Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans Elaborates on the Plea Deal She Rejected


As previously reported, Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans and her ex-fiancee, Gary Head, had their day in court yesterday to face assault and drug charges stemming from a June 24 incident where they both were arrested.

Jenelle previously stated that she was offered a plea deal, but turned it down, but initially did not elaborate. Her ex-boss, James Duffy, who is also a friend of Gary’s, said the plea deal was for drug possession and paraphanelia and that Gary was not offered a plea deal, but Jenelle said this was incorrect.

Asked what the plea deal offer contained, Jenelle refused to tell me. “No not going into details,” she replied. “Ask Duffy he seems to [know] everything lmao.” 

Moments earlier, however, she provided details for Heather Clause, the controversial blogger of TeenMomTalk.com, who is loved by some and hated by others because some people feel that her articles contain more opinions and inaccuracies than they do facts. Apparently, last night was no exception when Heather incorrectly tweeted that it was Gary who denied the plea deal.

Upon viewing this, an angry Jenelle couldn’t contain herself. “I’M the one that denied the plea bargain,” Jenelle replied angrily, “and his lawyer is pissed [because] evidence is now being submitted. His lawyer offered me to ‘try’ to agree on taking a simple assault charge and him assault on the female. I said fuck no.” 

Meanwhile, one can not help but notice that Jenelle seems to be growing more and more frustrated with James Duffy lately, who  claims to have had a sexual relationship with her at one point, a claim that Jenelle vehemently denies and has been more vocal about recently.  “I used to work for him as a personal assistant and then he told me to date and have sex with him or I was fired so I left just,” she tweeted last night.

Perhaps her frustration last night had to do with a video that appeared on her YouTube channel yesterday that shows Jenelle snorting something. Jenelle claims it was a pixie stick, and that James hacked into her YouTube and uploaded it.

What do you think, readers? Who do you believe?

2 responses to “Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans Elaborates on the Plea Deal She Rejected”

  1. Lauren says:

    I find James Duffy absolutely repulsive. He is clearly obssesed with her, his twitter is basically all about her. He is old and gross, and feeds off of all the attention he gets from Teen Mom fans of Jenelle.

    As for Gary, I am glad Jenelle rejected the plea deal, hopefully he will get the punishment he deserves.

  2. lynayn says:

    James Duffy is a nobody who lives on Twitter. He uses Jenelle. . He is a lying piece of scum. However, he has provided nude photos of her, and is now hawking more of her in compromising positions. 
    You say that he is a friend of Gary’s, but he has been a friend of everyone involved in the situation at one time or another. It just depends on who can benefit him most at the time.There’s a lot of information about Duffy online that would absolutely discredit anything he has to say if anyone would just take the time to look it up. He’s quite an unsavory character.I don’t think Duffy, Jenelle, Kieffer or Gary are the kind of folks you’d want to take home to Mama.