Jennifer Aniston’s Miscarriage Makes Angelina Jolie Walk Out On Brad Pitt – Report

Jennifer Aniston's Miscarriage Makes Angelina Jolie Walk Out On Brad Pitt - Report

Remember when Brad Pitt used to be with Jennifer Aniston?  They were such a cute couple, almost story book like.  Everyone thought they were going to go the distance.  Then Mr. & Mrs. Smith came out and we all knew Brad was screwing Angelina Jolie.  Sorry, I got ahead of myself there.  Let’s back up to where Brad and Jen were happy.  Apparently the pair was very good at acting, because I would have never expected to find out Jen was pregnant.  A recent report is saying that the couple was expecting a little Brad or Jen in 2004; unfortunately, they miscarried and a child for the Pitt’s was not meant to be.

Now fast forward to the present.  Somehow his current woman, Angelina Jolie got wind of the story and blew up.  She reportedly stormed out of the house and left Brad with the kids.  Did our Queen Angie become Drama Queen Angie?  What was she so mad about?  Was it because she thought she was the only one to procreate with Brad?  Who knows, but somewhere along the lines this bitch thought it was her business and that Brad had to divulge every detail about his past.  Maybe she was upset because she realized that Brad and Jen will always have that bond.  Maybe Angie is just psycho as hell and is looking for a fight.  (Dear Angie, I love you!)  In any case the happy couple (Brad and Jen) didn’t have such a happy fairy tale time together after all.  This just goes to show that sometimes actors really are good at their craft.

In other news, it is possible that Angie could be plotting, I mean planning to adopt baby # 7 and scheming to get pregnant with baby #8.  Heads up, Brad, because it may be time to invest in an entire nanny services agency with all the staff you’re about to employ.

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  1. Everyone knows that Angie has some serious mental health issues.