Did Jay-Z Cheat On Beyonce? Parties With Girls At Night Club (Photo)


Jay-Z is like an earthquake in the music industry. He pops up every now and then and sends shockwaves around the world. People scream, destruction happens, and Jay-Z becomes the centre of attention. Albeit histrionic, Jay-Z has always been able to captivate the attention of adoring fans. His partner, the beautiful and screaming Beyonce, merely accentuated his popularity over the past couple of years. Men want to be him, and women- Well, women want to be with him. Why wouldn’t they? He is successful, powerful, and oozes charisma.  A cheater he might not be, but Jay-Z is certain of one thing – he loves them ladies more than a manic bipolar person loves doing the Harlem Shake.

According to Media Takeout, pictures surfaced of Jay-Z enjoying a night out in the town with his boys and “light-skinned chicks”. His caricatured face, and his pompous, bitchin’ chains, perforated the very atmosphere of this unknown nightclub. In one of these not-so-scandalous images, Jay-Z sucks on a cigar while his happy-clappy entourage looks on, and in another, he dances like a sad country music song written in green ink.

He doesn’t appear to be narcissistic in the snaps, but as we know world famous producers and rappers, they usually hide their true colours in a pool of Tyra Banks one-liners and exaggerated lyrics.  Admittedly, this night of raucous dancing and whiskey whispers might have been as innocent as a baby’s smile, but there’s also the possibility that Jay-Z, in all of his euphoric glory, might have been looking for some lady lovin’ while Beyonce chilled at home and wiped baby crap from her face.

Fortunately – giving him the benefit of the doubt here – his entourage seemed to always keep him “shielded” from boobs and cream-coloured handbags. The photo, where he allegedly dances with “light-skinned chicks”, looks a bit more like a “Heal Sistah!” church convention in Alabama. Jay-Z’s hands are raised in the image and his face expresses absolute joy and elation, as if he just witnessed a miracle in a whiskey glass.

Cheater or not, Jay-Z knows how to have a good time. He might be a controversial and powerful figure in the music industry, but deep down Jay-Z loves alcohol, dancing, cigars, and a borderline Ronald McDonald entourage.

Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and – while our brain bleeds from a bad conscience – listen to Beyonce’s limitless vibrato and hysterical octave-jumping.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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