Ian Somerhalder To Replace Charlie Hunnam as Christian Grey in Fifty Shades Of Grey Movie – Grabs His Chance

Ian Somerhalder To Replace Charlie Hunnam as Christian Grey in Fifty Shades Of Grey Movie - Grabs His Chance

Ian Somerhalder was always tipped as a possible choice for playing Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey, but I guess he didn’t realize that neither the studio nor filmmakers were willing to go with a CW actor for the role. The poor guy was probably heartbroken when he realized that, even though he tries to play it off as not being a big deal.

However, with Charlie Hunnam quitting the film, the studio will be scrambling to find a replacement, and they might even be desperate enough to allow Ian a chance. The fans are on board, as we’ve seen from the hundreds and hundreds of fan videos on Youtube. We know he’s interested, and he’s not been subtle in admitting that. So in the end, will it actually happen?

I’m sure the studio still has plenty of choices to tick off the list before getting to him, and the author of the books [E.L. James] has openly stated that she didn’t want Ian for the role. She has a lot of power in the casting choices, so I don’t imagine the studio will expressly go against her wishes.

Still, you can’t blame the poor guy for being excited. While Vampire Diaries is definitely a better show than most of what’s on the CW network, it’s still piss poor quality compared to most of television. And CW actors are not considered first rate or even second rate actors. There’s A-list movie stars [your typical George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lawrence, etc.], then B-list movie star, then A-list television actors, and then B-list television  actors, and THEN CW stars. For a movie that they’re billing as the next big book to movie adaptation, would they really be willing to go that low?

We’ll just have to wait and find out. What do you guys think of Charlie dropping out, and Ian possibly replacing him? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

  • Clara Tezolin

    please leave Ian alone, expect the result he is still in his corner!

  • Ratchi

    I like Matt Bomer Better!

  • 50shadesfan

    ELJ doesn’t want Ian, or Matt for that matter. When are people going to comprehend this? I want Henry but he’s too busy. Just accept that it’s not going to be any of the favorites, or it would’ve happened by now, and move on. It’s going to be an unknown. Whatever they do I just hope they take their time and cast the right person and not rush it to meet their filming deadline. They also need to GET RID OF DAKOTA. She is not Ana and the fans don’t want her. They producers spent all their time chalking up their amazing chemistry and now that Charlie is gone, Dakota should follow. She is so out of character. I will not see the film with her in it, that’s for sure.

  • Red

    Yes, IAN is perfect! He is the hottest man on earth!