Jennifer Aniston Talks Stripping With Chris Stark In Awkward And Hilarious Interview (Video)

You guys remember that awesome Mila Kunis interview with Chris Stark on Radio 1 in England? The one where they discussed sports and beer, and barely touched upon Oz: The Great and The Powerful? Well, Chris is back, and this time he awkward-interviewed Jennifer Aniston for We’re The Millers.

Aniston and her co-stars have all been promoting the film in England after a surprisingly strong start at the American box office. But it doesn’t look like Chris has gotten any better at interviewing, because this interview was pretty much as awkward as you’d imagine it to be.

He first starts off the interview about asking her about her inspiration for the stripping scenes, to which Jennifer says she didn’t have to dig deep. Instead of moving on to the next question, he then goes on a rant about he recently visited a strip club with his friends, but they were serving him steak while the strippers were dancing in front of him. To her credit, Aniston looked suitably amused by his comments, and the rest of the interview continued in a similar vein.

Towards the end, Chris also voiced his regrets concerning his equally awkward interview with Mila Kunis, which ended up providing some hilarity to both Jennifer and the off-camera publicists in the background. Overall, another bumbling and hilarious interview for Radio 1, and I like Jennifer a lot more now than I did when I first started the interview.

What do you guys think? Is the whole awkward interview thing just an act to keep drawing in viewers [Stark’s interview with Mila Kunis received millions of views within the first couple of days], or is he just not very experienced with interviews? And doesn’t this interview make you like Jennifer Aniston more? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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