Hostages RECAP 12/16/13: Season 1 Episode 13 “Fight or Flight”

Hostages RECAP 12/16/13: Season 1 Episode 13 “Fight or Flight”

Tonight on CBS their new suspense drama called, HOSTAGES continues with a whole new episode called, “Fight or Flight”.”  On tonight’s show Nina finds out about Duncan’s plan.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap for you, right here.

On last week’s show when Brian goes to the police to expose Duncan and his team, he decided against telling the truth after Burton showed up and showed him evidence of Ellen and Duncan getting close. Meanwhile, Duncan’s trip to New York City puts a snag in the plans to take out the President.

On tonight’s show Ellen reveals to Duncan that she will not kill the President but will help him get what he needs, as long as he gives her something in return. Meanwhile, Nina finds out about Duncan’s plan and flees the hospital.

Tonight’s episode is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBC’s Hostages tonight at 10PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know if you will be tuning in to Hostages tonight? Also check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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Nina confronts Duncan about him taking the Sanders family hostage. He refuses to answer at first but then finally concedes he has done exactly that. He says it was the only way to save her and their family. He says the President is bad and she’s good so he was willing to do it. Nina says she’s not okay with it – she says she wants to live but not at the cost of another’s life. She says it’s shameful and disgusting what he’s doing. She tells him to stop it and he says it’s not that simple. Nina packs and tells him she’s checking out of the hospital.

Sandrine meets Logan and she tells him the bombs are in place. He says that he will set them off after they confirm the President is dead. She tells him they are meeting at a rest stop off of I-95 two after afterward. He says he’ll give her the money and passports after Duncan and the others are dead but she insists that she has to have it before and says trust isn’t her strong suit. He reluctantly agrees.

Archer tells Kramer that Sandrine took the bait and leaked to her source that they were shadowing the federal prosecutor. Kramer tries to defend her and says she may not be the leak. Archer says he told Duncan that Kramer wouldn’t believe it. Archer says when the job is done they are going to try and take them out and are likely using Sandrine to do it. Archer says they need to figure out how she will kill them and they need to play it cool until they figure it out. He tells Kramer it’s just business.

Brian asks Ellen if she’s ready and she says she’ll talk to Duncan as soon as he arrives and she wants Brian there with her.

Nina goes to Burton and is shocked that he was part of Duncan’s plan. He also tells her that they can’t stop the ball that is already rolling. Sawyer comes down the stairs and is thrilled to see her mom. She runs to her and they hug. Nina says she didn’t mean to wake her and Sawyer tells her she’s glad she’s not sick any more. Nina tells her daughter she loves her and sends her back to bed. Burton takes Sawyer back upstairs.

Duncan tells Nina that Sawyer deserves to have her mother. Nina says she deserves to have a father who’s not a murderer. She says she’s calling the police to stop it. Duncan takes the phone from her and says he’s sorry but she’s not calling anyone. He tells her to calm down. She wants to leave and he tells her to stay at Burton’s until it’s over. He locks her in the room. She yells and demands that he let her out. She asks if he’s lost his mind. She demands he open the door now. He doesn’t…

Blair dismisses everyone from a staff meeting and tells Vanessa that he didn’t talk to the AG about his political aspirations. She says he did good and says she’s going to go see her sister the first lady. She laughingly tells him Mary thinks she’s a good luck charm and wants her there for Pual’s surgery. Blair says she’s wrong and they share a laugh. He tells her things are going to change soon.

Duncan and Archer try to figure out how Sandrine will take them out. Duncan says the money for their work is being held by a third party and that as long as Ellen kills Kincaid, they’ll get paid. Duncan is confident that she’ll come through for them. Archer says if she doesn’t, he’ll personally put a bullet in her eye.

Ellen and Brian find Duncan and she says she changed her mind. He tells her they have an agreement and Brian says things have changed. Duncan tells her there are consequences and he asks if she’s ready to face them. Ellen says he won’t kill her kids and he tells her that Duncan and Sandrine are likely to so they can get paid. Ellen tells him she’ll get the President’s bone marrow to save his wife if Duncan will protect her children. Brian says he wants proof that he’ll protect them and Duncan asks what he has in mind.

