Jenna Wolfe’s Career Destroyed: NBC Sends Message Pregnant Lesbians NOT Welcome

Jenna Wolfe’s Career Destroyed: NBC Sends Message Pregnant Lesbians NOT Welcome

I think when Rick Sanchez sent out that itty bitty tweet the other day, you know, the one that speculated on whether or not Jenna Wolfe was demoted at NBC due to being a pregnant lesbian, he said what many of us were thinking. Let’s face it, NBC’s anchor programming (the morning and late night shows) isn’t exactly doing what the network feels it should be. The weekday edition of The Today Show has been in a serious state of shambles since Anne Curry was ousted last summer in favor of Savannah Guthrie, a decision that hasn’t improved numbers and led to a ton of backlash.

Weekend Today is the show that Jenna Wolfe anchored beside Lester Holt for quite a while. Last fall in an unexplainable decision she was demoted to news reader (okay, news anchor) and was forced to suck it up and sit to the side as Erica Hill took her spot beside Lester Holt on the couch. The change has made absolutely no sense- at least until last week that is. Erica seems to be a great anchor and she fits that married with 2.5 kids demographic. But she is totally missing the chemistry with Lester and it has been really awkward to watch Lester and Jenna still banter back and forth as Erica sits between them trying to keep up. Lester and Jenna have a clear connection and the kind of friendship that keeps them in touch long after the cameras stop rolling for the morning. They’re the real deal and you don’t just replace that unless you are afraid of something, like this little bubbly lesbian getting pregnant while at the helm of your cornerstone to weekend programming.

NBC knew that Jenna was refusing to live a lie and that if she and her girlfriend were deciding to have a baby then along with that she was going to live her life honestly. It was and is an honesty that they likely thought would chase middle American Today show viewers away. Instead of going with what actually was working they probably planted her at the news desk hoping she would be insulted and leave. Instead Jenna has stunk around and 6 months later NBC looks bad. Now it’s kind of obvious why she was demoted and I can’t imagine a logical excuse that the network can now give that would ring even slightly true.

Perhaps Jay Leno should take a page from Jenna’s playbook. She didn’t need to come out swinging at all to make the network and the way that they do business look bad. She simply had to give it a little time and they were sure to step in the pile of crap they made.

Do you think we’re now starting to understand the real reason behind Jenna’s demotion?  I wonder what Lester thinks. He’s smart enough to stay quiet and protect his job but he’s also not defending NBC’s decisions either! Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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