Hunter Tylo & Kelly Lang Cat Fight of Epic Proportions: Hunter Leaves ‘Bold and the Beautiful’!

Hunter Tylo & Kelly Lang Cat Fight of Epic Proportions: Hunter Leaves 'Bold and the Beautiful'!

I guess if you play a character with a twenty year grudge match it’s easy to have it spill over into real life, right? Katherine Kelly Lang has been a staple of CBS soap The Bold and the Beautiful for nearly thirty years now and for the bulk of that run her character has been at odds with a character played by Hunter Tylo. The women have fought on-screen over men and off-screen a power struggle has been in full effect.

According to the June 3rd print edition of GLOBE, when show veteran Susan Flannery left the show by choice last December, the fight between the women began spiraling out of control. Apparently, Susan was close to both of them and always managed to bridge the difficulties to keep everyone civil. Now it has turned into a clear cut cat fight for queen bee status.

Katherine has always gotten fabulous story lines because, quite frankly, she sells them and B&B fans love her portrayal of Brooke Logan Forrester. Hunter has watched her air time shrink and feels that her character is being used only to help prop up the story lines of others and she got sick of it. When it came time to negotiate her contract, Hunter decided that she’d rather hit the pavement than spend another day playing second fiddle to Katherine.

In soaps we all know that characters come and go, so the chance of Hunter coming back to the show eventually is probably pretty good, but in the meantime will you miss her? Do you think that Katherine deserves her spot as queen bee on B&B? If one of these women was destined to leave for awhile are you glad that it’s going to be Hunter? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • Ginger Pettiford

    Hell no, I’m not glad that Tylo is leaving. She and JMW are the only reason that I continue to watch this show. Why do we need to keep seeing Brooke on our screens, when she has done the same thing for over 25 years, sleep with involved or married men. She even uses the same ploy to cover up what she has done wrong. What’s so shocking or interesting about a static character. Keep Tylo and maybe have the writers write.

  • Cheryl A. Wroe

    No I am totally disgusted by Brad Bell and his Logan Show. KKL is not the reason I tune in.KKL will be one of the reasons B&B is cancelled. KKL is a twit… She tweeted about her diva status…could take the back lash removed her tweets, then all of a sudden Ron Moss and the writers are “defending” her negatived everything she stated in her tweets… Does Bell think his viewership is stupid? I am fed up with the unbalanced storylines. I am tired of the writers repeatedly insulting my intelligence. I am disgusted by the borderline incestuous Logan storylines.
    I am pissed off at seeing great talents wasted as props to support the unrealistic Hogan storylines.

  • It won’t bother me if Tylo leaves. I love Brooke. Always have & always will!!

    • jean

      People alike tend to agree with the other. YOu must really be a no moral type of person. Who does the things that Brooke does and get away with it. But because of her no acting talent its hard to believe.

  • Wow this is amazing, I know the characters hate each other but for the two actors feel the same is pretty awful. I wont miss her, both her and Brooke irritate me to the end, I cant stand either one of them so I really dont care but wish it was both of them leaving.

  • Kimberly Bass

    The show must be really desperate to float such nonsense stories like this. And going to the tabloids is so sleazy and childish.This article is so full of lies. When the writer says KKL gets great storylines, that was the biggest lie ever told and I quit reading the rest. This entire show is nothing but garbage and trashy storlines, and KKL’s ‘stories’ are the trashiest of them all. As for Hunter’s leaving…I am sure that she would have been happy to stay and keep playing the same garbage as she has in the past, if the money had been right. But clearly, the offer was too low, and both she and JMW decided to walk at the same time. Great and popular actresses such as this won’t be idle long. No doubt another soap, or show will want an actress who brings her own built in audience with her.

  • Kristine Menefee

    KKL is horrible, worst actress on the show next to the bore who plays her daughter Hope, Hunter was used to prop up the old goat Brooke for years, I’d be sick too if the old whore who’s screwed every relative’s husband and had babies by them all always gets a pass while you get screwed over, like the rest of the cast, and the show is suffering for it!

  • Trisha Ide

    So glad HT is leaving! KKL deserves to be Queen Bee especially since her maturity level is better than that of HT on and off screen!

    • jean

      You earn head title regardless of how long you’ve been on a show and KKL has not earn a thing. She come to the set and becasue of it being a regular routine this is how she act out her parts no realism in her acting at all! What you’re saying is what she probably believes she is entitle. Darn what the viewers think. The writers seem to think the same so, lets see how far that gets them.

      • Larkin Belle

        Amen!! And that s the bloody truth..

    • Cheryl

      I cant even imagine what your referring to when you say there maturity level on and off the screen. You might want to take your meds before posting such garbage.

  • Mrs Botox Hunter Tylo

    HT is a horrible actress. Brad doesn’t have to recast Taylor, HT does it herself every year. She is just jealous KKL is the star of this show not Mrs. Botox Beauty Queen.

