Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers’ Drug Addiction History and Confession

Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers' Drug Addiction History and Confession

Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans makes bad choices when it comes to men. She and short-term boyfriend Courtland Rogers recently tied the knot, before a Twitter fight led to an almost split. Now they’re back on and promising they’re love is forever. I’ll believe it when I see it! Both have struggled with serious drug addictions, and they don’t seem to provide each other with a strong enough support structure to stay clean. But now, Jenelle is opening up about Courtland’s drug problem, describing the tragic accident that started it all in a blog post on her Sulia website.

Courtland’s life changed after a terrible car accident, causing his sedan to literally get broken into two pieces. “It was not drug related,” Jenelle writes. “Another car hydroplaned and hit them and made the car lose control and the car wrapped around the pole.” Courtland survived, but his hip was “completely dislocated 6 inches and blew out his femur. He had to do a total hip replacement surgery . . . he was in critical condition for 32 days and lost his baseball scholarship and was introduced to pain medication for the injuries.” It’s a wonder he’s alive after such a horrible accident, but Jenelle laments hi medical treatment, explaining, “That’s how his drug addiction started.”

Courtland’s story goes to remind us that life is precious, and that prescription drugs should only be taken as ordered by a doctor, and as needed! It’s a shame that his real need for the medicine has cost him so much. Jenelle used his life story as a sort of PSA for fans, telling them to “cherish what you have and the opportunities that get thrown at you.” We really hope that Jenelle and Courtland (whether married or divorced) can get clean and move past this.

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