Ian Somerhalder To Dump Nina Dobrev – She Isn’t Eco Friendly Enough For Him?

Ian Somerhalder To Dump Nina Dobrev – She Isn’t Eco Friendly Enough For Him?

We’ve called them Hollywood’s new power couple, but Vampire Diaries costars Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev may be calling their real life romance quits! The couple have been secretly dating for forever, and finally fessed up to it last fall. We think they’re super cute together – and Nina loves hinting about their hot sex life -but it turns out she may not be eco-friendly enough for him! Ian is all over the place with environmental work, including his own foundation and a half dozen small ventures, while Nina doesn’t seem to have much of a life outside of acting! We know Ian loves his glam job, but will his compassion and political drive force him off the stage and into politics?

Ian attended Sir Elton John’s Oscar viewing party, which serves as a benefit for AIDS research. On the red carpet, Ian explained his commitment to the cause, but Nina was nowhere in sight! When asked about the success of the foundation, Ian answered:

The reason that I think we’re all hear is that this organization, and what they’ve done, and what they’re doing, is above and beyond spectacular. It really has nothing to do with the celebrity aspect of whose running this or whose not running this. This is a phenomenal cause, this is something that every single person in this room wants to fix, and find solutions to. So, by virtue of the fact that you’re putting an exorbitant amount of very high out put solution based individuals in one room, and allowing them and that synergy to happen, is the best way to go about it . . . that level of commitment is extraordinary.”

I don’t want to cast the first stone, but Ian seems to surround himself with driven people, and Nina seems pretty content to just act and get her hair styled. Don’t get me wrong, she seems really sincere and kind, but will her mild interest and support of Ian’s hippie-green alter ego be enough for him in the long run, or does he need a girlfriend who will do more than just cheer from the sidelines?

Ian Somerhalder To Dump Nina Dobrev – She Isn’t Eco Friendly Enough For Him?

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  • Me

    These two are having fun and that´s all. There is no obligation between them nor looking forward to have a serious relationship. These two have nothing in common and when the shows ends they will go to separate ways. Perfect excuse, distance and bla bla bla. Ian is not into this girl.

    • Jordyn

      keep telling yourself that ;)

    • actually they have been dating for 3 years. so maybe learn our facts right.

  • Except Nina’s very involved in some of Ian’s projects, supporting him very much, and even does her own charity work without him. Just because she’s not as vocal on twitter about it, doesn’t make her less sincere. And she WAS interviewed at Elton’s party, and expressed her support for it as well, which these “reporters” would know if they did any research instead of posting blatant lies just to get hits to their website. And for that, you succeed, you got me. But it’s important to note how incorrect this “article” is.

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