Jenelle Evans’ Miscarriage Caused By Drugs, Drinking, Or Courtland Rogers’ Assault?

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I think at this point Jenelle Evan’s has to take the prize for the biggest train wreck to emerge from MTV’s Teen Mom series. Mind you, none of these girls seem to be capable of putting one foot in front of another and leading a somewhat stable life, but Jenelle is in a dysfunctional class by herself.

In the past month she has gotten married, split up, claimed her new husband has assaulted her, announced a pregnancy and then miscarried. That’s not even mentioning the countless rumors of drug use and that lesbian hook up that may have enraged Courtland Rogers, her new husband. How do we know all of this stuff? Because Jenelle has some of the loosest lips on earth and blabs every screwed up detail of her life via her Twitter. Seriously, if you want to feel better about your life, just check out her feed!

She supposedly suffered a miscarriage this week and one can only wonder what caused it. Sure many are caused by nature and they were pregnancies that were impossible to continue for one reason or another. But this is Jenelle and with that comes a ton of other possibilities, like the fact that she is supposedly a huge heroin addict and boozes with the best of them. That comes straight from her ex-boyfriend, current pal, Gary Head. Jenelle also claims that a huge blowout with Courtland  led to her miscarriage. Did he put his hands on her? Well according to Jenelle he has in the last month and she must sound pretty credible because 5 assault charges have been filed on her behalf against him!

What do you think caused the reality stars miscarriage?  Was she even pregnant in the first place? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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