    • jean

      Well how about Ms. wrinkles with the drop lines who still trys to be sexy. Please!!! give us a break we are tired of Brooke Logan I don’t know rather its her acting or her charcter. Either way this show is going down. Modeling lingerie Please! Maybe some women can get away with it but not Ms. Wrinkles her body shape does not even look good enough for this project. Get rid of her and begy Tylo to stay. Stephanie character was Bold and classey Brooke chracter never will be classey and bold is out of the question she is just a slut. Who wirtes this crap!! oh Bell that figures. The same with The Young and Restless its going down hill also. I could give a few tips on that it is going no where and this long drawn out about the baby phrwww

  • FP

    Question for the author: Exactly which of the 3 actresses did you interview for this article??? I’m guessing the lack of quoted lines in this short piece of trash means that you took the liberty of speaking FOR these ladies. I’m also thinking you know nothing about these women and even less about Tylo’s contract negotiations.

    Now go do some real journalism tasks like research the contracts and interview the parties. THEN you might have a credible story.

    Meanwhile go back and let Bell and crew know that this hit job on Tylo didn’t work any better than the others they have tried over past week. Lol

  • KKL fan

    KKL is the star of the Show.Hunter Tylo is a horrible actress.Hunter Tylo is leaving B&B and I LOVE IT.Bye Bye Hunter Tylo lol

    • jean

      Are you kidding!!! or plain delusional. The only reason KkL has been in the spot light so much is because the writers placed her against Stephanie for years. Stephanie was the true actor. Now that Stephanie is gone we the viewers can actually see just how awful KKL acting is, this storyline has become crap and repetitous and you know it. Give Tylor more money more exposure and let KKL go!! die in child birth recast her anything. By the way take that no acting Hopeless and Donna with you.

      • Minerva Mucy

        Recast the bitch BrookerHO She is ugly and very jealous of the beautiful Hunte Tylo. Next to Hunter BrookeHO looks like a sack of potatoes. And KKL has had her share of Botox, notice he ugly twisted lips, all from a bad Botox shot. She ha her nosefixd, her eyebrows rased. Now all she needs is her face sanded and her wrinkle neck ironed out lolol. She is a mess.

        • Cheryl

          LMAO. You have that so right Minerva.

      • Larkin Belle

        Seriously… Let’s get serious shall we..

      • kunisumbua

        So true

      • Cheryl

        You couldnt be more right Jean. KKL falls flat without Stephanie’s character there to carry her. It’s boring and painful to watch. This whole sex kitten thing is old and played out…about as old and played out as KKL.

  • Ginger Pettiford

    No, KKL doesn’t deserve her spot as ‘queen bee’. After almost 30 years on the show, you would think they would have come up with better SLs for her. But here we are, almost 30 years later and she’s still sleeping with in-laws and getting knocked up. Even Erica Cane changed over time and she was a true ‘Queen Bee’. KKL might be a talented actress, but the fans of the show would know since she’s constantly doing the same thing. How is she showing her acting chops by doing the same SL over and over. I say they are showing us how limited she is in the skills department if sleeping with all attached men is considered great SLs. I am tired of the same thing over and over—Brooke screwing someone she shouldn’t and Taylor being set up as her baby sitter trying to curtail her more base instincts. And what’s even worse, we all know how it will end.

  • Larkin Belle

    My comment is gone too upfront maybe. well from the BS we have to digest from around the all B&B writing team and mags, i expect to say my opinion candidly w/o being deleted.. If there is somebody to be “deleted” is the KKL/Logan show and all the people very comfortable about it..Hunter Tylo is way better than KKL not surprising she is leaving who would want stay on a show artistically a dead zone, but a prop for a character everyone want to see dead or gone, And she should not even bother, to fight if that is even true.The only person who really likes KKL is KKL alone and Bell who has alienated all the real B&B fans to do the Logan show. KKL is a horrible pathetic actress who cannot get over herself thinking people want to see ever non stop..Her and Bell will be only remembered int the sopa world for destroying the show and ignore the real B&B fans not to mention driving the best more beautiful actors to leave, no pity Emmys will save them for such disgrace and lack of ethics and as ex B&B fan this is my opinion and im entitled to say it, as much as Bell has pushed this woman and his biased insulting writing on all of us destroying William Bell’s legacy w/ no mercy. What a joke!

  • kunisumbua

    I just simply LOATHE KKL’s character. She us hideous and so irritating. Her one eyed tear when she does not have her way, stupid character she has, then she takes it out of set? Learn that there are two different worlds Kkl the tv world and the real one, or maybe you do nit know the difference.
    Way to go Hunter. Take a clean bow and make yourself grow way faster than that whore kkl

  • Cheryl

    OMG People..Do any of you soap fans live in the real world??Do any of you remember this is a soap opera with actors and actresses that act out the lines they are given ? This hatred against personal people because they play their whatever roles so well and so real like is why the world is in such a horrible state.These shows are written to entertain and yes for us as the viewers to love, hate or love to hate..But we all must remember it’s a story line..It is written to draw out life like emotions, as well it does..But please don’t hate or take out your frustrations about the story line on those that do it for a living..

  • Shavone James

    So true Hunter needs to go and never come back,she is the true w**** and her daughter Steffy is the Queen of the w***** sleeping with everyone from rick to bill and HIS SON liam now that’s nasty

  • Betty

    I am pretty sure when Taylor and Ridge were together initially, Brooke was with Eric having children with him.