The Harlem Shake Takes the Internet by Storm: Psy’s Gangnam Style Already Dead?

The Harlem Shake Takes the Internet by Storm: Psy's Gangnam Style Already Dead?

Psy‘s “Gangnam Style” might be on the downswing, but that doesn’t mean the internet will free us from an altogether different dance style! Yes, folks, we have another viral dance sensation on our hands. It’s called the “Harlem Shake.” Each  Harlem Shake video usually starts with a room full of people, typically dressed in outlandish costumes, with one person bobbing around solo. Then, disaster strikes and the whole room gets the shakes — the Harlem Shakes!

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact origin of this video, but many people are in agreement that the craze probably started with a video posted by Filthy Frank entitled DO THE HARLEM SHAKE. The videos are about thirty seconds long (many longer). The song, Harlem Shake, was created by DJ Baauer.

Unlike Psy’s dance craze, this dance phenomenon really has no rules, no precise movements, just a whole bunch of crazysauce. Moves typically seen in the videos consist of gentle pelvic thrusting and rhythmic shoulder lifts. Nobody will be winning an award for this anytime soon, but it’s fun nonetheless.

While it’s impossible to tell whether or not the craze will surpass Psy’s mega hit, the overall view count, when you combine all the videos together, is immense. As more and more people post vids of themselves partaking in this craziness, I think this new internet dance meme could take the world by storm.

If you have no clue what we’re talking about and need to see the shaking for yourself, then be sure to check out the video below. If you’ve created a Harlem Shake video and want us to see it, then be sure to send it to us! We’d love to watch and shake along with you.

Image credit to YouTube