CDL Exclusive Interview With James Duffy: Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evan’s Real Fight With Gary Head!

CDL Exclusive Interview With James Duffy: Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evan's Real Fight With Gary Head!

As some of you may know, James Duffy, the ex-boss of Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans, was kind enough to take the time to speak with me in an hour-long phone interview, where so much information was revealed, it is impossible to release it all in a single article. Therefore, this exclusive interview will be released in several parts. This is Part Three.

Remember when James accused her now-boyfriend, Gary Head, of punching her in the face? He said he had heard this from a source he deemed to be credible, a source that we would later learn was Jenelle’s ex-boyfriend, Kieffer Delp. Remember when James later apologized for such an accusation because he now believes it to be false?

In this exclusive interview, James Duffy explained to me that he changed his mind once Kieffer told him it was all a lie. How did Kieffer come to this conclusion? According to James, “Jenelle admitted to him.” So why did she lie about it? James says he believes she lied to Kieffer about Gary punching her in the face in order to get him to come to North Carolina.

A recent tweet by Kieffer seems to support this story, for even though there is no love lost between him and Gary, he posted, “I personally don’t think he hit her she is a liar and a psycho.”

So what really happened the night Jenelle called the cops on Gary? “What happened was Gary and Jenelle had a big fight because Gary hears the phone going off,” says James. “He picks up the phone and guess who it is? It’s Kieffer. So they get into an argument and next thing you know, Jenelle starts beating the [expletive] out of Gary.  So Gary pushed her back, onto the bed, it’s just a defense, and then grabs his stuff from the closet and then goes downstairs and he’s sitting on the porch. Now, what happened was that Jenelle gets all pissed off and decides to call the cops on him to make sure he leaves. It was really stupid,” he continues, “but if there was an assault, the police would have arrested him right there. They don’t [expletive] around here.”

Stay tuned for Part Four of this exclusive interview, which goes into detail with his plans to sue Jenelle. You can read Part One here and Part Two here.

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