Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev Back Together – Couple Reunite and End Split?


Nothing reunites estranged parents like a sick child and in the case on Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder the child is of the furry variety. Ian found his cat named Moke while on the set of Lost and as his Twitter followers already know, the orange tabby may just be the love of his life. Nina is also a huge cat lover and is religious in tweeting cute kitty pics daily. She is also more inclined than Ian to clue fans in to what’s actually going on.

It was through Nina’s Twitter that we learned that she and Ian spent a long night at the kitty ER with Moke. She posted pics on her Whosay account of both of them posing with the medicated kitty who has since gone home to rest. According to both of them the cat is recovering just fine and all is well.

The last time we saw the couple they were clearly not on the best terms, but putting on happy faces to visit a sick young girl in Canada. Do you think that they are working things out and finding a way to fix whatever was driving a wedge between them? They had been connected at the hip for about a year and a half, working, traveling and doing personal appearances together. Then once Oscar night wrapped up they completely dropped out of sight for about six weeks.

Are Ian and Nina working on a reconciliation or simply a friendship? Or do you think that they’ve purposely decided to drop off the radar as a couple to protect their privacy?  Don’t forget they spent nearly a year dating on the DL so they could decide it’s better that way! Tell us your thoughts on this popular duo in the comments below!


Photo Credit: Whosay

  • Jocelyn

    They have to stay together forever!

  • noodlesaresexy

    i like these two together. if they have a kid, it will be such a looker.

  • First of all, the cat’s name is MOKE, not Mote. Do your research. Second of all, they were never split up anywhere but in your delusional minds. Third of all, they didn’t spend a year dating on the DL, they’ve been together for THREE years now.

    Not to mention.. it’s hilarious how your span of time that they were apart keeps getting longer and longer with every passing article, when the period of time you were talking about, was pretty much only a little over ONE WEEK. Now you have it down as SIX WEEKS.

    It’s like you’re choosing to ignore the fact that they work every day together, that they LIVE together, and they don’t live their relationship on twitter alone, which is all you base your “facts” on. I’ve seen 6th grade writing better than this. It’s laughable at this point.

  • Georgia_Peach

    Ian and Nina were never apart except in the mind of Celebrity Dirty Laundry. Ian and Nina are just fine. They have been together for three years and in that time they have never once broken up. Stop spreading rumors and filth based on a twitter account. That is just dumb.

    • Nerea

      With all due respect, it´s pretty obvious that they are not together, they don´t live as a couple, and the saddest thing is that they fool and have not respect for fans, they treat them like children, they just keep this Nian thing for nothing.

  • xxx

    the pics are obviously staged and made way before. Where is his broken finger?Where is her new haircut? the pic she posted previously from the party with greasy darker hair and here she has different hair color and professional make up on her in what should be early morning
    Nina tryes to push Nian while she can, because not only in this articles folk doubt that there was something between them more than friendship, but Nian fans are too pushy and Nina with Nian has no fans at all

    • Her haircut is obviously there.. if you can’t see the layers, then that’s your problem, not anyone elses. His finger isn’t broken, it was hurt. Doesn’t mean he needs a splint on it at all.

  • xxx

    Ohh i see how Nian fans and FF trolls come out to defend their own invention. What kind of person will tweet pics of themselves near the per at vet?So desperate for attention
    Nian are together 3 years? So nina is a hoewrecker? Classy!

    • No, Ian and his ex broke up in March and he started seeing Nina shortly after. That’s not homewrecking. Nice try, though. As for what kinds of people tweet themselves at the vet.. have you ever been on twitter or instagram, I’ve seen plenty of people do it.

      Nice try, again. Next?

    • Shut up you jealous troll!!Nian is the best couple ever!!If you cant see that then your just blind!!And what kind of person will tweet pics of themselves at the vet?Anyone would!They can do whatever they want to so you just shut up you jealous bitch!!!

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