Jenelle Evans Pregnant With Second Baby!

Jenelle Evans Pregnant With Second Baby! 0116

Just so we’re clear that exclamation mark I used at the end of the title is not one of super excited happiness. You shouldn’t feel the “OMG guys, Jenelle Evans’ pregnant. Isn’t that so amazing!” tone. Instead, I was going for the “Jesus Christ, are you freakin’ serious?” vibe. So if you were confused, I apologize. Punctuation marks can be tricky that way.

Regardless, the Courtland Rogers/Jenelle Evans saga continues with a baby in the oven. It’s fitting since they’ve only been together for a hot minute. And why wait to tell the world? She’s only six weeks along so let’s go tell Star magazine and grab some of the tabloid money! The couple are supposedly totally stoked because they look at this new baby as a way that they can regain custody of their two other children from previous partners. Good plan. Screw the staying off drugs/staying out of jail nonsense. Being a functioning, respectful member of society is not worth the energy. Let’s have us some more kids and that will show ’em!

Why do I care? God damn it because I’m 30 years old and can’t stop watching Teen Mom 2! But I loathe Jenelle Evans. I’m not sure why MTV keeps paying her to be on the show when she’s not actually a teen mom. As far as I can tell she moves out of house to house more than she even sees her son. Her mom sucks. Yes, we can all agree that voice would drive Helen Keller mad but at least she’s giving Jace the stability the poor kid needs. I feel sorry for this new kid. I doubt grandma can take in another and we all know Jenelle won’t be able to handle it. As long as MTV keeps her on the payroll she might be able to pull strings together but that can’t last much longer. Teen Mom only got three seasons and Teen Mom 2 isn’t half as entertaining. What will Jenelle do when the money runs out? Lord knows her education was never a priority.


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