Kramer is packing his clothes as Sandrine lies in his bed. She asks what’s the matter and he says nothing. She offers sex and he turns it down. He tells her he’s stressed and can’t turn it off and on like she can. While she’s out of the room he grabs her phone and pokes around it. She sees him in the mirror. He puts her phone back but she knows he’s on to her. Sandrine comes back in the room and she tells him after it’s over, she wants to be with him and wants him to get to know her son. She says he’ll like him and Kramer says he’s sure he will. Kramer tells her that if she did something or promised something that no longer makes sense, she can undo it and he will forgive her. He tells her Duncan and Archer would not be so forgiving.

Kramer comes to see a guy out in the boonies about a one week rental for someone named “Alex.” He pays in cash for the rental.

Nina sleeps as Burton unlocks the door to check on her. He relocks it and goes to answer the door after he hears the doorbell. The man who’s there says he’s there looking for Nina!

It’s Dr. Kagen – one of her oncologists. He says he’s concerned because she checked herself out of the hospital. He tells him that she went home and the doctor says he already checked there. He tells him she was probably sleeping. Burton says that he’ll find her and have her call. The doctor turns to leave and then Sawyer comes in and says she wants to play with mommy and asks if she’s up from her nap. Burton covers quickly and says he’s taking her to see her mom that afternoon.

Nina wakes and looks out the window at the car but when the doctor looks up he doesn’t see her, only the curtains dropping back in place. Sawyer asks Burton why he lied to the doctor and he says he was only trying to protect her mother and says that sometimes you tell a little lie to protect someone you love.

Archer is looking at a website about boats when Duncan comes in – he says he’s going to guy one and go to the beach once he gets paid. Duncan says he was thinking that she would have to kill them in an efficient manner since she couldn’t take them on individually or physically. They agree to check the cars.

Blair comes to see the VP who tells him he was talking to Vanessa. Blair compliments her and the Veep says he’s thinking of using Vanessa as a running mate. He asks Blair if she’s someone he can trust. Ha! Clearly Blair can’t trust her so…

Archer and Duncan are checking the cars. They check below the hood and under the car.

Kramer comes to Burton who tells him he needs to reason with his sister (Nina) and convince her not to go to the cops. He comes into her room and she’s relieved but then quickly realizes he’s part of the plot. Nina tells him they need to go to the police and stop it. He tells her that Kincaid doesn’t know she’s alive and her existence is a threat to him. She tells him she’s practically dead already. He reminds her that Sawyer’s DNA is just as damning and says he will kill her and Sawyer to cover up his rape of her mother. He begs her to stay there and let Duncan try to help her.

Sandrine finds the guys poking around the cars and asks what they’re doing. He says he’s worried that their partners will try to take them out once it’s done. He says there is no upside to letting them live and says they need to be alert. She asks why he thought they would try to eliminate them and he says it’s intuition. Archer says the cars are clear. They agree to sweep the house again. Sandrine heads into the garage where she has the bombs hidden – looks like she took them back off the cars. Hmm… What’s up with that girl. She rehides the box but knocks another off the shelf in her haste to get out of there.

Kramer tells Duncan that Nina is mad as hell but Duncan insists she’ll get over it eventually. He tells Kramer to pull the Sanders together so they can get it over with. Duncan tells them that the kids will be blindfolded and locked in the basement until it’s over. Jake says what the hell and Duncan screams at them to shut up. Brian struggles with Kramer and then Jake picks up a candlestick to strike Kramer but Duncan shoots him. Then he grabs Morgan and holds a gun to her head and asks Brian and Ellen if they want him to kill her too. Ellen and Brian watch in horror and Ellen begins to break down.

Morgan cries out for Jake and Duncan shoves her out of the way. Duncan lets her go and goes to check on the boy. He looks at his body and says damn it. He tells Ellen this is what happens when she doesn’t listen. He tells them they will clean up the mess.

Sandrine tells Archer outside that Duncan has lost it and that Jake was only 15. Archer says they are under too much pressure. Duncan asks if they are okay to move and Archer confirms. Kramer and Duncan bring Morgan’s body out to the other car. Sandrine tells him they should get out of this before it’s too late. Kramer pulls up to the place in the sticks that he rented and the guy says everything is stocked and good for the week. The guy leaves and Kramer knocks on the back of the truck. Jake hops out and Brian is there too. Duncan tells him to stay out of sight for a week. They give him a new ID and money and says if he doesn’t hear from his parents he’s supposed to take off on his own.

