Hell’s Kitchen Winner Ja’Nel Witt Cocaine Bust In Las Vegas – Fired and Disgraced

Hell's Kitchen Winner Ja'Nel Witt Cocaine Bust In Las Vegas - Fired and Disgraced

Ja’Nel Witt was a winner of Hell’s Kitchen and was on her way to become head-chef at one of Gordon Ramsay’s famous restaurants at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, but that dream for her has just crashed and burned. Ja’Nel had to take a take a drug test and the results proved that she took cocaine. But because of that she has lost her dream and will not get the job. What an idiot, all that work to get that job and she completely blows it away – oh well, the nose knows.

Caesars Palace are known to reinforce their drug policy and now she has no job, she didn’t even get to step into the kitchen at all; it’s incredibly embarrassing and a waste of time for her to ever have won the 11th season of Hell’s kitchen.

But the good side to this whole story is that Ja’Nel will receive her $250,000 salary; now imagine all the cocaine she can buy – at current street prices she can grab a good 5-10 kilos! Sadly there were probably some other good chefs in that competition that could have gotten this opportunity.

This is why I am not a fan of drug users; they ruin such great opportunities that other people would die to have in their life. Ja’Nel has not only disrespected Gordon Ramsay but has also pretty much given all of her fellow contestants on the show a big slap in the face.

This woman has wasted so much of her time; I highly doubt that she’ll find any luck with working in another high-class kitchen. She’ll now have to settle for much less, imagine the money she would have made? I’m so amazed at how stupid this woman is; she is a living insult to each and every aspiring chef in the world, why do people like her even exist?

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  1. thebutcher says:

    There would be no cooking industry at all if restaurants did drug testing. I was a butcher before I started touring with my bands, if they drug tested us, there MIGHT have been one person left out of the whole crew. Our first cutter was busted for coke on his lunch break.