Jaden Smith Tells Everyone To Drop Out of School and Join Scientology

Jaden Smith Tells Everyone To Drop Out of School and Join Scientology

Jaden Smith the 15-year old star actor and rapper dropped a bomb shell that has stirred up controversy. This rich home schooled protégé of Will Smith has challenged the idea of schooling and conventional education and the son of Jada Pinkett Smith believes the school systems brainwash students and strip them of their basic intelligence. How ironic Jaden Smith thinks school is “DUMB” especially when he has a mother that attended the Baltimore School of Arts and a father who graduated from Oakbrook High School and one of the richest men in America. Let’s not forget a grandmother, Carolina Smith, a school-board administrator, who taught Will and his three siblings to put education first. Who wouldn’t think school is dumb if your father was worth millions and neither school nor real work was a factor when it comes to how successful you are in life.

The down low Scientologist and the future US Secretary of Education Jaden Smith showed his coolness during the past couple of days when he dribbled out some capitalized words of wisdom on Twitter. We should all be so thankful for rich, celebrity teenagers on Twitter, because when they get deep, they get hilarious.

Smith tweeted, “If Everybody In The World Dropped Out Of School We Would Have A Much More Intelligent Society“, on Friday. It seems he doesn’t have a very high opinion of formalized education.

Education was once important to the Smith Family with the ownership of the New Village Leadership Academy a private elementary school which was located in Calabasas, California. Jaden and his sister Willow Smith both attended their parent’s school which opened in 2008. Allegedly, Will and Jada founded the academy with millions of dollars in order to educate young children using the Study Tech Curriculum method of teaching, which was reportedly devised by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. Educational methodologies used by the school include Study Technology, Montessori, Gardner, and Bruner methods; however, the school shut down on 28 June 2013 and is no longer active. The learning institution allegedly ran in to trouble when many of the students’ parents got wind of the school’s alleged religious slant and curriculum, which was said to be steeped in Scientology.

The total number of dropouts in the US annually is around 3 million; however, these children do not have wealthy parents who can automatically provide a singing or acting career. Jaden Smith has many young children following him and listening to this ridiculous rhetoric young Hollywood continues to spew on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Everyone is not in a good financial situation where they are lucky enough to be home-schooled and because of the way society is already set up, people need to be able to show a diploma or degree to get people to even listen or to succeed. Maybe Jaden should be looking for the “PURSUIT OF HIGHER WISDOM” instead of dating Kylie Jenner. Does life really imitate art when Will Smith wrote “Parents Just Don’t Understand“? If Jada or Will truly understood than they would advise their son on how social media affects young minded children. I am all for freedom of speech but Twitter is not the proper platform for anyone’s educational future especially coming from a 15- year old rich kid with no worries in the world. Share your thoughts!!

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  2. Angel 2009 says:

    Little twit is doing too many bong hits. But Will and Jada don’t care because he’s capable of making his own decisions . . . Yeah, sure!