Back at home, Ellen explains to Morgan that Jake is alive and that it was all an act for Duncan and Sandrine’s benefit. She says that Duncan and Kramer have different motives than the other two and they are helping them. Ellen tells her she needs to be strong and Morgan makes her promise they will all be okay when it’s over.

Blair calls in a guy he had researching Duncan who tells him that Nina checked herself out of the hospital and is off the grid. Blair says no one is off the grid to the NSA.

Duncan tells Ellen they need to figure out another way to smuggle the bone marrow out of the OR. Logan won’t help if the president lives and Ellen will be checked by the Secret Service on her way out of the OR.

Nina hears Sawyer playing in the hall and calls to her. Sawyer asks if she’s awake and says grandpa asked her not to bother her. Nina tells her that she accidentally locked the door and Sawyer says she’ll get Burton. Nina tells her not to bother him and says she needs her to do something for her.

Logan and Duncan meet and Duncan asks if he has what he asked for. Logan gives him a small box and Duncan says he’ll take it from there and everything will be in place for the surgery.

At the White House, Blair finds Vanessa and he tells her he had a surprise meeting with the VP who wanted to know if she’s trustworthy. Blair tells her he said yes but then says the game isn’t over. He stalks away.

Burton calls for Sawyer and can’t find her. He sees that Nina’s room is unlocked and his daughter and granddaughter are both gone!

Duncan and Archer wait for him to talk to some guys that he needs to create a diversion. Archer asks if he should wear a wire and Duncan says no. He tells Archer to be patient and not get involved unless it goes so far South he hears a gunshot. Archer tells him it’s stupid but Duncan goes anyway.

Duncan is meeting a group of people and he tells them he’s Donald Carter. He says they share a similar philosophy about the government and President Kincaid. Duncan says he’s been working on a plan for a few months but he needs some more manpower. He says they can take down the President for good. He tells them he has a mole in the Secret Service. The guy says he thinks Duncan is a snitch and Duncan asks if he’s calling him a cheat. The leader of the group says he has to check him out.

Nina leaves a message for Duncan and says she and Sawyer are leaving and that he broke her heart. As the train departure is announced she lets the phone “accidentally” hear the departure time and track. She hangs up the phone and takes her daughter out of the train station.

The guy vets Duncan (aka Donald) and finds he was in jail for a weapons charge. The guy doubts he can get close enough to take out the President. Duncan offers them Secret Service lapel pins that are in the correct color to get them close (the color changes every day). Duncan comes back out and Archer says he was about to come in. Duncan says those guys are the diversion and will be on a suicide mission even though they don’t know it.

Duncan gets a text from Burton that says Nina and Sawyer are gone.

Ellen meets with Mary and tells her she found something unexpected in his blood work. She tells her she found a marker that suggests he could be susceptible to early onset dementia and that he needs follow up work. Mary asks if she has talked to the White House doctor or the President. Ellen says he needs further testing but if it goes through official channels it could raise eyebrows. She says she could take the material she needs during the surgery but she would need someone who wouldn’t be checked by security to walk the sample out of the hospital. She suggests that Mary would be the perfect courier.

Brian and Morgan come into a bar to meet “Boone.” Brian asks him how it works and the guy says that he’s been paid a lot of cash by Burton to help them disappear. He hands him an envelope with new identities and keys to a new house and a new life. He says it will only work if they leave their past behind for good. Morgan says she just got accepted to college and Boone tells her she has to start completely over.

Archer is poking around the garage and sees the box Sandrine knocked over. He pokes around and finds the three car bombs!

Duncan tells Kramer that Nina called from the train station and Kramer heads out to try and find them. Burton says at least she didn’t go to the police and Duncan decides to get some official friends looking for her. He tells the guy his wife took off with their daughter after an argument. Nina is at the airport ready to board a plane when she’s pulled aside by security. Then Blair is there and introduces himself! Oh crap – that’s not good!