Ellen asks why he’s there and he says he has some things to follow up on with Angela.

Back at her house, Brian asks where Ellen has been. She asks where Archer is and Brian says he doesn’t know. Morgan runs in and tells them to turn on the news. They see a story about Angela’s abandoned car being found near the bridge. They assume she killed herself because she posted a suicide note on Facebook about her shame over the mistake with the President’s medication.

Ellen stalks down the hall and as Duncan approaches she charges him accusing him of killing Angela. He tells her that she killed Angela by not getting her to confess to the medication errors. She’s outraged!

Brian comes home and reassures her that the phone thing was no big deal and they just drove him around for a while. Ellen gets a text message telling her to be at the hospital at 8 am to take a lie detector test. She freaks out!