CDL Exclusive Interview With Teen Mom 2’s James Duffy: Jenelle Evans Sued Over Love Triangle

CDL Exclusive Interview With Teen Mom 2’s James Duffy: Jenelle Evans Sued Over Love Triangle

James Duffy, the ex-boss of Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans, was kind enough to take the time to speak with me in an hour-long phone interview, where so much information was revealed, it is impossible to release it all in a single article. Therefore, this exclusive interview will be released in several parts. This is Part Four, where James goes into detail about his plans to sue Jenelle Evans.”

As you read this, this whole time I’m defending my reputation [on Twitter] because Jenelle said all these ugly things about me online,” he says. “It’s not to attack her or call her a bad mother or call her a whore or anything like that. It’s just defending my reputation.”

Why the need to defend his reputation, you ask? “I’ve had people throw bottles at me and call me names over Jenelle’s allegations,” he says. “I’ve had someone drive by and hit me in the head with a bottle and then called me a [expletive] disgusting creep and said I should go to jail.”

It has gotten so bad that James plans to sue Jenelle for defamation of character.

According to James, he and Jenelle dated for a couple of months, until she cheated on him with Kieffer Delp when he got out of jail last October.  He says he then tried to move on and started dating her friend and roommate at the time, Hannah. “The trigger was January 4th, because it was my birthday. Hannah and I got all dressed up and…I took her to a very exclusive island at a restaurant that Jenelle always wanted to go,” he says. “And I posted a picture of us on Facebook, and Jenelle went nuts. She was calling [Hannah] a slut, a hoe, saying she sleeps with everybody, and she’s posting this online on a site my family frequents, as well as my old friends from twenty years ago.

So that is how the fight started, but what really triggered James was what happened the next day. “The next morning, she posts on her website link that I poisoned Jenelle, that I sexually harassed her and that I’m jealous of her manager Leo Daniels,” he said with an incredulous laugh.

I feel like she accused me of very harsh crimes, and this is why I went nuts on Jenelle,” he continues. “If you poison or drug someone, that’s two felonies…they’re extremely harsh felony crimes, and that’s why I’m suing Jenelle…she is the source, so it’s defamation.”

According to James, the story spread like wildfire. “It got really bad,” he said. Then, he says he got locked out of his Facebook due to Jenelle’s allegations of internet harassment, and so Hannah (his girlfriend at the time), told him to sign up for Twitter, and so he did. “2,500 of her fans followed me overnight and started attacking me,” he said. “So that’s how the Twitter wars started. So I started posting pictures of my text messages from Jenelle, about going down on her and all the sex toys and stuff and her being drunk and all that, because obviously, if Jenelle is buying her own liquor, coming over my house, enjoys having sex with me… telling me I need to come back for more, then obviously, I’m not poisoning or drugging her or sexually harassing her.

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