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Jenelle Evans never met a judge she didn’t like. She is a fixture in the legal system in Oak Island, North Carolina as if she were a celebrity that frequents a night club. Well, Jenelle might finally have met the judge who will scare her straight.  But don’t bet on it! Corinna Jean from Gather is reporting that Jenelle may be going before Judge Judy.

Jenelle works for a website called Sulia. She is paid to write updates and news on her show Teen Mom 2. Janelle is too busy doing God knows what (we know its not taking care of Jace or health) to write these updates herself. Janelle hired the administrator of her official website, Sarah, to write for her. Sarah was promised she would be paid for her work. Of course Jenelle, being the out of control and irresponsible mess that she is, reneged on her agreement with Sarah. Now she is going to be sued in small claims court. Corrina Jean is reporting that Sarah doesn’t want to go the typical route to get to court. Sarah got in touch with the producers of Judge Judy.

Jenelle being sued in Judge Judith Sheindlin’s court is genius. She is a tough but fair judge. Judge Judy knows how to put stupid people in their place. There is nothing you can say to her that she hasn’t heard before, and nothing you say will get her to be on your side if you are clearly wrong. Who ever dealt with Jenelle in the past didn’t get through to her. Now Jenelle will face a woman who was known as one of Manhattan’s toughest family court judges. Judge Judy presided over criminal court and then was appointed a judge in family court in 1986. She retired from the bench in 1996. Prior to becoming a judge Judy was a prosecutor in family court in Manhattan. Some of Jenelle’s legal problems just happen to involve family court. She will see through anything Jenelle throws at her as an excuse for not paying Sarah.

I’m certain Jenelle will bring up her having to take care of Jace and how much it costs to raise a child. You don’t tell that to a judge who has dealt with the parents who abuse their children and went after dead beat dads. This is also not an excuse because Jenelle gets paid to be on television as well as writing for Sulia. There are so many stories of celebrities who feel they don’t have to pay their bills, their taxes and employees. I’m sure Jenelle is of like mind with these other huge ego, narcissistic people. Jenelle is not as big a celebrity as Nicolas Cage and Wesley Snipes but in her delusional mind she thinks she is a huge star.

Another reason Sarah suing Jenelle in Judge Judy’s court is a brilliant idea is because Jenelle will be embarrassed by all her dirty laundry coming out into the open. Sometimes being stern with words does not get through to a troubled person (such as Lindsay Lohan).Suing on national TV will bring the issue to a huge audience who may not know she is famous for being a teen mom or don’t watch MTV. The issue of not paying a friend for work she did, and then going before a judge who wrote a book called Don’t Pee on My Leg and Tell Me It’s Raining is going to be humbling. Up until now the behind the scenes details of Jenelle’s legal problems were not made public. Now she is going to be totally exposed.

Jenelle would be wise to pay Sarah before the producers of Judge Judy start making arrangements for both women to be on the show. E! News is reporting Jenelle’s show Teen Mom 2 may be canceled soon based on Jenelle’s never ending problems. She should pay Sarah while she still has income from MTV. If Jenelle chooses to continue ignoring her debt to Sarah and then loses her reality show Jenelle will have more stress than she bargained for. Jenelle should be trying to improve her reputation, not digging the hole deeper. How is she going to get another job or be on another reality show if no one wants to deal with her?

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